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  1. Daedalus

    Holy Crap.

    o7 still alive as well xD
  2. Daedalus

    Deleting a tab

    Depends.. I've only worked on PI, and that's easy to remove stuff from, other ones I'm not sure of though can't be that hard, unless you're talking of like 500+ revision? I've mainly stuck to old school style...
  3. Daedalus

    Secure HTTP

    It's cheap as chips if you have the money that is to buy a SSL certificate xD £14 a year or so for just 1 domain, and £57 for SSL wildcard (covering subdomains and such) this was from Namecheap though xD
  4. What you on about fool ya fool! *cough* Hi and welcome back lol
  5. Id personally suggest more then just a single core, duel core at minimum. And also advise choosing a different host from 1&1, as said in shoutbox they require you to phone them to cancel contract with them should you desire to, also goes against their TOS (granted a lot of people use 1&1 to host private servers) but I wouldn't risk it. As @Arix said in shoutbox try OVH Specifications Id recommend for starters; 4GB ram 2+ cores at around 2.4GHz 100MBps connection speed And a minimum of 5GB storage, probably 10GB though Id personally go for 50GB.
  7. 112 Maybe @Ikiliki Doesn't care anymore? c:
  8. 110 *yawns* Ikiliki hasn't noticed yet?