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  4. Be sure to join us for this weekends events! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/54902-weekend-events-24052019-26052019/
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  6. Only just noticed this. The previous captcha is gone now, so the issue should've been sorted. That captcha is owned by Google though, so I'm sure you'll still see it on other sites.
  7. Ikiliki

    Runelocus Toplist

    Unlike the rest, we do. A lot.
  8. Ikiliki

    Runelocus Toplist

    Hey @Nblyler19, Sorry for the late response, I was on vacation like @Arix says. The first question that comes to my mind when reading this is topic is: "If Ikov did cheat, don't you think it'd make more sense to cheat +/- 100 votes above #2?" I mean, why would someone cheat 56k votes above the #2 that has 'just' 9k votes? Doing that would be extremely stupid, I'd be able to learn and block the votes 10x easier. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand your way of thinking. It indeed might seem very odd, a brand new server receiving so many votes. More than we've seen in... years? I need to be honest though: there's nothing cheated on Ikov's votes. I can even see that the majority of votes are made by known/returning visitors of RuneLocus who've been voting for other servers in the past 3-4 months. Next to that I must say Elkoy (= Ikov) had one of the best reputations when it comes to votes. In the days our anti-cheating system wasn't this good and there were a lot of cheaters on top, Elkoy was one of the few that didn't bother cheating (even though it cost him many ranks). I hardly doubt it has ever come to his mind to cheat Ikov to the top of RuneLocus. Especially not with 56k votes above #2, haha. Fact: the list is currently 'cleaner' than it has been in the past 12 years. The new captcha and the new systems we run behind the scenes have stopped all forms of cheating for at least 98%. There are still some bots around that require manual support on the captcha, but we're even able to detect most of those and remove them automatically after a few hours. Also, we've been talking to multiple cheating services in the past weeks and they all consider RuneLocus uncheatable at this moment.
  9. Lol what topic should you use for trying to take people from runelocus to your own site?
  10. AlexRF

    middle mouse novement

    hello, i want to implent the middle mouse novement into a rsps, but i get a bunch of error, does anyone know how to fix those? i am using the 2006Redone source and i think it's based off project insanity. I followed this guide: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-client/tutorials/552017-middle-mouse-movement.html ( i hopte it's allowed that link monkaS) The errors are: And here are the .java's that has been used: RSApplet: https://pastebin.com/ikg3avc1 Game (client?): https://pastebin.com/htSjUC1e Thanks in advance!! or discord if you want: Sven#5364
  11. ONLINE - 24/7 support from staff* - we make your ideas a reality!
  12. It's not too late to catch the Weekday events, starting today at 7 PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/54851-weekday-events-22052019-23052019/
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  14. Server being released in 4 hours & 17 mins!!!! Everyone dont forget to make your introduction on the forums to recieve your mystery box upon launch before time runs out!!!!
  15. Hello, I am YourGamingDude.com site owner and i want to invite you all to add your server/ website and even your Runescape Services to my website! I would like to offer to add your website to my runescape server list in exchange for link to our site. You don't have to force your players to vote like in other sites. All you have to do is to put our link somewhere in your site (it can be even in footer!) and that's it! About site: My website is focused on game servers, runescape blackmarket and gaming guides also almost every listed site have backlink to our website that means our SEO is growing every day and its really good opportunity to increase your website and server traffic for free! Best wishes, YourGamingDude.com PS. If i posted in wrong topic please feel free to move it where it belongs.
  16. https://gyazo.com/b33e0a1ed70a4c69c9339d304beefccd
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  18. https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/54822-ice-weekly-event-thread-week-1/
  19. Would recommend. Over 500 players waiting for release on the active discord! https://discord.gg/XjKBP7M Sign up on our forums and Introduce yourself for a free Mystery Box on release (05/22/2019 @ 4:00 PM EST!) https://forums.varrock.org/ Some of our key features include but are not limited to: 1. Chambers of Xerics Raids. 2. Full GWD / All Wilderness Bosses. 3. Fully working Slayer, Construction, and all other skills. 4. Fully custom home located in Edgeville but themed after Varrock. 5. Inferno + Fight Caves. 6. Minigames such as Pest Control, Castle Wars, and Last Man Standing. 7. A variety of gamemodes to choose from to suit your playstyle.* 8. Theatre of Blood Raids, Konar Slayer, and Alchemical Hydra in Development!
  20. Best RSPS being released tomorrow, may 22nd. Very active community, over 650 registered members the forum is at www.varrock.org , dont forget to join our discord channel at https://discord.gg/byctPG . The Count down begins! Hope to see you all tomorrow upon launch!
  21. I am always into windows operating system. In one word - hassle free
  22. The overall design looks good. However, the page scroll seems o be too long and good if you can fix it.
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