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  1. EpiczWar

    .P files

    Hey guys, i'm new to code 742 coding and i tried to edit some charfiles but those are .p files if open them in my notepad++ i see nulls and everything is so messy. So anyone know how i can open those .p files properly. King regards.
  2. EpiczWar

    Mac Runner.

    Well what launcher code 'd i need for the macbook?
  3. EpiczWar

    Mac Runner.

    Hello guys, some of mine mates cant play because the have a macbook.. does anyone know what compiler i need? (: please poste compiler, like what i need to add in the.bat file. I will really apreciate if someone can help me.
  4. Hey guys, im getting a error. when im trying to get mine server online, i will pay 2.5m rsgp, to the first one who can help me, u can take contact on msn with me Msn : [email][email protected][/email]
  5. Its done but when i open myClient.jar it says: Could not find the main class: client. Program will exit. Need some help please
  6. Title says it.. I tryed an other Webclient Ready client and it works.. How do i make my Client to Webclient READY? Please i know how to jarsign etc but i cant make it to a client.jar Someone help me please..
  7. I got the same problem.. Need help here.
  8. What document i need to edit for the server-sided thingy, like the file.java