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  1. My server is null and I dont know how it gtt like that, when I log in I get a black screen and a connection lost. When I type something my name says null. Please help.
  2. Please someone I need this fixed.
  3. I been adding some stuff client sided and I uploaded the new jar client and webclient for my server and when people load it it says connection error- retrying in 5, 4, etc. It stays on requesting title screen but my background and everything is set up right and idk how to fix this. Please help someone I have msn, skype, team viewer. I really need this fixed.
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  5. Hey guys, title says it all. When one person logs out in my server then everyone logs out. How can I fix this? I know this is common in Winterlove...BUT I really need help. Please can someone help me? PI 317 InsidiaX source. Thanks guys.
  6. Due to recent abuse from an administrator we lost a great deal of players. We are growing stronger and bigger each day with more voting rewards and more active players. Join today to have a great bit of fun!
  7. [quote name='high105']Just making sure, you want the command to make someone else force chat what you say?[/QUOTE] Yes I do.
  8. awesome drake

    RSPS Commands

    You gotta encrypt the code to get their password to show bro. And for the checkbank and checkinv commands what source/base are you using?
  9. Hey guys, as my title says I would like a command that I can make someone say something. Deob: 317. Base: Pi Example: ::say Hey Drake ::say is the command Hey is the word gonna be used and Drake is the person thats gonna say the command. So after the command ::say hey drake then drake will be forced to say hey.
  10. New players come on guys its alot of fun!