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    Daedalus reacted to Ikiliki in New design   
    No words needed.
    ps. There are still some small design glitches that need fixing, e.g. the text overflow that sometimes appear in the footer. Lookin' into that!
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    Daedalus reacted to VaxieNation in Deleting a tab   
    Yep, using PI! I love the old school too haha. Btw, sweet profile picture. 
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Cart in Ziek` promoted to administrator!   
    Congratulations!!!! D:D:D:D:
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    Daedalus reacted to Ziek` in Ziek` promoted to administrator!   
    Thank you! Thank you! Alright, everybody settle down. QUIET! *ahem* Alright.
    Well, I guess I'd like to start off by saying thank you to everybody who has supported me over the years. Especially @Shishir G, who has been with me through thick and thin. @scootersam too, for all the good laughs. @Emily for being the best girl friend (notice the space!)  ever. And most of all, our Lord and Savior, Willie Nelson. Without him, none of this would have been possible. Long live Willie!
    Alright, enough sarcastic bullshit. Seriously, thank you guys. If it wasn't for the community, no matter how small it may be right now, I probably would have left a long time ago. I lost interest in RSPS a few years ago, but RuneLocus has always, somehow, held my interest. A lot of things have happened over the years (one or two might have been my fault... oops) but we're still here, still kicking. Because of the community. There are a few of us here that have stuck around over the years, always holding the community together, more or less. You know who you are. I have no idea where I'm going with this, so I'm going to stop.
    Now, I'm not entirely sure what my job is, exactly, but whatever it is, I'll do my best!     Ooh what's this button do?
    P.S. If I don't mention this guy, he'll get pissy. @Blake... Fuck you. (ily tho)
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Cart in Return of an OG member   
    What you on about fool ya fool!
    *cough* Hi and welcome back lol
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Cart in Count to 100 before Ikiliki Posts!   
    110 *yawns* Ikiliki hasn't noticed yet?
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Cart in Count to 100 before Ikiliki Posts!   
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Azeem in Can't Vote   
    Probably only something @Ikiliki can sort, not sure if @Cart can look into this though?
    What server is, I'll try. (PM me if you want.)
    Edit:  Just to confirm, it worked for me;

    You must be using a proxy/VPN.
    When was the last time you could vote?
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    Daedalus got a reaction from beastpk in Zonica.io - Bringing back Alotic (2011 HD) [668]   
    Might wanna sort your website out
    Good luck though.
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Azeem in Count to 100 before Ikiliki Posts!   
    @Azeem Now you're gonna jynx us lol
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Pois0n in Post Your Desktop (:   
    meh, mine has changed a lot over the years lol, can't remember what my last one was....

    And yes, I know the last post on this thread is a few months old
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    Daedalus got a reaction from Arix in Duradel Is not a true rsps!   
    hmm, I'll download this on to my virtual machine and take the jar file a part if that's where you got it from? Though never known a Java file to do so unless it downloaded an external application.
    Edit: Can't even connect to website now lol, no warnings or anything.
    Edit 2: Okay, so they have another site, found the JAR file and found this in it:

    VirusTotal confirms this;
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    Daedalus reacted to Ikiliki in RuneLocus toplist is fake news   
    Alright, we're done here.
    I only do business with those who trust me, and I'm definitely not doing business with someone who's continuously accusing me of corruption. Never, ever, has somebody doubted my decisions so much, nor accused me of corruption so many times in two days.
    SoulPlay is from this moment on no longer welcome at RuneLocus. Not in the advertisement forum, not on the toplist and not in paid advertisements. Our cooperation comes to an end.
    I have refunded all active advertisements to the PayPal address that was used for purchasing. The only remaining active SoulPlay advertisement is the premium advertisement at the top of the toplist. It will expire on the 11th of December and cannot be renewed afterwards. If you'd like to change anything in that advertisement, don't contact me, but contact Stefan at [email protected]
    I'm sorry things have to go this way, but I really don't want to do business with someone like you. You make me sick.
    Please head over to another toplist. Top100Arena welcomes you, you can register an account at: http://www.top100arena.com/signup.asp?addsite
    Have a nice weekend,