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    1. Emily


      The second iteration after Emilyscape 😂 fuck Bladex for compromising our forums and making us have to start over. That little twat. 

    2. Cart


      People still name-dropping you in this scene lmao.

    3. Emily


      Honestly surprised this scene has remained alive. For sure the talent has moved on sadly. If the next generations of Alex, Andrew, Caelum, Graham, etc. were to exist, RSPS would have continued to thrive. Guess kids just prefer other games these days. 

  1. Congratulations @Ziek`! Excited to see you are still continuing to find success. All the best!
  2. Emily

    Matrix 876 question

    You should really look into integrating Lombok into your Java projects. Would reduce all those ridiculous getters and setters into something as simple as: @Getter @Setter lastBossInstanceKey: String;
  3. Well now we are all waiting in anticipation of who you used to be. Complete cliff hanger. Is it you Toon. We may never know.
  4. vets assemble

    1. Emily


      Hello Stacx 

  5. You should look into rebasing and squashing your commits with git. Your commit history is a waterfall. Cool concept; you really should move past the RSPS scene and move into business applications. You would: - Get paid - Learn more - Be a stronger developer than the "programmer" award goes to around here.
  6. When you troll so hard people think you are being serious.
  7. Emberscape 562 is a really rad server. If you cannot connect to it, I would suggest Benevolence 569 or Emberscape 614. Both had killer content. My personal favorite was Matrix, the original release. Unfortunately two crazy kids ran off of with it and released it over several iterations and across multiple years now. Probably best to avoid that one. Edit: Oh I almost forgot. It was Alaric and then we renamed to Matrix. Alex was always a movie bluff.
  8. Still missing you old friend. 7 years flies by so quickly. 

    1. Cart


      He vanished so fast...


    2. Anthony`


      miss u too caelum ;(

  9. destroyed your life
  10. So I didn't read everything, because holy verbose; but... This community is not a development/programming community, so on the subject of those board changes and even web development.. that isn't who your members are or have ever been. The RSPS community has been 2% innovative programmers and 98% implementers (i.e. copy & paste scripts, "re-writing" code from other release protocols). You might disagree with me and that's fine, but I even look at what I know now versus back when I was involved, and I was a fool. The content you are going to get in those sections is going to be weak and inactive. If anything you should just cut any of the extra boards that strive away from your core audience. You want a vibrantly active community, make a plan for a new community. RuneLocus isn't a minecraft server, a programming forums, or any other variant. It's RSPS. Always has been, should always be. If the community of RSPS is dying, that's a fact you just can't change.
  11. So initial thoughts are the graphics are sexy and the gameplay movements seem pretty in-tune with the analog joystick (and I prefer a joystick game layout instead of the tap to move gameplay in other apps). I did find a bug in the opening tutorial. My character could only move one direction and eventually was lodged against the wall. The boss could no longer attack me at that point, so I just kept using special radius attacks to finally kill him. Here's a screenshot of where that occurred. It also looks like I'm dead, but I was still able to keep attacking.. haha. Edit: Oh yeah, I'm also on an iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1.
  12. They're a lot of work (Siberian Huskies). I would recommend a less high-maintenance breed if you want to explore and do normal young people activities; like partying, etc. I'm just a home body with him haha.