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  1. Yea GL, HotSpot shield ftw :)

  2. Current hostname:host86-129-72-114.range85-129.btcentralplus.com Scanning port's atm.

  3. My host name, rofl your a dubm ass, i just changed my ip, so Gl with anythink you just tried ;)

  4. Ip change? i still have your host name. /facepalm.

  5. :L U do releasie hutch don't give money to scammers? so you wont win Nuthin from the raffle, to bad :)

  6. i JUST RECOVER IT BACK, btw say hai to the otehr scammers on the list.

  7. Funny you should say that.. I know the exact date of what the account was created. That's kinda the most important. I win?...

  8. Sad sad boy, smaming 22m your jsut mad cause i just keep re recovering. ive called jagex and told not to be ableto change email, umad? why mad?

  9. LOL, you said to my bro you will keylogg him. You realise, you have to lure us into downloading it? You're a fucking donkey, no... A donkey knows more then you!! There all right! Your 12!!!! HAHAHAHA

  10. Just like your false advertisisment what is also agaist the law, no1 will ever buy of you again, im scared? your 12, why mad???

  11. Wow you really are 12..How are you planning on implanting this keylogger on my computer dick face.

  12. Bro, You think that your threatening me LOL. You going to DDoS my computer? Thats really not effecting me what so ever, 1. You can't DDoS, if you can, please blast what you got now. Then tell me if you fail. 2. If you could DDoS, you would properly dc my internet for like a blink of a eye. 3. It's against the law, I would properly find it fun telling the police, then they ask you why did you do it? "He hacxx0r mahh rS aaccCount! :'(:'(!!!"".. Then I will win (once again).

  13. :L dowload?

  14. Ok Mate, looking forward to it, tell me when to download it and il tell you if your logger failed.

  15. Btw, I got a Ful Fud KEYLOGGGER WAITING FOR YOU.