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RSPS Advertisement Area

RSPS Advertisement Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

NOTE: If any of these rules are broken, your thread may be deleted without warning (unless otherwise stated), so be sure to thoroughly read them.

1. Bumping

Blatant bumping is not allowed. We prefer you use a more effective way of bumping: with server updates. This ensures your server is in constant development, which in turn attracts more players. This can only be done once every 24 hours. We do realize that you may not always be able to update your server every day, so we do allow the occasional non-update bump, but please try to make it something more creative than "Bump".

Your players are allowed to bump your thread for you, and we even encourage this! However, when you ask them to do so, please have them be creative with it by mentioning something about the server that they like! Here is an example:


This server is awesome! I really like the custom mini games, and the economy is perfect!

Please note that your players may only bump once per 24 hours per person. If you notice someone doing it more often than this, please notify a mod and we will take care of it without your thread being affected. When other members post compliments on your thread (ie. "Nice server!"), thanking them will count as your daily bump. However, if someone asks a question pertaining to the server, your response will not count towards your daily bump, allowing you to bump your thread when it comes time.

Please note that player count does not count as a server update. Also, you must post the server updates in a new post, not just "Updated thread!". If any part of this rule is broken, you will be given one warning before your thread is deleted.


2. One Thread Per Server

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you come to post an advertisement thread and notice somebody else already has, you may PM a mod or admin with proof that you are the owner (ie. screenshot of you logged in to your server panel on the toplist) and we will remove the other thread, allowing you to post your own.


3. Banned from the Toplist/Server List?

Don't post here! If you were banned from the Toplist/Server List, that means you cheated somehow, and we no longer want to help promote your server! If you feel your server was banned unfairly, please post an appeal thread here.


4. Thread Format

In order to keep things looking neat around here, we have come up with a format for you to follow. All of these must be included in your thread:

      4.1 Thread Title

Your thread title may contain the name of your server and the server revision ONLY. We do not allow anything else in the title; your thread will be deleted without warning.

Good Title:


SuperFunScape - 317

Bad Title:


SuperFunScape!!!!! Staff needed!! Cwars | Customs | Pking | Eco | 24/7 VPS


SuperFunScape - Where the fun never ends!

If you post a thread with a title that breaks this rule and you notice it before a mod does, send us a PM and we will fix it for you. However, once your thread is deleted, you will need to re-post it with the correct title format.

      4.2 Links

You must provide clear links to your server/client downloads. Website links are allowed as well.

Adf.ly, Sharecash.us, and other such click-for-cash links are allowed, but you must label them as such and provide direct links.

      4.3 Information & Features

No one will join a server without knowing what they can expect! Please provide a list of features that your server has. This can include hosting information, member benefits, mini-games, etc. Pretty much anything you feel is worth mentioning!

      4.4 Media

Some of the best advertisement comes from in-game images and videos! Unfortunately, due to some people's connection speeds, we must limit the amount of media per thread.

Your thread must have:

  • At least 3 in-game images outside of spoiler tags and no more than 20 total images (not including animated GIFs).
  • No more than 5 animated GIFs.
  • No more than 2 embedded YouTube videos.
  • If this rule is broke, you will receive one warning before your thread is deleted if the issue is not resolved within 48 hours (2 days).

5. Server Advertisement Only

This section is not for the advertisement of hosting, programming, or any other service. We have a services board for that.

6. "Leeched!"

Under no circumstances do we allow people to spam threads with this. All servers are a leech of some sort. Anybody seen posting this will receive an infraction and their post will be removed.

NOTE: If any of these rules are broken, your thread may be deleted without warning.

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