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  1. hmm any idea? iadded to the server perfect but it wont work -.-
  2. hmm iknow that iadd one and everything went good but when iopen up the server didnt working ====no errors while compiling==== thats wht im..
  3. pro juron

    adding a dicebag!

    hey guys :) how i can add the dicebag imean..ijust need the codes For it :) Any idea? :P
  4. how i can reset my players lvls like summoning as a example bad question srry for tht.
  5. where ipaste that lol which folder model >animation?
  6. the gfx and animation
  7. no ideal lol?
  8. how i can fix the ags spec? any idea about that?
  9. pro juron

    server online?

    idont have a router...ihave a netBoX and idk how ican do it using netBoX
  10. pro juron

    server online?

    storm i did it using u torrent.... thats good?
  11. pro juron

    server online?

    iopen it ..wuts then? :D
  12. pro juron

    server online?

    please help me guys!!!! irlly need your help!!!!!
  13. pro juron

    server online?

    but i cant give u 71m for that iwork hard to get em :(