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  1. Still missing you old friend. 7 years flies by so quickly. 

    1. Cart


      He vanished so fast...


    2. Anthony`


      miss u too caelum ;(

  2. You have a real talent for design. Are you a frontend developer by day or anything?

  3. I only give away cookies. My job is to give away cookies as the cookie moderator.

  4. Yes Omar, I remember you. How are you doing? If I remember correctly, you were quite the interested individual in programming. You had a real talent for it; hopefully doing something that uses that talent.

  5. Be careful, I might just IP ban you for that :gg:

  6. Oh. That's probably his ego speaking. He doesn't have the know-how to actually produce his own rat.

  7. What am I looking for? :o

  8. Oh congratulations! What are you up to then these days? I reminisce my power as a dictator http://i.imgur.com/wnimRrn.png

  9. The good ole days. What have you been up to besides this place? You graduate yet?

  10. What about that picture Cart :3 that was when I made member items name's available on F2P :3

  11. I know you don't come around again, but if you ever see or come back; know I miss you. You were a great friend and teacher <3 Hope life is shaping out how you wanted it to!

  12. Bad pickup lines are bad ._.

  13. Emily

    Read in reverse. It is fucking ridiculous that there is a limit on characters in a visitor message.

  14. Emily

    I don't know how much of a web developer you are, but read into proper SEO structure of web pages. The common knowledge is keep your header tags in order, start with H1, then H2, etc. Be sure to include alt descriptions and titles on all your images and provide keyword rich descriptions. http://www.majesticseo.com/ Wonderful tool and free (get more perks if you register - still free) (even more perks if your purchase their shit, but I have never had a need in my years of marketing). Depending on how serious you are, check out Hubspot. It is expensive and I would only recommend once/if your ideas take off.

  15. Emily

    Your forums and 'application'. I see you made a comment of desktop versus mobile. It doesn't matter what you chose, but make it mobile. Confusing? I mean regardless if you decide to go with a desktop version (for whatever reason, I would stray away) offer it mobile. People want access 24/7. If they have to redownload it just to get to their stuff, they won't use your product, or will be frustrated with it. Finally optimize and reward. Remember you're offering a service and your end goal (besides driving, making money, etc.) is to provide a product/service that makes the end-user happy. Be sure to follow up with your users, thank them on occasion, provide them new resources and be friendly. Bad word travels faster than good, so it's best to make a good impression from the start.

  16. Emily

    So for your front page I would say this would be your primary order. - Introduction paragraph, using the most keywords but still readable and engaging, describe what it is that 'Codiction' is. - Short and sweat video demonstrating the capabilities of your company/service. Great example: http://www.kinvey.com/enterprise/interactive For other examples, look at a CMS advertisement, like Sharepoint or SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics. - Primary call to action "Join the Conversation", "Register with us", something, be unique. For your service offering I would recommend a blog. This builds indexed pages on every post, drive traffic and gets your ideas social. Social media is really the 'new' marketing as of now.

  17. Emily

    Ahh a VideoScribe video! Those are always a neat concept. I would recommend as time goes along making something a little more unique to what you are offering. But here is my report and general suggestions for your marketing strategy. The main page: - Lacking meta data (add the author, appropriate site description, keywords, etc.) Since your main page is really your only 'static' or landing page that I see currently. This needs to be the MOST SEO optimized page on your site. There needs to be time invested in appropriate layout and design to make it pull in the traffic you are wanting. First, I would think of what your primary call-to-actions are. These are the 'actions' or processes that you want someone to complete when viewing the page. For example, if I am selling a product I want the user to click "buy now" or "request a quote" once they land on my product page. For you, it might be registering, which I would actually recommend.

  18. Emily

    What is your website about? Link me if possible and I'll give you my 2 cents.

  19. You'd be scared of me now c:

  20. Here's 2.0 unofficial, delete the OSLoader.jar and OS Parameters file in C:/Users/*****/Runeception/ http://www.mediafire.com/?ah58mrjeaas84x8

  21. Oh. I don't even think that's an actual problem. It's because my host expired. I'll set up a free own later. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance.

  22. Do you know what they changed? :o

  23. You're already put in your place. Enjoy being my bitch.