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  1. hi guys, need a hoster?!? i may be your hoster! first you need: client (auto cache download) good source jar client, not that important i need to see some pics of source first so post link here. thanks.
  2. It says invaild Argument...?!? How to fix that
  3. Oh its just the number after model no?!?
  4. Or something like that...and use caps with it like A1367EMC2407
  5. [quote name='Toxicturn']What generation do you have?[/QUOTE] How to find that generation thing?!? Cause i bought it yesterday not good with using it..
  6. Hi guys, i really need help install cydia to my ipod touch 4.3.3 If any one know how and can help, post here please...
  7. [quote name='bl00dshooter']1. "hey you know all this ends today right" What ends today? From my understanding, there was nothing to begin with. You didn't date or anything. Also, if she is only moving to another school and not city or state, you could still date. 2. There is a easy way to find out if it was a good decision: do you regret it? 3. "I DIDNT FEEL LIKE SHE WAS THE RIGHT GIRL FOR MY FIRST KISS." Your first kiss is not your first fuck.[/QUOTE] I agree with you about 2 and 3.....
  8. Im just 14 years old....i had my first kiss at 10, there is nothing to be nervous about its just a moment..... Follow the pro advices now im with my girl 4 years... Just trust your self and go for it.
  9. [quote name='Sethy']Don't take the specific details from these tards. Do what comes naturally to you. There's faggots in this thread telling you every little thing you should do, fuck them. As long as you know she doesn't mind being there, then go for it. However, as Lydia said, don't hover. Just dive in bro.[/QUOTE] I think he should do what your saying cause those bitches gonna break up his relationship with her from the first date "kiss". I like people like you sethy not giving a shitty advice, i bet most of people who gived advices never had a relationship...
  10. Hi guys...can anyone post a tut about how to add grand exchange. Im looking for one from so long, if you can send me link or post it here. Thanks