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  1. I need the actual coding... Im running a 525 rsps, thanks for your contribution anyways Regards ObbyPkz
  2. Hey guys, I really need your help... Im new to coding and I really want to add the ::resetnpc command to the server im working on.... I've been searching the internet for the code for the past 4 hours... and no luck.. Im running Deathscape 517 source and would really appreciate it if someone could provide me with the code. Thanks in advance ObbyPkz
  3. Thanks dude, this is a really nice source, :) How would i change the Home?... <.< NEVER mind changed it :D How do i add shops? :S and an ::npcreset command?
  4. I can't seem to change myself to owner at all, I've tried the way you said to... the Commands.java way, didn't work, then i tried changing my rights, Didnd't work... HELP MEE!!!
  5. Very nice release dude, thanks alot, this should help me continue my coding :) Im trying to teach myself coding you see... so its difficult
  6. Very Very Very nice dude, i will be using this for a while... :) Well.. by using it i mean trying to add features and failing at coding ;) ill get there eventually ***EDIT*** Just been on the source and I have to say WOAH! It blew my mind dude. Utterly amazing.
  7. Great source, ill see what I can do with this then shall I? Please note I am new to coding.. so i won't be releasing it untill I think its ready... could be a while.
  8. Thanks dude, nice upload, This is good for me to start learning coding... I already know a little bit, just not much... yet :)