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  1. ❤️ Hope you’re well, old friend.

    1. Cart


      Didn't give me a heart wtf.

  2. Ziek said everything. We REALLY can't remove a server based on bad experiences of players. If we do that, we would end up with an empty toplist within a month.
  3. Ikiliki


    What I find more interesting, is your pessimistic attitude. Seems like you underestimate vote detection and toplist moderation.
  4. Ikiliki

    Vote ID

    In the URL of your server 🙂
  5. Ikiliki

    Secure HTTP

    Imgur supports https. I don't feel like proxying external images for that lock icon 😛
  6. Ikiliki

    Secure HTTP

    Update: Forum is not on HTTPS. Some pages however contain Mixed Content errors, because e.g. your imgur-hosted signature is served over HTTP. @Arix
  7. Ah, that indeed used to redirect. Let me re-redirect it, thanks for letting me know.
  8. Hi everyone, As of today, RuneLocus has a brand new official Discord server. The Discord server we used in the past was owned and managed by Lusfr_. It however, with all respect for his hard work and spent time, was not being managed the way an official RuneLocus Discord should be managed. Apparently @Ziek` and I were not the only ones with that opinion, as we've been receiving confronting messages regarding the Discord on a daily basis. Hereby I'm inviting you all to the new RuneLocus Discord server: https://discord.gg/6rK7dcr The old Discord server is, as mentioned above, owned by Lusfr_. The server will be renamed and unlinked from the RuneLocus community. It is up to Lusfr_ to decide what he'll do with the server. I however, recommend you to move over to our new Discord server. That is also the new place where you'll find all RuneLocus staff members. A few notes: RSPS Owners will have to re-submit a request for the rights to post in #rsps-advertisements We'll be using the forum ranks as Discord ranks. If you have a special rank on the forum, you may request the same rank on Discord. Use #role-requests for that. As of today, no special ranks or rights will be sold. This includes the special rights to use @everyone in your advertisements. If you've purchased special ranks or rights from Lusfr_ recently, please discuss the matter with Lusfr_ directly.
  9. Ikiliki

    Secure HTTP

    The forum is not self-hosted, but is hosted by IPS. I'd have to ask them to enable it for us. Most likely won't be an issue, but I'd rather do it after my vacation and preferably also after high season. I don't want the site to end up with possible Mixed Content errors while I'm unavailable :-)
  10. As stated, theme still needs some fixing. The theme was still in development. Due to some issues with our previous host, we were forced to upgrade to the newest version of the CMS within 14 days or we'd go offline. But the previous theme didn't support the newest version at all. That required us to release the theme in a rush, which is why certain things still aren't finished. The tools menu is the best example of what still needs to be done 🙂
  11. Glad to hear! Thanks for reporting the error!
  12. I don't really understand what you just said lol. The issue usually fixes itself after waiting for a bit / the page to load 100%. That is why I really can't find what is going wrong
  13. Not for a custom, matching theme. We've had that before, and that really caused headache each time the forum software had serious updates. A dark theme however is a good idea that I've heard before. If you have theme suggestions in mind, feel free to send me the link 🙂