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  1. ^ I've scrapped that source and client. I have found a new one. Thnx for the help though guys. If a mod or someone could close this thread, that'd be great.
  2. just a little update on this guys. I got it to go through downloading cache, but then it just goes right back to connection error - retrying in...
  3. really needing some help here guys.
  4. When I run the source and client, I get an error. It loads past the requesting title screen, and then says "Connection error - retrying in..." Does anyone know how I can fix this? I am using the 2006Remade Source/Client; found here - [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?87354-2006-Remade-Tutorials-Included-Super-Stable[/url] I am at a loss here guys, any help is needed.
  5. wrong section, someone please move....
  6. I added an NPC, thats all I did. and after this happened I went back and took it out, compiled, and still same problem...
  7. well I havent had this problem but when I got on this morning it worked but then dced a few times. it let me log back in, but the last time I tried to log in it just freezes, this is what it looks like... can anyone plzz help me? [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/ei9s8m.png[/IMG]
  8. whats your ID? edit: and if you are expecting money for this, ill tell you right now. I have none to give you... edit: nvm guys, I figured out how to do it on my own!!!!! I needed a sprite compiler I needed to upload my sprites into the sprites file in my sprite compiler, and run it to get my .dat file and .idx file in there. then copy those and paste it into my cache file in my client and overwrite those old ones, compile and run. and it worked!!!!!
  9. [quote name='takodaes']lol, no. thats not how you do it, close but no cigar...[/QUOTE] then how do you do it...
  10. [quote name='ToxicPlanet']yeah i guess it 317 with 525 graphics and content.. Momenta , i did that except i put my real ip in the client for the players to play and it didnt work . i changed it in the gui.java.. I dont understand i have to put my no ip in there? my no ip is like toxicplanet.no-ip.biz.. i put that in there?[/QUOTE] I think so, and then once you change it you have to delete all of the .java files so nobody can change anything. then change the file to a .jar or .rar file, and then upload that for ppl to download. I could be a little off, but Im pretty sure thats what you do..
  11. [quote name='ToxicPlanet']You need to go to your cache , which should be in "my computer " C:drive . well thats where mine is..then u will see a buncha pictures u'll find one that looks like the log in screen of your rsps atm , u have to edit it with paint , and change it to your server name or whatever design u want it to look like[/QUOTE] ok thnx, ill try that!
  12. [QUOTE=Dodge';626103]Class48.java. For the loading bar. Applet_Sub1.java for the screen window.[/QUOTE] ty for this, b4 for you posted this I found it in class 48, changed it, compiled it, and restarted the client, but it still didnt change, what did I do wrong? and I will try the screen window now... edit: in applet_sub1 I found titlebg do I change this to a name of the image or what do I do in applet_sub1?
  13. I have all the client names changed but the one above the loading bar....
  14. ok so I am using the DangerZone[508] source and client, but there are a few things I dont know how to do. One being changing the title screen (background you see when logging in), and changing what it says above the loading bar, e.g. right now it says "DangerZone[508] is Loading... Please Wait...". I fanyone whould be so kind to take some time and help me, much would be appreciated!