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  1. Congratulations to the community for reaching 15 years. Lots of great memories here. Sad to see the forums be archived.. end of an era!
  2. Congratulations @Ziek`! Excited to see you are still continuing to find success. All the best!
  3. Emily

    Matrix 876 question

    You should really look into integrating Lombok into your Java projects. Would reduce all those ridiculous getters and setters into something as simple as: @Getter @Setter lastBossInstanceKey: String;
  4. Well now we are all waiting in anticipation of who you used to be. Complete cliff hanger. Is it you Toon. We may never know.
  5. You should look into rebasing and squashing your commits with git. Your commit history is a waterfall. Cool concept; you really should move past the RSPS scene and move into business applications. You would: - Get paid - Learn more - Be a stronger developer than the "programmer" award goes to around here.
  6. When you troll so hard people think you are being serious.
  7. Emberscape 562 is a really rad server. If you cannot connect to it, I would suggest Benevolence 569 or Emberscape 614. Both had killer content. My personal favorite was Matrix, the original release. Unfortunately two crazy kids ran off of with it and released it over several iterations and across multiple years now. Probably best to avoid that one. Edit: Oh I almost forgot. It was Alaric and then we renamed to Matrix. Alex was always a movie bluff.
  8. destroyed your life
  9. So I didn't read everything, because holy verbose; but... This community is not a development/programming community, so on the subject of those board changes and even web development.. that isn't who your members are or have ever been. The RSPS community has been 2% innovative programmers and 98% implementers (i.e. copy & paste scripts, "re-writing" code from other release protocols). You might disagree with me and that's fine, but I even look at what I know now versus back when I was involved, and I was a fool. The content you are going to get in those sections is going to be weak and inactive. If anything you should just cut any of the extra boards that strive away from your core audience. You want a vibrantly active community, make a plan for a new community. RuneLocus isn't a minecraft server, a programming forums, or any other variant. It's RSPS. Always has been, should always be. If the community of RSPS is dying, that's a fact you just can't change.
  10. So initial thoughts are the graphics are sexy and the gameplay movements seem pretty in-tune with the analog joystick (and I prefer a joystick game layout instead of the tap to move gameplay in other apps). I did find a bug in the opening tutorial. My character could only move one direction and eventually was lodged against the wall. The boss could no longer attack me at that point, so I just kept using special radius attacks to finally kill him. Here's a screenshot of where that occurred. It also looks like I'm dead, but I was still able to keep attacking.. haha. Edit: Oh yeah, I'm also on an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1.
  11. They're a lot of work (Siberian Huskies). I would recommend a less high-maintenance breed if you want to explore and do normal young people activities; like partying, etc. I'm just a home body with him haha.
  12. Not such a small puppy anymore, but he's a little over a year now.
  13. My only feedback is the challenge of actually holding a weekly challenge. I would recommend pushing that out to maybe monthly with check-ins along the way for code-review and feedback? When I was managing an internship program at where I work, I found it incredibly difficult to come up with unique development challenges that didn't have thousands of working examples already online. That being said, I found setting certain requirements on a project, but leaving the content more loose; worked best. For instance, instead of something like "develop a tic tac toe game", you would say "build an interactive, 2-player turn based game, that includes basic scoring.". You'd be surprised of the variety in entries you'll receive and it'll make it more fun for the community (and the person having to review the code).
  14. Love the fact that you are using Angular 2 with Typescript and Spring (Java). If you're not in love with MySQL, PostgresSQL is a great alternative and performs better in my opinion. I use all these frameworks on a daily basis at work.
  15. Very impressive, love the graphics/UI/UX. Will take a peak when iOS comes out Is this built with the unity engine?
  16. Working between two start-ups, mainly building Angular 2/iOS/Android applications or embedded system software. Puppy and a house, no kids! haha. Down to only two cars now, but will be getting a new Jeep hopefully in the Spring Cannot complain, life has treated me pretty extraordinary!
  17. It means that the client cannot make a connection with the server. Most likely you didn't change the ip address that the client is binding to. If you're running it on localhost, it needs to be 127.0.01, localhost or I believe Windows machines are a little sensitive to If you did change the ip, make sure the server is running.
  18. Unfortunately pulling a reverse Bruce Jenner, is just a lot of media attention I don't want. Plus, the surgery would just be a little too much for my job as a heroine dealer. I'm thinking about throwing all of my money at the lottery, but then again... that's a lot of media attention I don't want. But seriously, who the fuck is that arab kid, ShishirG anyways? Heard that if you say it backwards, it's ISIS.
  19. Looks like the footer doesn't sit at the bottom: #footer { margin-bottom: -40px; }Font awesome icons aren't loading for pagination: The main container eating into the navigation looks bad... and goofy. I would recommend at least making it inline, or sit at the top of the container. #main { margin-top: 40px; } Finally, there is no mobile navigation. So how would a mobile user search for a server or navigate to the forums? EDIT: Looks like the mobile menu issue is also related to font awesome icon set not loading. EDIT: Sidebar really should have padding on mobile, otherwise the text is goofy. @media only screen and (max-width: 479px) { #sidebar { padding:15px; } }
  20. What is unaffected mean, in your eyes? Cannot attack the NPC or does no damage when attacking the NPC? If you cannot attack the NPC with that weapon, then wherever you handle the 1st click option packet for NPCs, just check the player's equipment (weapon) and the NPC id. If the other option, wherever you determine hit damage for NPCs, you will have to get it's attacker's weapon and default the damage to 0.
  21. It's fairly common for many private servers to have similar, but not identical features to Runescape. Any source could easily be modified to support what you are asking. If you invest the time with learning Java, you can leverage that knowledge for a lot of different features in a RSPS.
  22. Emily


    Socket.IO would be fairly easy to implement, in regards to web sockets. Wouldn't hurt into seeing if Slack has a web integration. It's the biggest chat client since mIRC. Supports a ton of devices and doesn't have to be used only through the website. We use Slack at the organization I work for and it's spectacular.
  23. Emily


    Back at it again Haydn; nice work. With how much work looks to be put into this, I would strongly recommend not copying map concepts, naming, etc. from Runescape. You don't want to have an amazing spin-off game that gets sued over copyright infringement.