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  1. Read more: https://www.runelocus.com/blog/celebrating-15-years-of-runelocus/
  2. In theory the answer is 'everything'. Other toplists don't moderate their list at all. From what I've heard, a few do manually change the ranking every now and then, and use RuneLocus' ranking as reference. But to answer the question, I think it's safe to say our captcha does most of the work. It's been there for a good while now, and since then not a single voting bot has managed to crack the system. Sure, some people have created voting bots, but those just guess the captcha answer. Five options to choose, 20% chance of getting the right answer. But the result of that method is an insanely high captcha failure percentage, which obviously don't go unnoticed.
  3. Vote botting is a big thing on all toplists, except RuneLocus.
  4. Hey @magic ice, The calculations made by @Arix are correct. Check the graph below for a full overview of RoatPkz' votes this month (so far). As you can see, RoatPkz has about 400-500 votes per day on RuneLocus. Let's say the average is 450 votes per day; that would require RoatPkz to have 225 online players per day. That is similar to what Arix calculated, and is also similar to the player count you mentioned yourself. You're probably confusing RuneLocus with another toplist. Not a single server has ever managed to reach 5.000 votes per day on RuneLocus, let alone 10.000 votes per day.
  5. Hey @damian, I'm sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, there's not much I can do about it. These emails are not actually being sent from our domain, but simply spoof our domain name. It's pretty easy to spoof domain names in emails, but the chance they'll end up in your spam box is really big because they're not actually being sent from our server's IP. If it bypassed your spam box somehow, I'd recommend you to report it as spam.
  6. Thanks for the effort @Shadowpker. We're not going to use it though, we already have a new logo designed to use next year, I'm sorry 😛
  7. Hop on Discord and you'll find out!
  8. Email verification is a new feature that we are currently testing in collaboration with RuneWild's owner. We're doing our best to stop all forms of double voting. For that, we use many techniques. Cookies are one of them. Cookies tell us something about a visitor's history at RuneLocus. This info helps us assess the likelihood of someone cheating. About 90% of all voters of RuneLocus have these cookies saved in their browsers. Many of them have had them saved for months or even years, because the cookie's lifespan extends on each vote. The remaining 10% does not have a cookie set, however, the vast majority of this 10% does keep the cookie saved after voting and turns out to be a (new) frequent voter. In RuneWild's case, this remaining 10% is being prompted with email verification. We're doing this because RuneWild had an unusually high amount of double voters that was causing unfair rankings on our list. The email verification is a one-time operation though, because after successfully voting, the cookies are added. And like I said: the vast majority does keep cookies saved. If you decide for some reason to clear your cookies every day, or use a public computer to vote, you indeed might have to verify your email over and over. Sucks, but that's how things work. We need this functionality to guarantee a fair toplist. There are no reliable alternatives. We already use IP addresses to limit votes, but that's easy to bypass as a double voter. These cookies or the one-time email verification aren't as easy to bypass. You're suggesting detecting MAC addresses, but that's technically impossible for a website. Just submitting the previously used email address does won't work neither for many reasons. A double match with email + IP addresses won't work neither, because similar to your situation, someone else will come here complaining about dynamic IP address users being disadvantaged. And trust me, especially since IPv6, many people have a dynamic IP. That's a no-go for sure. All in all, there's no way around this. You'll have to accept the continuous email verification, or else you'll just have to buy your own computer that is capable of saving cookies. We can't just disable this whole security feature for a handful of people who're using public computers to vote. That'd be the same as widely opening the doors to Incignito Browser-users with a VPN: unlimited vote cheating.
  9. Only just noticed this. The previous captcha is gone now, so the issue should've been sorted. That captcha is owned by Google though, so I'm sure you'll still see it on other sites.
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    Unlike the rest, we do. A lot.
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    Hey @Nblyler19, Sorry for the late response, I was on vacation like @Arix says. The first question that comes to my mind when reading this is topic is: "If Ikov did cheat, don't you think it'd make more sense to cheat +/- 100 votes above #2?" I mean, why would someone cheat 56k votes above the #2 that has 'just' 9k votes? Doing that would be extremely stupid, I'd be able to learn and block the votes 10x easier. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand your way of thinking. It indeed might seem very odd, a brand new server receiving so many votes. More than we've seen in... years? I need to be honest though: there's nothing cheated on Ikov's votes. I can even see that the majority of votes are made by known/returning visitors of RuneLocus who've been voting for other servers in the past 3-4 months. Next to that I must say Elkoy (= Ikov) had one of the best reputations when it comes to votes. In the days our anti-cheating system wasn't this good and there were a lot of cheaters on top, Elkoy was one of the few that didn't bother cheating (even though it cost him many ranks). I hardly doubt it has ever come to his mind to cheat Ikov to the top of RuneLocus. Especially not with 56k votes above #2, haha. Fact: the list is currently 'cleaner' than it has been in the past 12 years. The new captcha and the new systems we run behind the scenes have stopped all forms of cheating for at least 98%. There are still some bots around that require manual support on the captcha, but we're even able to detect most of those and remove them automatically after a few hours. Also, we've been talking to multiple cheating services in the past weeks and they all consider RuneLocus uncheatable at this moment.
  12. Ziek said everything. We REALLY can't remove a server based on bad experiences of players. If we do that, we would end up with an empty toplist within a month.