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  1. Skype name please

  2. Alright requested you.

  3. Ah, i'm glad you finally understand.

  4. Because I obviously don't like you. There is no "this" i'm just posting shit. These aren't exactly jokes either bud.

  5. Still calling me an idiot. You have no idea who I am. Please don't judge me like that.

  6. It took me awhile because I don't refresh the page every 10 seconds, and I have other things to do more important than sit on runelocus.

  7. I find it so hilarious that you can't even correctly use grammar. Even that aspect makes it funny that you think you are even capable of arguing in a semi-civilized fashion. You said "If you want to actually debate something political, debate who your Democratic nominee is." That doesn't even make sense. Debate who your democratic nominee is? There is only one democrat that even has a chance of being elected. The way you worded it shows that you had no idea that candidates hardly ever run against the incumbent because they are naturally the candidate for that party. You are obviously in a blind rage, so before you continue looking like an asshole and idiot you might want to calm down.

  8. Randall Terry is the only democrat running against Obama.. When you posted that it was obvious to me you were either confused or just an idiot because nobody has exactly discussed Randal Terry. He is not even recognized by mainstream media. So please don't call me ignorant when it's obvious you still don't know what ignorant means.

  9. Some people would disagree with you because we aren't really hearing about any democratic candidates besides Obama..

  10. Once again I will tell you. What I meant by democrats don't is that they usually don't. Indeed they usually don't. I'm not really understanding how i'm wrong here. You got mad because I quoted something that I thought was funny.

  11. I never said they couldn't, I said they don't. Which they usually don't... Also learn what ignorant means please.

  12. Democrats don't run against their current president, so yes it is funny. Learn what you're talking about before you say something.