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  1. thats not the problem :p the client should auto download cache but when ever some1 is auto download they get stuck at 99 cache is fully uploaded its driving me crazy :s
  2. they get stuck at 99% :S?
  3. I uploaded it to drop box and my friends downloaded it and it worked but when someone who doesnot have the cache and trys to run the client the cache doesnot fully download any body knows why :S?
  4. bump plz help :(
  5. Guys i realy need to find a client for this source that would automaticaly download the cache i found dragonakk 657 loader it works but if some1 wants to play they must manually download cache and move it to user documents i want a client that would automaticly load cache
  6. Hey guys i realy need help making a hiscores page on my .webs.com website i already did the server side but no clue how to do the website side btw this is for cloudin source 562 loading 657 plz my server is about to be running on vps and realy need to have hiscores working
  7. Hey guys i realy need help making a hiscores page on my .webs.com website i already did the server side but no clue how to do the website side btw this is for cloudin sourcr 562 loading 657 :D
  8. So i uploaded my cache to dropbox but when anyone downloads the dragonakk 562 loading 657 client the cache doesnot fully download for some reason and i was hoping to find some1 here to tell me how to let the client fully download the cache and extract to the c Drive :/ oh and the cache is 657 213 mb.zip so its a full 657 cache :d i also tried changing clientsettings link cache revesion is the same getting frustrated and hopeless any ideas anyone?
  9. hey i was wondering how to change exp rate for cloudin source like for hunter and health and also how to activate double exp weeks?
  10. Yeah didnot notice it thanks :]!
  11. Ok so ive been told to change item prices i should go to item definintion and change the normal price and thats what i did for both itemdefinition.xml and itemdefinitions.xml after I did that I deleted the itemdefintion.bin and restarted the server but this still didnot work and the prices didnot change and pplayers on my server were annoyed as some prices are ridicolus and seriously need to be changed xD so any ideas how to like succesfully get the new prices up anyone plz help ive been trying this for ever
  12. orcadon

    fishing glitch 562

    we have this weird glitch in our cloudin source in fishing as the player keeps on fishing even though inventory is full and if u try to move him away from fishing spot he would just keeps on fishing forever anyone knows how to solve this bug ?
  13. still didnot fix anyone got ideas?
  14. So i got this 562 client of dragonakk that loads 657 everything is fine but i hav 2 players who play on my server both of them suffer from a weird error unknown problem one of them gets a client black screen on login and the other 1 canot see chatbox or his character ive tried fixing there problem on teamviwer but its hopeless the caches are 100% installed to right position and this is the only place were i could seek a solution so any ideas?