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  1. I did the first two already, and how do I change the clients IP to my IP? (And is it my public-internet or private-computer IP i change it to?) And how do I sent the client to my friends...this is what I'm looking how to do simply.
  2. Ah okay, well I would like it if you could assist me, and thanks.
  3. Indeed, I know of the VPS option, and I have already portforwarded everything. The game itself is online, but I need to get it so people can play it, for example; a link to play it like on a website or a download file to save and run the game...I'm not sure how to make it so that people can access the game. But it's already portforwarded and online and running fine.
  4. Hello RuneLocus members, I need some help with my RSPS. I used WikiHow to make a revision 317 RSPS, using your starter pack, as well. Here is the link ([url]http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Private-RuneScape-Server[/url]) if you need to refer to how I made my RSPS, because I did NOT need to use WinRar, No-IP, uTorrent, Hamachi, etc. to get it running fine. My server is running great, but my problem is this: How do I get others to connect to my server? I set up and compiled both the server and client, and it IS online, as RuneLocus accepted it on to the RSPS list. All I need is to learn how to make a link or some sort so I can get my YouTube fans to play on the server with me, but I'm a noob and do not know the first thing about how to do this. Most of the guides i read/watched use things like WinRar, No-IP, uTorrent, or Hamachi to get their servers connected to by others. But I included the link from WikiHow because I didn't need to use ANY of those programs to get my server up in the first place, so now I'm scared I'll mess something up if I try to do it now. I'm sure there are other methods to get my client available to my fans. I simply want what other servers have; a direct link to my server. But if this is not possible for a beginner like myself, is their an easy method, or ANY good method where I can share my server online? All those guides i read or watched about downloading programs sound like a pain in the ass, and I am not computer savy in the least. Thanks for reading, and please, if you know a way to get a 317 server up for all to play, tell me here. :) - Regeneration/TheLavenderProject
  5. I totally agree with you actually. I think it is a common idea ^-^
  6. I agree, I enjoy watching boxing/MMA/Martial Arts. Sometimes wrestling. REAL wrestling. I practice Kajukenbo, and am also an instructor. I've played other sports before, my favorite being soccer and football. I'm also an athletic sprinter, if that counts.