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  4. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
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  6. Play Now! | Discord | Forums Oblivion Pk offers you a great oldschool rs (#317) Pking based server experience with blood money being the typical money value for in-game market. While OBPK is focused on the pking side we also offer challenging and good amount of PvM content with some skilling features. You start out as a 126 combat with the free will of changing combat stats by clicking on the stat, or by navigating to the spawn preset button in the quest tab for some free spawn sets. Our name is inspired by Sanity's Oblivion Pk and therefore we chose this great name to offer a enjoyable fun server for all types of players so everyone is welcome to try out. Media
  7. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
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  9. Ty I have been trying to write a reflection bot and Im trying to send packets to the server and am wanting to attack an npc which op code is 20, and length is 3 and im guessing the body would consist of npc id or reference or something like that. How can I actually create and send the packet to the server would it be the OutcommingPackets class.
  10. Maybe you should share your tips with @Mister Slyther
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  12. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  13. You should be a professional
  14. Thats why I prefer Microsoft word for my 3d modeling. Whipped this one up last night, I think it turned out okay
  15. wreckys

    Need help with client

    can anyone help me out i just got a new client and source, source runs fine but when i open the client it wants to go to a dropbox link to update the cache that no longer exists? any ideas on a fix? i tried deleting the link and more errors came up from update.java still..
  16. C4D has a pretty tough learning curve. I never could really figure it out myself.
  17. Looks alright will check it out
  18. Amazing release! Love the 498 rev. Want to see how this one has changed aswell. But I keep running into one problem. I can't get the client running for the life of me. It's continuously crashing. If anyone is willing to help please message me would be greatly appreciated!!
  19. Interesting. I heard Cinema4D is perfect for this kind of stuff.
  20. Been playing with Blender and abstract art. Use cases: UI Design, backgrounds, magazine covers, etc.. Website: https://www.aashhab.design/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameer-ashhab-a2a15a158/ Currently interning in a design agency for a few weeks, so I thought I'd boost my 3D skills to potentially use in a project.
  21. Come join us for the Weekday events, starting tomorrow at 6PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/57585-weekday-events-21082019-22082019/
  22. Arix


    You'll have more luck asking this in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/FqJrAen
  23. wreckys


    so i been trying to get a rsps source and client just up and running in eclipse, ive came close a few times but theirs always something going on with errors, if someone would be able to help me out over teamviewer or anything it would be appreciated i would also pay you depending on the amount of help you can provide. thanks.
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