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  1. This will be pet upgrades, you will only be able to upgrade your favorite pet. What do you mean looks awful? The graphics, or whats behind it? Or the idea behind it? Also guys! We have been getting our player count back up, and our votes have increased by 500% within the past 3 days. We've been working to get our way back up to the top with all our unique features. That being said, Raids 1 & 2 are being re-done completely now with ACTUAL region/instance managing. When that is completed, we can use that base to finish our construction base. Loads of work being done guys! thank you guys for dramatically increasing our vote count these past 2 weeks. We have been working hard to assure you fire content, as I said, we will be announcing Mistex 2 soon, with a combination package of Favorite pets, Raids 1 Completely like OSRS (99.5%), Raids 2 Completely like osrs (99.5%), Inferno (completely like OSRS 100%), and Construction base start, therefore it won't be finished. But it WILL be a start to it. Announcements coming soon!
  2. Have done a ton of updates! We have complete curses, along with plenty more tasks. We have over 100+ updates documented on our forums. View our recent thread here! Or check out all of our threads here!
  3. Posted updates on the forums. Not to mention, we also re-did the forum theme for a more eye-appealing flow.
  4. The #1 Economy Experience - Play Now - Website - Discord Group - Instagram - Crazy DAILY RS3/OSRS GP Giveaways! All you have to do to be automatically entered is play 1 hour that day. Join the discord for giveaway winners! View our Instagram to view all our latest updates as well! Stay in touch with us a lot easier with social media. Welcome to Mistex, one of the most well developed Runescape private servers. Hosted by a professional team of developers and experienced staff members, We are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards. Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Play mini-games. There is active gambling and we are always pushing out new content from Custom to OSRS. Play the the game completely free, link above. HD 602 Models Always helpful players online Active Owner with 5+ hours of development, or server betterment a day. (meaning if we're not coding, we're doing something to improve the server - devs, ads, youtubers, forum work, website work, etc) Daily login rewards Theatre of blood Chambers of Xeric Gambling Daily rewards given Alert System for easier notices Auto-Donation Auto-Vote with Top Voter of the Month Forums integration Vorkath Zulrah Cerberus Ironman Group ironman Group Slayer All skills working correctly Loads of Interface Re-work (upfront appearance) Loads of time in development Fixed all player bolts, now useable. (ex: dragon, dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and their effects, etc) Added in likely highly used PvP armours. Spacious home, organized npcs and minimized the amount of data used in just the home area. Client work, lot of client lag reduces Alchemical Hydra ::toggle command, makes it easier to auto-pickup items (caskets, crystal keys, and more.) Crafting & Fletching the new armors & weapons all works properly. No bugs, and complete smoothness. Staff members: Josh, Glabay, Neonmoondust, Chris, Twerkinzerk, Cody1, Tim, Cream Present updates: - Character Model Upgrade, Curses, Staff Rings - Latest Update: - Group Ironman Targeted Updates: - Play Now - Website - Discord Group - Instagram -
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/045425dead296034f29cea1f3012c470.mp4 https://www.rune-list.com/valius.zip Package client, cache, and source.
  6. Looking for someone who can add Theatre of Blood to ascend. Also, if you can add nex to it. let me know on discord below rune-list.com#1667
  7. Building hype for Mistex here soon! We have accomplished so much within these past few weeks. Our effort, hopefully will indicate new players lead to our server. I really enjoy doing what I do, so please do not fill my thread with spam/negative comments. I really appreciate every one who has taken their time to check out Mistex.
