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  1. I found it a pretty easy and powerful language, much much better than the Objective-C you had before. Proper static typing and lambdas are awesome! One thing that kinda irked me was that the language was constantly evolving, introducing breaking language changes. So you had to update your code to be compatible with the new version (although Xcode did most of the work) every few months, but this is becoming less of a problem as the language is getting more mature with Swift 3. One other thing that really frustrated me was that, while you can develop your whole application in Swift, you could not leverage most of Swift's new features (like generics) since UIKit and the Interface Builder in Xcode are still written in Objective-C. Trying to create a generic user interface component (read generic class) in Swift and using this component in the Interface Builder resulted in the compiler silently failing. Also, when creating complex expressions in Swift, due to the way typing works in Swift, the application would compile very slowly (with the compiler sometimes even failing). To solve this, you had to break this expression up into multiple ones. Although it is possible to run Swift on Android, there is currently no bridge to Java, so developing applications apart from maybe a simple hello world app, is not possible yet.
  2. Yes, I understand that and I won't punish you for that, but these posts will be removed if they do not comply with the sectional rules.
  3. This is the last time I am going to warn you. Please follow the sectional rules or your thread will be locked.
  4. I wouldn't really call Groovy and Kotlin functional programming languages. They allow for some functional programming (with its first-class functions), but so does JavaScript (which is not considered a functional programming language).
  5. Cool project! I see you are using Hibernate for persistence. Is there any reason why you don't let Hibernate create the schema directly on the database on runtime? This saves the user from having to fiddle with SQL (schemas). By the way, if you are interested in trying out PostgreSQL. It is a matter of changing the dialect and driver in your persistence settings and installing the PostgreSQL driver. I don't think he is denying that server-side rendering is not fast or efficient. Also, I recently saw a project that utilised server-side rendering using Sprint Boot and React. I am not sure if it is already possible for Angular 2 though.
  6. Please consider rule 4 of the sectional rules: Mentioning update your posts is not enough to make your posts acceptable. Please tell us what has changed and maybe why.
  7. Please consider rule 4 of the sectional rules: Mentioning update your posts is not enough to make your posts acceptable. Please tell us what has changed and maybe why.
  8. Hey you're pretty quiet staff member :o

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      I hide in the shadows until I am really needed

  9. You live once more!

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      I am ALIVE!

  10. You should check if case 83093 gets reached when clicking the equipment tab. For example, add a debug statement and check whether it gets printed to the console: case 83093: System.out.println("FirstClickButton, ID: 83093"); c.getPA().showInterface(15106); //c.getEquipment().writeBonus(); break;
  11. In bash, the semicolon (";") character separates multiple commands, so what you are actually executing is "java -cp" and "./lib/*.jar org.perception.Server". The line will thus execute Java and the first jar file in the library directory, which isn't allowed and isn't what you want (the execution bit is probably not set). Instead, you probably want to execute Java with a classpath of "bin;./lib/*.jar". To do this, you have to put your classpath between quotes when passing it to the java executable, like this: java -cp "bin;./lib/*.jar" org.perception.ServerDoes that work?
  12. Hi Faab,

    Like the update?

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      Yes, the new forum looks awesome! ModCP is a bit different, but I'm getting used to that :)