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  1. [quote name='pure water']hello guys I found this server and client but the server wont work, heres the error. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2v7wh1c.jpg[/IMG] NOW, I have a cache with main_file_cache.dat information. Is this supposed to go in client or server? if so what file do I Place it in? (the client) when I load the client. it stays stuck at (Checking for updates 1%) [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/1zqamuc.jpg[/IMG] Please guys, I need ur help.[SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]WILL REP ++[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] 51.0 means you've compiled with a different version of java than you're running it with. Try updating your java, or if you've already done that, update the paths to your java bin folders in the compiler/environmental variables.
  2. I get this error when trying to run the server: [code]Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 19 at com.rs.utils.Utils.getItemDefinitionsSize(Utils.java:244) at com.rs.cache.loaders.ItemEquipIds.init(ItemEquipIds.java:13) at com.rs.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:69) Press any key to continue...[/code] And I've checked out each file, and I can't really figure out exactly what it's doing.
  3. [quote name='Toaad']I don't understand why port forwarding isn't working for me. I portforwarded on both my modem and my router but this website [url]http://canyouseeme.org/[/url] is telling me that 43594 is still offline. Modem [url]http://i49.tinypic.com/j5ch1u.png[/url] Router [url]http://i48.tinypic.com/2u9r5tx.png[/url] I have all of my firewalls OFF.[/QUOTE] Make sure your server is online and running correctly before trying to check your port.
  4. [quote name='Balla']Try this[/QUOTE] That is 1 line of code off what I said is exactly what I don't need.
  5. [quote name='Balla']Be sure you are adding it under this[/QUOTE] It's actually probably not in the client. Make sure that in your client.java (in your client, not source) there is a function called "launchURL". sendFrame126 does nothing.
  6. Where could I add a constitution requirement? The strength, attack, magic, defence, etc. already exist, but how could I add my own? I've looked around in all of the imports, and I've looked through the entire ItemAssistant, and I just can't find anything on it. I just need to create an item level requirement (for torva) with the constitution stat. This is what I mean, but it creates compile errors (I have to make it myself): [code] case 20135: case 20139: case 20143: c.strengthLevelReq = 80; c.defenceLevelReq = 80; c.constitutionLevelReq = 80; break; case 20147: case 20151: case 20155: c.rangeLevelReq = 80; c.defenceLevelReq = 80; c.constitutionLevelReq = 80; break; case 20159: case 20163: case 20167: c.magicLevelReq = 80; c.defenceLevelReq = 80; c.constitutionLevelReq = 80; break;[/code] Something like the next snippet is somewhat useless, and I need to actually create my own constutionLevelReq wherever and however the other level requirements were declared. [CODE]if (id == TORVA) { if (c.playerLevel[3] != level) { sm("You can't wear this"); return; } }[/CODE] [COLOR="#FF0000"]EDIT: Solved.[/COLOR] Open Player.java, press Ctrl + F, and search for "defenceLevelReq" Under this line add: [code]constitutionLevelReq,[/code] After that, go into your ItemAssistant.java and place the level requirement wherever you want, and search for "You need a defence level of" Above that, add: [code] if(c.constLevelReq > 0) { if(c.getPA().getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[3]) < c.constLevelReq) { c.sendMessage("You need a constitution level of "+c.constLevelReq+" to wear this item."); canWearItem = false; } }[/code] Replace it with constitution values.
  7. I'm just not on here often, but that changed recently when I decided to come back into the RSPS business, having my WoW server finished, and modifying all the ports to stay away from runescape ones and already-in-use ones. Figured I'd be a bit more original. I doubt anyone has ever seen anyone with both a WoWPS and RSPS.

  8. Lol, yes I remember you man. Thundersomething lol, I remember all my staff. Feel free to join my server again, I don't ditch my co-owners, you're free to join, we have our own domain, a WoW server, and getting a VPS soon! The server is named SoulShatter now. Gone through some big changes since SjScape eh? I think the last I saw you was in OHXyGenScape, or IllegalScape, not sure which.

  9. Fail error there, I never even really fully understood how to use "try" but even I know the basics on that.
  10. I think it was something like 508x650 or something. Thanks anyone who helps. I only need to resize my image to fit it, anyone?