  8. Don't forget to join us. Offering rewards for joining our ::discord & ::forums!
  9. Introduction: Mistex is an aspiring and hopeful 317 revision server, aimed at providing an OSRS experience whilst providing our own imagination and creativity when it comes to gaining wealth and items (There is no custom items dont worry!) We are freshly joined and looking for people who are looking for a server that will remain for a long time, to enjoy and grind end game achievements on with your friends. Website Discord Play now Vote Shop At Mistex we recognise the importance of balancing the Grind aspect of an economy based server, with the exciting aspect that draws all players to RSPS which is the significantly less time it takes from the journey of beginning to end game. We believe the experience for all different types of player are equally viable and balanced Though maintaining an Economy server is tough, we have numerous tactics to cleanly and honestly remove gold from the game, helping prevent stale gold lying around in players banks that will eventually mean less and less Unfortunately upon login we will not offer the ability to set stats, we want to see the true experience of beginning to end game occur at Mistex, although with that being said, combat stat xp is considerably boosted to help make this process less tedious for players who like to get in the thick of the action in a short time.
  10. Bump, revamped the whole server with continuous updates Fixed avatar of destruction hp (new boss alert spoiler) Upped prices on potions (money sink) lowered prices on Saradomin amulets from 75m to around 12-18m. Added Party room, since we hit 10 players today and we're so close to our goal. Lucien teleport added to Santa, also moved his location Added when you make an account it'll list drop rates next to the mode you choose. Added ::party/::partyroom for falador party room. Removed most shop access for iron man accounts. (excluding farming) Your game mode should now appear in the achievement tab Added command ::gamemode to show you what game mode you are playing in, along with drop rates listed under it. Added small summoning obelisk to home for summoning recharge Added all the total boss kills in achievement tab points system. Play-Time added to achievement tab system. Fixed Frostmourne price from blink Fixed all seed prices (more expensive) Fixed play time in Achievement tab system Added lucien to pvm points hard boss table Removed random walk for some of the home npcs. Added iron man shop to home, iron man accounts can no longer open other shops. Only iron man accounts can use the shop so nobody can outbuy. Fixed in AChievement tab it messing up sometimes on your game mode, sometimes itll say veteran when on regular. Raised Range defense on glacors, can not merk with range anymore. Raised range defense and magic defense on General Graardor (melee boss now) Fixed points doubling when killing certain bosses Added more bosses to kills on achievement tab Glacors now require 88 slayer Glacors are now also added to kuradel slayer task Hill Giants Teleport added to Recommended for Beginners teleport @ Santa & To Training teleports Achievement Task system now displays the right amount of slayer points Fixed the auto donation for unlimited task skip & added the feature as well! Fixed the purchase from store "Unlimited Godwars Boss teleports", and added the feature as well! ::bandos, ::armadyl, ::zamorak/zammy, ::saradomin/sara Lowered XP in Regular mode by 1% Madara now requires mage to kill Bringing Armadyl Battlestaff/spell will allow a double hit one being extremely high hit & one being normal/low. Frostmourne added to announcement drop table (when its dropped, its announced) && along with twisted bow && dclaws At Dagannoth kings: To kill meleer you need mage, to kill ranger you need melee, to kill mager you need melee. Madara revamp Boosted charm drop amount. You can no longer Ice barrage Madara, and can no longer bring in pets. Shadow barrage now works properly. Added recoil damage from Deflect prayers & recoil rings to effect Madara Raised percentage to get staff of armadyl from glacor & lowered boots drop rate. Buffed blinks melee & range attack. added zanaris to city teleports for slayer task Made it so you can craft slayer helmet. Slayer helm now gives 1.50x more strength in combat with a slayer task monster. Made full void equip have 1.3x accuracy and 1.3x damage The achievement tabs will no longer display wrong setting for game mode Hill giants drop t1 keys removed shops from ironman accounts Added it so when you refer players you get referral points. points will be used at a shop. Fixed Jewelry