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  1. My friend got an iPhone 5 the day it came out and then also got a Galaxy S III about 2 weeks ago. He likes his Galaxy S III more than his 5.
  2. Are you getting this error? http://prntscr.com/96ugw

  3. Instead of removing the entire soul split prayer, why not find what actually causes the server to deadlock and fix it?
  4. [quote name='AaronCreag']CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME IT SAYS: error_game_js5connect PLEASE HELP!!! There is no place to change the ip in the run file! Please help Skype:aaron.creager1[/QUOTE] RunClient.java, change the IP in there. Don't forget to compile.. and run the server first.
  5. [quote name='Divine-X']1) You need the proper client 2) Get the cache 3) Get the uKeys & change the servers uKeys 4) Update your servers max item quantity. Eg, 562s max number by default is 16000 I believe. So the server will only read item ids up to 16k edit that to amount the cache has 5) Compile 6) Run 7) Orgasm[/QUOTE] Do you know where I can find uKeys? Also how do I find out the max amount of items in the cache without spawning until the client crashes? Not really important, just curious. Thanks for the reply btw :)
  6. [quote name='Beuner']Runescape changed there opcodes and npc protocol from 669+. Know how to fix that and you can fix your problem, but very few people know how to do it.[/QUOTE] All right, can you tell me how to do it for 669? Thanks :)
  7. [quote name='Redemptionz']There are loads of high revision caches released use a different one?[/QUOTE] I can't simply completely replace the cache with a 680 cache, it will give me errors and won't start up right.
  8. I used 680+ as an example. I want to know how people pack higher-revision items into lower-revision caches. I've looked on Google, and I've asked friends, nobody seems to want to tell me (or they probably don't know themselves). How can I do this? I have a 680 cache (yet again another example) and a 562 cache, how do I have it load the mapdata, items, objects, npcs, and everything else there is to load? I have that 659 cache that dragonkk released, but it doesn't have the new edgeville. All I really want is the new GE and the new edgeville. Thanks :)
  9. [quote name='Rusite']This source sucks tbh.[/QUOTE] So don't use it, I could care less. [quote name='Dark shade']Fridder looks like you did release it after all :D[/QUOTE] Yep. :p
  10. This thread has to do with the toplist update. I love it, but there is a problem. The problem is the picture part, where I have to upload pictures off my computer. It doesn't work too well. Not to mention you can't upload anything over 500kb. I have all my server's pictures on my dropbox and some on photobucket. I tried uploading a 430kb picture off my dropbox, but it gave me an error. The file is a png and again it is 430kb and I somehow got an error. Could you change the image uploading section to a image link section? That way I can just enter the URL of the image in a text box instead of uploading it off my computer. Just like before. This could also help decrease the amount of bandwidth used on this site. Thank you :)
  11. [quote name='317 Delta Coder']Why is the source bigger than the client?[/QUOTE] Probably has the cache packed in with it.
  12. Broken links, I can't reupload this because I never downloaded it. Not my server.
  13. [code][Cache] Loading cache... java.io.IOException: Invalid version : 6 at org.dementhium.cache.FileInformationTable.createFileInformationTable(FileInformationTable.java:26) at org.dementhium.cache.CacheManager.load(CacheManager.java:33) at org.dementhium.cache.Cache.init(Cache.java:8) at org.dementhium.RS2ServerBootstrap.main(RS2ServerBootstrap.java:40) [/code] Using Dementhium 639. How do you fix this?
  14. [quote name='Shishir G']" PARODY" can you not read the title?[/QUOTE] It's the #1 video, so it does make it the official one >;D