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  1. Hey Guys, So where I work I am working with a piece of software called "Salesforce" for those who know what it is you know it requires a lot of coding for certain aspects and the path that I would like to go down is to become a developer. There is a lot of Java, HTML, CSS, Apex code that I must learn to progress. I am looking for someone that can code with me a server and also teach me along the way. I pick up things very quickly and am very keen to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. I am 18, not some little kid who will disrespect you and not listen. I am willing to pay for this service as i know experienced coders are hard to come by. Please list if you would like to join me on this and how much you would like to be paid. Serious offers only. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I need a little help on some errors that i'm getting. I only started learning Java yesterday and I would like to look into this and play around with a server so I can learn for my job. Although I can't even get off the start line lolking. Here is the error I am getting. [img]http://puu.sh/6kU9I.jpg[/img] I'm sure it's something really stupid/easy but please don't be insulting just help me if you can. Thank you.
  3. I can try but i don't know if it will work.
  4. Oh sorry I don't know the answer :/

  5. Perhaps post a help thread and I'll see what I can do.

  6. Hey bro thanks for replying could you maybe help me? its dementhium

  7. Hey bro you got msn or skype/

  8. Hey guys so im stating up my own server dementhium based and i was wondering if there was a way i can get the char files? I know you can do most things through actionsender.java but i know there is a fix to char files. Atm they are all decoded and cannot be read. How can i fix this? P.s also looking for a co coder to help me with this. Add me on msn : [email][email protected][/email]
  9. I can be a web devoloper mate, also in-game staff if you want add me on msn ; [email][email protected][/email] and we can talk.
  10. Edgar

    Need 614 coder!

    Hey guys i really need a experienced 614 coder to start a project with me. Please reply here or add my on msn : [email][email protected][/email] if you would like to talk.. thanks
  11. Hey guys so i dont wanna play GenerationX anymore and i want to sell my account... im selling it for 15$ and donator cost me 25$ so if you want to buy it just post here.. It has around 500m in items and things so yeah just offer...