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  2. Lunaris is currently redesgining it's content, of which will replicate OSRS. We have hired devlopers with extensive 07 knowledge, and will be able to provide the full 07 experience, compatible with Runelite and with the release of Lunaris 2.0 mobile. This will be the biggest server re-launch of 2019. No release date has been set, however estimated time will be aproximately 1-2 months. Stay tuned with the Lunaris 2.0 Development Dev-Log to see what Brandon and the team are working on! Dev Log thread found below - https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/786-lunaris-20-dev-log-august-18-2019/ ▼▼▼ STAY CONNECTED ON THE GO! ▼▼▼ ➤Discord⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯➣ https://discord.gg/Qdq7Y5f ➤Forums⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯➣ https://lunaris.rs/community/ ➤Instagram⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯➣ https://www.instagram.com/lunaris_rsps/ ➤Twitter⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯➣ https://twitter.com/LunarisRsps ➤Facebook⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯➣ https://www.facebook.com/lunarisrsps/
  3. You can checkout at anytime and return to the livechat to pickup your order Check out our website here We strive to be the cheapest gold sellers and standing out with pride on our service we provide. #MakeGPCheapAgain
  4. We have released another update today containing some bugfixes: https://forums.anarchyps.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=880
  5. Hello everyone, First of all, we'd like to thank all of you for your patience during this update. I know that it was a long wait considering we had just started getting comfortable with weekly updates, but I promise that it was worth the wait, just see for yourself below! Chad and I have been grinding relentlessly to piece this update together, and we're extremely excited to announce that we're now the first RSPS with The Gauntlet! It is essentially OSRS's version of dungeoneering, but it is not a skill. You'll have approximately 10 minutes to run through a dungeon to collect supplies and create your own armour, weapons, food and potions to prepare for the boss fight against the Hunllef. We're also the first RSPS with the city of Prifddinas, which contains a new Agility course, the Elven crystal chest, Crystal implings, a Crystal crown worth 2.147b GP, and much, much more. On top of this, we've pushed the new Forthos dungeon with the Sarachnis boss, as well as a host of other updates and bug fixes we're sure you'll love. Without further ado… Brief overview (more details on our website): The Gauntlet The Gauntlet is a solo mini-game in Prifddinas in which the player is given a limited amount of time to explore a completely randomly generated dungeon layout, gather supplies and resources by utilizing both skills and combat, in preparation to fight the Crystalline Hunllef. Completion of the Gauntlet will reward players with various loot, including crystal armour seeds to create new Crystal equipment. Prifddinas city Crystal implings Elven crystal chest Crystal armour New pickpocketing NPCs Iorwerth dungeon Crystal crown + Elven cosmetic armour Forthos dungeon Sarachnis boss & pet Gauntlet Competition: To kickstart this update, we're hosting a few token competitions that will run until August 24th, midnight EST. Best of luck! NOTE: @ will be posting a competition thread with more details either tonight or early tomorrow. Fastest times: Fastest Corrupted Gauntlet completion — 1,000 tokens Fastest Gauntlet completion — 750 tokens Highest kill counts: Highest Corrupted Gauntlet killcount — 1,000 tokens Highest Corrupted Gauntlet killcount — 750 token We hope you enjoy the content in this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together for you! Considering the size of this update, there may be some bugs that we're counting on you to report as soon as you find them. Regards, Omicron & Chad
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  7. "You Are Fire, You Are Death" "You Are The King Under The Mountain" "ΜΗΧΑΝΗ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΠΝΙΣΜΑ" Smaug-PS is a brand new RS2/OSRS private server packed with unique custom content and several weekly updates! We Need You! Join the new community and shape the future content and economy of Smaug-PS JOIN NOW! https://discord.gg/HzfY9zq SERVER SPECIFICATIONS E-2176G - 6 Cores - 12 Threads 4.7 GHz RAM: 32 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Connection Speed: 1 Gbps Bandwidth: 10TB SMAUG-PS INFORMATION [World Bosses Wildywyrm & Warmonger] (More Coming Soon!) [40+ Bosses OSRS/RS3: Zulrah, Kraken, Mutant Tarn, Vorkath, Skotizo etc] [PvM Points System] - [Custom Upgrade Machine] [All Skills Working] - [Economy-Based Server] [OSRS/RS2 Items] - [Active Community] [Custom Interfaces] - [101 Achievements] [Boss Pets] - [Drop Rate Viewer] [Inferno Minigame] [Server-Wide Events] (Trivia, Fallen Star, Meteor, Evil Tree, Hide & Seek, Gambling & More) [Unique Donor Zone] - [Blood Currency System] [Slayer Partners] - [Well Of Luck] & Much Much More! MEDIA
  8. Update - 17/08/19 Textured Items are finally here! - 3 new Scythes have been added: - Infernal Scythe which can be created by combining a Scythe of vitur (i) + Infernal cape. - Aqua Scythe which is a very rare drop from Kraken. - Elemental Scythe which is a very rare drop from Chaos Elemental. New integration features for the Discord bot has been released. You can now set-up Discord integration with your in-game Aragma account. You can do this by: - Using the command ::setdisc <your Discord nickname> e.g. ::setdisc test#1234. You can find your full nickname on the bottom left of the Discord application (make sure to include the # and the numbers that come after it). - ::setdisc without including your Discord name will show you what you've currently set your Discord to on your account. - The last thing you'll need to do is enable "Discord integration" in the Player Settings area of the Player Information (quest) tab. - That's it, you're done. After you've done that current and further integrated systems will work with your in-game account. Currently only one integration feature has been added: The Grand Exchange. - A new channel #grand_exchange has been created. You can not talk in this channel. - Any buy, sell, or aborted offers you make on your account whilst you have Discord integration enabled will be sent as an embeded message to this new channel. - You can disble this feature by toggle off the "Discord integration" setting as mentioned above. We hope that this feature will add some ease to shopping on the Grand Exchange. Additionally one new QoL update has been released: - Stackable items will now display the amount you have of that item when you examine it (along with its generic examine description). This will only work when you have more than one of the item.
