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  1. It looks pretty good. I do see a few problems though. First, the c4d that you have in the lower left corner just looks completely out of place. It looks like you filtered everything other than that. Maybe try to blend it in a little more and maybe get it out of the light some more. Second, the girl seems just thrown into a mess of things. She doesn't really stand out, and is kind of just looked over. It takes meaning away from the piece and doesn't let your mind ponder on what exactly you were trying to capture by throwing her into there.
  2. Draxxus

    Small WIP

    Yes for sure work on depth. She looks sooo still and 2D because of whats behind her head. It's clashing and not letting her smooth into the image. You need to blend her into the background ever so gradually until you find something you like. It's also to light around her. The colors are clashing. Try burning and smudging.
  3. Draxxus


    I see what you were going for.. But no.
  4. Is lovefilm that pron streaming service that ps4 users love so much?
  5. What the hell is lovefilm? Sounds like a porn site.. I have and love netflix.
  6. I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra, but I'm getting a LG G2. I might just wait for a Galaxy S5 though.
  7. [quote name='ShishirG2']Agreed. It is really hard to have an orgie with 30 people.[/QUOTE] Lol you still haven't changed? I've been to parties big enough to not be able to count how many people. That might have been an effect of alcohol though.
  8. Very nice, although your Portal/Forums could use some work.
  9. Any thoughts towards hiring a web-developer? (Not implying me) I kinda miss Austin.
  10. Loving the Medal features and whatnot Aiming for 200m Strength :l 146m as of now.
  11. [quote name='Dwagon']This is actually really good! I wish you the best of luck, and I may join![/QUOTE] Wicked, thanks.