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    Java tutor

    Taking your current show-off work into account, you are improving which is only a good thing, but I personally think you're still a little bit too inexperienced to consider teaching others. What's your general computer science knowledge like?
  2. [quote name='viroware']random number then use a case selection, idk java but its in other languages ik xD[/QUOTE] a case selection? ill assume you mean using a switch statement which is a terrible idea for this, considering a switch is just general matching (i won't go as far as saying 'pattern matching' because it's not that powerful). an if statement would suffice
  3. i still prefer [code]\x -> x + 1[/code] to [code]x => x + 1[/code] [quote name='bl00dshooter']This has been declined to be implemented in java 7. MAYBE it will appear in java 8 :( And, in my opinion, java should adopt ruby's blocks and procs: [url]http://eli.thegreenplace.net/2006/04/18/understanding-ruby-blocks-procs-and-methods/[/url][/QUOTE] ugly
  4. pseudocode [code]canvas = ... // set up canvas image = ... // load 16x16 tile image into memory MAP_SIZE = 10 for (y = 0; y < (MAP_SIZE * 16); y += 16) for (x = 0; x < (MAP_SIZE * 16); x += 16) canvas.draw(image, x, y);[/code] this is assuming you want to know how to draw a basic map using tiles edit: considering you want help with more than just generating a simple map, i'll give you some ideas on how to accomplish several things without resorting to using Slick2D. say you want a basic rpg thing like the first zelda game, you'll want to create the tiles and write a map editor and a reader that reads the map file and renders it. also, you'll want to write an entity system so either be a noob and use a typical object hierarchy or look into component based entity systems and you can also add a simple way of saving items and stats a player gains (give every item its own id and sprite) and load that too. then just work on assets and gameplay and pls remembr that if you want to write a game, write a game. don't write a super modular game engine to go with it, just write the game.
  5. breaking news: both sides of this argument have or will express ignorance [LIST] [*]the religious spew bullshit and dismiss facts [*]the non-religious ignore the religious' unwillingness to change [/LIST] stop being retards
  6. _s1gma

    My first 4D! :D

    wouldn't calling it a c4d or a 3d model made in cinema4d lessen the confusion?
  7. _s1gma

    My first 4D! :D

    [quote name='317 Delta Coder']Wow Your Dumb.... Its called "Cinema 4D". Learn your facts[/QUOTE] and it's a 3d model irrelevant of what program it's created in, stfu
  8. creds plz [quote name='ninjablood2'][code]#include <iostream> #include <ctime> using namespace std; int main() { restart: int number; int guess; int tries; char response; srand(time(0)); number = rand() % 500 + 1; cout << "I have generated a number. Attempt to guess it! (1-500)" << endl; cout << "Remember - you have only twenty tries!" << endl; cin >> guess; if (guess > number) { cout << "Your guess is too big." << endl; tries++; } else if (guess < number) { cout << "Your guess is too small." << endl; tries++; } if (tries == 20) { cout << "Sorry! That was your twentieth try! Want to restart the game? Press 'Y' or 'y' if you do" << endl; cin >> response; if (response != 'Y' || response != 'y') { goto restart; } else { system("CLS"); return(0); } } if (guess == number && tries <= 20); { cout << "Congratulations! You guessed the number in " << tries << " tries!" << endl; cout << "Want to restart the game? Press 'Y' or 'y' if you do." << endl; cin >> response; if (response != 'Y' || response != 'y') { goto restart; } else { return(0); } } } [/code][/QUOTE] lmfao nice bad practice there (system, goto lmfao) you suck. please never post C++ code here again ty
  9. [quote name='Fellixombc']Well If [i]YOU[/i] want to become a better programmer [i]YOU MUST[/i] release the code you have written so we can [i]HELP[/i] you. edit: I write shit code and release projects not to show-off etc, but to earn feedback on how I could improve my programming.[/QUOTE] and i flame u bcuz u r shit. i have helped u before tho iirc
  10. gimme .jar so i can actually run it on linux -_-
  11. wikis provide discussion pages anyway...
  12. i have a feeling you're just reading the question wrong and it's pure coincidence that it passes all of the visible tests. aussi, my go [code]public boolean makeBricks(int small, int big, int goal) { if (small + (big * 5) >= goal) return goal % 5 <= small; return false; }[/code]
  13. your custom encryption will probably be hilariously breakable (unless you're a cryptographer). also, how are you going to handle two people editing one file at once and then committing it?
  14. [quote name='Trey']inb4 a bunch of shitty tutorials get voted up and people just become more retarded. Depending how this system turns out, I may write some tutorials that aren't RSPS specific.[/QUOTE] i'm pretty certain that the c+p tutorials will become the highest rated and most voted, while non-rsps specific ones with more theory than code will probably be ignored because the general idiot on this site is unable to comprehend anything that's more technical than his process method. also, inb4 JAVA CODAR awards get given to imbeciles with no real knowledge of the language and people with intelligence and ability don't get anything because their tutorials are too complicated for most people on this site and thus their work is unheard of.
  15. and if you're prepared for mindless flame with an ounce of criticism then PM the code to me
  16. SCAR is deprecated, Visual Basic is dumb
  17. _s1gma


    hahahaha to think this thread is in the 'Intelligent Debate' section
  19. n00b u lick Dickz

  20. C++ is too hard for beginners imo, start with C and use the cprogramming.com tutorial to teach yourself. also, when you're a proficient C programmer go buy/steal a copy of K&R and read through that. C is a small language that's easy to master and has applications everywhere, and when you think you're ready to start with C++ then do so. also, changing one aspect of another's alias? why not form your own :p
  21. it's funny because the advocates of call of duty tend to be as dumb as fuck