making. Iron man can no longer drop trade? Untradeables should now appear under grave when dead. Ecto Tokens tradeable Ecto Tokens can't be alched. Fixed hope devourer, prayer. Fixed blowpipe Made blowpipe now drop ammo (darts) when shot. Revamped PvM shop Fixed bolt tip making 1 by 1. Added value to item examine Can now craft onyx amulet with ball of wool & onyx amulet piece Red Spider eggs spawn every 5 mins at edge dung You cannot use ice barrage against any boss now. Fixed issue with fletching uncuts/cuts. Worked on points tab system, it should now be filled. Fr fr made ecto tokens tradeable this time lol Super prayer flasks now will restore prayer. Frfr fixed boss timer. Also fixed so iron man accounts dont see npc dropped items for no longer than regular players do. Re-did the whole fletching/fletching bolts system Nerfed uncut dragonstone drop from blink Value on examine should be fixed. Ironman lost access to donator shops/Summoning/Construction Added ::referralpoints to see your referral points total Added 5 hour timer on 1 referral point. (Testing, then making shop) Blowpipe venom 100% working Added it so to cure venom you just have to talk to the dark mage @ home. Fixed Ice Warriors, they now have attack animation/block/death Fixed Super Antipoison (4-1) Added Super combat potions to shop (Super str, def, and attack all in one) Iron mans can no longer use squeel Tier 3 pvm keys added to pvm points shop. Swapped out mage supplies npc & combat supplies npc (uniqueness) Bank Chest now gives the option to open clan bank or normal bank to bring noticibility to clan banking. Fixed the Elbis NPC @ home Viewing Clan Ranks Etc. You can now use infernal ashes on altar at home for prayer xp Fixed ::sendhome giving 30k hp Fixed Support commands, so we can finally decide our support. Nerfed venom Goes up in by 10 Constitution (1hitpoint) every hit instead of 20. Made venom cap at 9 ticks then done. Wearing Agility master cape will activate infinite run. Wearing Cooking master cape will cook *2 the amount of food, adding one of the cooked items straight to your bank. 20% chance Master constitution cape gives you +150 hitpoints. Range master cape now acts as ava accumulator Master prayer cape now gives 25% less drain Wearing summoning master cape will now make your summoning points not drain & familiar will not disappear until dismissed. Admin cape now applies additional +500 hp Magic master cape now acts as all element runes & mind runes Construction master cape now allows you to build anything in your house without materials Made it so you cannot be venomed with serpentine helm on. Made it so it resets your venom when you wear serpentine helm Serpentine helm will now venom other entity on random chance. Serpentine helm is now stacked with blowpipe/toxic staff of the dead, to make percentage higher on venom Serpentine helm charges now go down as you attack (venoms other player, so requires zulrah charges) Runecrafting master cape now gives a triple runes effect Master thieving cape allows you to never stun when pickpocketing. Ironman welcome message on login. Check us out! New bosses coming in January Vorkath, Zulrah, and Cerebus!
  11. Welcome to Liberate Best RSPS Liberate is a 718 Based RSPS with slight a couple RS3 items, and plenty OSRS packed content. We strive to perfect all of our updates we perform each and every single day. All of our updates get posted on our discord #updates section; every day. We have pushed our way out of the beta stage and now will be on to bigger and better things to push off #2019 in the right direction. Thank you to everyone who has jumped on to test, and I promise you 2019 will be a big jump for Liberate. Add me on discord for further information as well; https://discord.gg/jHPsvZV Currently Zulrah, Cerberus, and Vorkath are being made right now as we speak! It will be released sometime in January as a new start to the server. Please be patient through out January and give us time on these updates, as they are very big and complex updates. But, once they are in; they're staying in. Website (100% TEMPORARY FOR BETA): Liberate - The best 718 RSPS Download: http://www.liberatersps.online/liberatev1.jar
  12. Funny Drive Thru Prank! Couldn't be categorized.
  13. Thank you for your feedback, very appreciated
  14. Near Trinity RSPS is an existing 667 brought to life and re-developed in a mix of my last project Liberate RSPS revamped and ready for competition! http://forum.near-trinity.com Extra media: Member since 2009
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6ERazyDTnY Subscribe Progress: 17 Magic The Grand Tree Quest 500K cash 58 Woodcutting 52 Strength