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  1. Updates as of 8/6 Tutorial dialogue is finished. Need to add cut scenes. Completed completionist cape and trimmed completionist cape requirements. Made a custom completionist cape handler to handle to capes. Added more NPC's to home with shops. Thinking about changing homes since Waiko is high level content. Added Rise of the Six boss/minigame and it is fully working. Website is now up and running and can be found at http://www.playserenity.com/ Highscores are now up and running. Divination and Invention are not yet added to highscores. Not very web savy so I will need to have someone do that for me. Store is now up and working as should. Voting will be coming soon - no point right now as not released to public. Forums are up and running - still under construction along with the website. I have started working on Vorago with rotations. So far it's about 50% complete.. going slowly on this to make it good. Shooting stars are now added. Skilling pets are now added. Shards for expert skill capes are now obtainable from skilling/combat. Shards are now usable to make the expert capes. Added a wealth evaluator to the game. It checks inventory, bank and equipment wealth. Player cards have been added with highscores. Got a client launcher in the works. Most of the things at priff are now working as intended. Waterfall fishing is still on my backlog. Lots of code from original matrix has been re-written and organized. More to come, stay tuned.
  2. Would be better if you posted on github but thanks!
  3. Thanks man! Hope to see you on someday! In case anyone didn't see the link above. Here is our discord link here: https://discord.gg/FMFDBfy Updates 7/21 Added Max Guild skill banners + exiting and entering 100%. Added Max Guild and Prifddinas bonefires. More to portable skilling! Portable brazier! *.50 exp for using!
  4. Updates 7/20 Started programming on portable skilling stations. Easier then I thought it would be! Portables will stay in the game world for 30 minutes. 5 minutes is too short for a private server NOT USING PORTABLE 1,200 EXP USING PORTABLE 1,800 EXP At the moment exp will be *.50 on the portables.
  5. Updates 7/17 Fixed some more bugs and messy code. Added a starter bag for starters. Alpha/Beta testers will now get a rare item for testing out the server! Only 1 per MAC Address. Started on teleporting dialogue and teleports.
  6. Updates 7/15 Been working on bugs/glitches and reprogramming server code as its shit (of course its matrix). More to come in the following days.
  7. Updates 7/13 Today was more of a graphical day for me. I got the logo finished and userbars made. Pictures below! Logo Userbars - Just posting 1 for now to show off
  8. Updates 7/12 Been out of town today, will be able to start developing more tomorrow. But the following has been done today: Bought a decent VPS for the future beta testing - Bought web hosting. Going to get a domain after I sort my web developer out. So if you are looking to join my team as a web dev you can message me here or add my skype below:
  9. Updates 7/11 Haven't had much time today to do really much. Very important family day today! More to come in the following days!
  10. Thanks man, looking forward to seeing you on!
  11. 881 Revision - Serenity Been working on this for a while. I plan to keep it going and hopefully try to add some developers to my team to help me out on this. Going to keep it short and simple. Updates done so far: Lobby and Login are now working. Map updated. Action Bar has been fixed. Added ability to add 5 more action bars to your UI. Lodestones all added. Divination added! Almost 100%.. Gotta work on Weaving energy. ROTS has been added. Have a issue with the instancing showing blank map, will look into it. Started working on Priffddinas content (Doors opening/closing.. etc) Menaphos is added with the 881 update.. Will focus on that in a later date. UI now saves and loads layouts. Can now change the client background image using the new dropdown box. Favorite worlds added. Even though unecessary. Invention skill is added - Just have to start making a way to actually train it. Access to Priffddinas is 1,500 total level +. Added new boss instance interfaces. Vorago base has been added - not working yet though. Max Guild PvM Portal is 100%. Have not added GWD 2 bosses yet but will be! Max Guild skilling portals are now 100%. Home Area is almost finished.. Shops and NPCs have been added. Got to work on teleportation through the server now for skilling. Added a staff list with a nice interface - shows current staff online/offline. Got hands on a decent VPS for future beta testing and so I don't have to host using my computer anymore. Bought domain and website hosting.. website will be coming in future. Needing a web dev part of my team! Added a starter bag for starters. Alpha/Beta testers get a rare item for testing out the game! Started programming portable skillers! Pictures: Post will be updated on a daily basis. Will be planning on making a discord soon - keep on the look out. Currently in need of a partner for development and a website developer/forum developer. If interested add my skype below! I am willing to pay a good amount for work that shows you appreciate it! https://discord.gg/FMFDBfy
  12. Haven't had time lately to do much but we are still online and growing slowly but surely! Make sure to check out the forums for the recent updates! I have also posted below: [code]Today I have made a few changes to the staff system. There is no longer a "owner" of Atlas and owner has been replaced with Managers. Managers are pretty much the "owners" of Atlas. I have also promoted Santa to Manager to be next to my side along the way and Kyle requested to be demoted down to Head Developer and Alex is now demoted down to Developer. I have also changed how donations work and below I will explain: PayPal donations: Server - 50%, Tyluur - 25%, Kyle - 25%. RSGP donations: Tyluur - 50%, Santa - 50%. If you guys have any questions please don't hesitate to ask below.[/code]
  13. Did a few updates when I got home from work today but here they are: The Museum Guard is now next to the fabulous Completionist Cape stand. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ZpX3B71.png[/IMG] Requirements have been added to the Completionist Cape: - Loot the Barrows chest at least 50 times. (Obtaining Morytania Legs 1) - Complete 500 Laps on the Barbarian Advanced Course. (Obtaining Full Agile) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/mSuAb01.png[/IMG] Toggling world announcements has been replaced with toggling news messages. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Ah76Esd.png[/IMG] Periodic news messages will now appear in the chatbox. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ttVYIiv.png[/IMG]
  14. Today I have added in Boss kill counts. As of right now it is only programmed with the god wars bosses as they are the only current ones with pets as well. With this update it gives me an idea to make a "Final Boss" title. Something like RuneScape, kill every boss 1,000 times and such. To show your killcount every time you kill a boss go to the control panel and click Utilities. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/xh1C1mz.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/EvZqBSI.png[/IMG] ----------------------------- Dwarven MiniQuest Today I finished with our first MiniQuest. To start talk to the Zamorak Mage in the Varrock Caste. [IMG]http://puu.sh/hoRmp/178cc604b6.jpg[/IMG] This was just a Simple MiniQuest Mostly Dialouge Based. Monsters to Kill: 1 - (Level 30) Rewards: 1,000 Atlas Credits. 4 Squeal of Fortune Spins. Access to Gilded Pickaxes. Access to the Dwarf Battlefield (Dwarf HandCannoners drop Dragon Pickaxes) ----------------------- Tome of Glorious Deeds: [IMG]http://puu.sh/honTV/d291c05ab4.png[/IMG] Now dropped by all God-wars bosses. This book automatically sets your God-Wars kill count to 25, allowing you to enter the boss fight faster! Note This Book is a one time use. Other God-Wars Updates: Improved which NPC's give Kill-count in what areas. You will not gain Zamorak Kill-count for killing Zamorak minions in the Bandos Area. Same Applies to every other area. You can now pay 1M GP to enter the boss room instantly without having to get Kill count.
  15. Today I have introduced Auto Donating and the Donation Store! The donation store will be updated every other week with Bundles and other items found useful for donating. We will also have weekly or daily promotions for certain things. If you are looking to donate just do ;;donate in-game and complete the process. Also, I have updated the Donate link on the homepage and highscores to bring you to the donation store. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/wOn7W5m.png[/IMG] I have also finally added in the last donator rank: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/VcHsMRI.png[/IMG] Hope you guys enjoy, thanks! Atlas Donation Store