  11. Take pictures of what... I need to know what you guys want to see most, because I'm not about to go take pictures of those 50 or so features 1 by 1. EDIT: Going to sleep, will check thread tomorrow. Please post about what you want me to take pictures of.
  12. I have an idea, how about you all post what you want me to take pictures of, as well as feedback on all the features?
  13. Nice leech. Looks like RuneFX with moved and slightly modified shops. Apparently didn't even bother to make dclaws drop from logical creatures, like KBD. If it's not a leech, why are you adding ::fullscreen instead of a very simple new button to make it go fullscreen?
  14. It's a very, very nice server, but not his.
  15. Webclient ~62MB Cache -- ~320KB .jar Website Forums Client DL -- Don't worry, I remembered to move all .java files from the client, so yeah, you can't null us. [CENTER][COLOR="Blue"]Blue[/COLOR] = Player Features [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Light Blue[/COLOR] = Staff Features/Rules [COLOR="Lime"]Green[/COLOR] = Donator Benefits/Features [COLOR="#2B4B00"]Dark Green[/COLOR] = NPC Features [color="#FF00FF"]Pink[/COLOR] = Event Features [COLOR="#A0522D"]Brown[/COLOR] = Server Features [COLOR="#FF8C00"]Orange[/COLOR] = Other[/CENTER] FEATURES: Chaotics Eagle-eye Kiteshield Statius Vesta Zuriel Morrigan Armadyl Bandos Turmoil Soul Split Fully functional curse book Exp Lock Skillcape emotes Clan chat %110 functional (more ranking-defined and controllable than RS) Clan coinshare Working Staff of Light melee defense All curses (Not all working, though) Friendly Staff Staff cannot give out items Staff cannot sell you items Staff cannot have drop parties without owner permission Staff cannot give out donator unless you've donated Staff cannot RECIEVE donator until they donate unless they can give it to themselves Staff cannot PVP unless it is requested by the player Staff cannot disrespect lower ranked players, or the owner Staff cannot teleport players without owner permission Staff cannot give free kills Staff cannot discriminate in any way Donators can restore their prayer with the click of a button anywhere, anytime Donators can visit the donator zone Donators can purchase from the donator shop Donators can switch spellbooks without going to the altar Donators can yell Shops around home Working bank NPCs Skillcape shop - Can only buy skillcapes you've earned PK point shop Full GWD bosses Corp. Beast Dagg Kings Working Barrows GWD %100 functional Jad Event 24/7 Hosted on my computer for now 100% working teleports Minigames functional Donator zone working Perfect PKing Anti-FC Max Combat Level 138 Soul Split doesn't seem to be healing properly RULES: 1. No false reporting 2. No bothering staff 3. No complaining about punishments 4. No begging for staff 5. No *ASKING* for staff. Yeah, nice try. 6. No begging/asking for free anything. 7. No disrespecting staff/other players. 8. No duping. 9. No botting/autoing. 10. No threatening players or staff. 11. No blackmailing players or staff. 12. No multilogging. 13. No killing your family over a temp. ban, this will get you permanently IPed. 14. No pissing on your dog while playing the server. Gives us a bad name. 15. Always use correct english as well as you can. 16. Read the Terms of Agreement as often as once a month. 17. Follow commands, if you are told to leave a location, you do it. 18. Rule 17: Staff are not allowed to make stupid commands. 19. Rule 18: Stupid command example: Rape your webcam with it turned off. 20. Don't follow rules that aren't specifically stated here or in the terms of agreement. 21. Don't follow rule 20. 22. Follow rule 21. 23. Follow rules 1 - 19. 24. Follow rule 22 and rule 23. 25. Follow this rule and rule 24. * By playing the server you DO agree to abide by the rules above! WILL ADD A PICTURE AFTER SOME FEATURES SOON! GOTTA SLEEP! The bold "Troll" in "Controllable" is my pass-around for "Troll" in words that shouldn't be filtered. Kind of slapping the fail runelocus filter system in the face there. Er, well, it doesn't HAVE a face. You know what I mean.