  9. Fallen-Citadel is not a 718 loading 742, It is a custom framework that emulates the 742 revision of Runescape. We are also looking for some more Graphics Designer/developers/Website Developers. At the current time in our development stage we are still thinking about where we want to take this in the future, Our goal at the moment is to develop two worlds that support cross communication. World 1 will be a eco based server with player influenced grand exchange and world two will be a spawn pvp server, Nothing will be off limits. You can prove yourself and become the PVP champion.
  10. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  11. Update 1.0 - 15/08/2019 [+]Added 3x XP option 3x XP rate is now available You can now revert to 30x XP by using the command ;;normalize [+]Fixes Elite Dungeoneering map loading Fixed an issue with map loading within Elite Dungeoneering Hopefully should fix the nulling issue Withdrawing bonds Fixed an issue when redeeming bonds Withdrawing bonds no longer gives you the wrong item Trading bonds You can now trade bonds without issue Prayers on action bar You can now trigger prayers directly from your action bar without issue Manually triggering abilities Some player faced issues when trying to trigger abilities manually, this should now be amended Corruption Shot/blast Some players faced issues when using this ability Corruption Shot and blast should now work as intended Onslaught Some players faced issues when using this ability Onslaught should now work as intended and drain adrenaline at the correct rate [+]Changes Skilling pets Something in the air was making skilling pets far to common They are now much less common to obtain Effigies I spoke to some of the Dragonkin and they agreed that they were to common You are now less likely to find them Draconic Visage Your prayers have been answered, Draconic Visage no longer shows up as a world announcement when dropped
  12. Check out this re-worked Kalphite queen guide, made by one of our dedicate players, Konar: https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/56643-reworked-kalphite-queen-guide/
  13. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  14. Be sure to check out the weekday events, starting today at 6PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/57389-weekday-events-14082019-15082019/
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  16. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  17. - Ring of wealths now drop in Bulk! For chance to ::Upgrade - Scroll of Efficiency added to Monsters/Bosses - New Private Cerberus instance(teleport) - New Super Donor Armory - Cannons cant be used for npcKill farming anymore - Inferno Minigun now gives 200k Range Bonus. Hits 30k+ - Shadowlord was moved to Super Donor+ Armory - Cost MULTIPLE Scrolls of Efficiencys to Upgrade Weapons
  18. Update - 13/08/19 - You can no longer attack Revenants outside of Ghost Town. - When using the "Deposit all" function in your bank, you will no longer switch bank tabs if the item you are depositing is in a different bank tab. - The Healer at home will now also cure poison if you are poisoned. - You will now have the ability to toggle whether or not you've like to receive the level up message interface when you level up a skill. This can be toggled in the Player Information area (quest icon). - You can now rebox Barrows sets by using one piece on another and having all four pieces of a set in your inventory. - You can now both note and un-note items by using them on a bank booth. - A special attack has been added to the Toxic Blowpipe: - The special attack will attack your enemy twice with increased strength and accuracy. - Half of the total damage dealt will be healed back to you. - The Amulet of Assagai has been added to Wrathful Demons. - The chance of Zulrah going into red phase has been changed to 1/6 from 1/3. - A variety of Medium and Hard achievements have been replaced. The changes are as follows: Medium tasks: Defeat 10 Players -> Defeat 4 Druids. Reach A Killstreak Of 3 -> Defeat Wrathful Demon. Hard tasks: Defeat 30 Players -> Defeat a Trio Warrior. A Killstreak Of 6 -> Defeat 25 Protectors.
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