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  1. [quote name='thebadman']i'm getting no response from server error when i try logging in.[/QUOTE] Did you change server ip's? To your ip or
  2. [quote name='nkiros']Also this is a great release, just would be nice if i can change the client title to mine, but other then that, nice release! :)[/QUOTE] Its not in the GUI.java or client.java, go to RSFrame.java, and change the client name there, should be set to something like, "InsidiaX" - Change that. But if you want the client to be set to your gui, edit the run.bat, and replace the 'client' in it to 'Gui'. Should look like this. "client 10 highmem members 32". Change that too - "Gui 10 highmem members 32" and for a little better stablity(less lag) change the "highmem" to "lowmem"
  3. I go into my cache folder, and highlight all my files, and add them to a .zip archive, when i right click the .zip file and click properties, it says, 'ZIP' Then, I go to my signlink.java, and change the cache name to my cache name, the ZIP file Then, I go to my cachedownloader.java, and change the link to the .zip file. Then, I go to my client.java, and change the link there. Im hosting my cache.zip on Dropbox. But, everytime it does not work.. Please help via Teamviewer, or something.
  4. Yes please, everytime I make one, it does not work
  5. If you are asking about my cache, then yes, but, I don't know if im zipping my cache right, i've looked at alot of tutorials on it.
  6. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Guys I've been using InsidiaX for a while now, and once Faris released his V2, I automatically downloaded it, but... Whenever I put my cache in the auto downloader, and signlink, and client.java, it auto downloads it for me, but not for other players. It also will not let me make a webclient because of this. PLEASE HELP![/COLOR][/SIZE]