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  1. Looks alright.
  2. Now that's what i'm talking about! LOOKING FORWARD TO THE TRAILER!!!!!
  3. Ummm... excuse me but where the HELL are the updates?
  4. That idea is beautifully sexy you're getting there one step at a time! Love you Moe <3
  5. I saw the second one it looks more alive.
  6. They changed them? lol sense when? but on topic...They look sexy lol
  7. This whole project is turning about sooooo sexy man keep it up!!!!
  8. Great updates and mini game but as for the mini game how do you plan on preventing point farming?
  9. Holy shiiiiiiittttt it keeps getting better and better sexier and sexier!
  10. GREAT JOB! It's getting their! slowly but surly.
  11. Looks good I wonder what quest this is for :)
  12. It's looking great continue working your ass off man, keep up the good work homie.
  13. Nice I like the new models they look fresh.
  14. I'm super stoked about this!! You look determined and i'm happy to still be apart of the "Team" with you.
  15. WOOOO You're using my quest! lol