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  2. need the starter pack pls
  3. Today we have taken an important step, we have opened a telegram channel. Now on the channel you can read news, service announcements, promotions and discounts: https://t.me/nosokorg_official We also announce a promotion: Each user who subscribes to the telegram channel will receive a 15% discount on any subscription for a period of 7 days. To receive a discount, subscribe to the channel and write to our tech support By purchasing any of the Nosok.org subscriptions, you get: 55,000 proxies High speed Compatible with almost all types of software 2 protocols simultaneously 6 types of proxy lists and technical support 7 days a week You can be sure of the quality of the services provided. Get your free test today! Contacts: Telegram: @nosokorg Jabber: [email protected] Skype: nosok.org ICQ: 55554986 E-mail: [email protected]
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  5. Join us for the last Weekday event, starting today at 6PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/58277-weekday-events-18092019-19092019/
  6. Update log 9/17/19 Re-designed home. Re-vamped prestige store. Re-vamped bossing point store. Re-vamped skilling point store. Re-vamped voting store. Re-vamped PK store. Changed stats for chaotic crossbow. Changed stats for toxic staff of the dead. Buffed twisted bow. Added in auto voting(claim by typing ::reward 1, until it says 0.) Added in voting books as reward from voting. Changed bandit camp(bandits now give agro as teleporting there.)(AGRESSIVE) Re-done stats of divine spirit shield. Added ::ezone for extreme donator benefits! Added ::dzone for donator benefits. Re-done the potion shop, has all potions that will be needed in-game. Blowpipe now doesn't require zulrah scales. Buffed orante katana(Making it the best melee weapon IN-GAME) Re-done skill capes (New capes can be obtained from "Skill cape shop (t)" Zulrah has been added. Wildy wyrm has been added. Bonecrusher has been added into dung store. Dzone stalls no longer give "Monkey nuts" Fixed voting links, so 3 sites don't open upon typing ::vote.
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  8. + Adequate price policy / reasonable prices. + High UpTime 99.9%. telegram @oxy_service
  9. http://Vn5socks.net - Service Seller Socks Good - Socks 5 VIP - Pass Paypal Blacklist Example daily 30: It is allowed to get maximium 30 socks for a day. If do not get them you will lose 30 socks in a day ( no incremental socks). An account will be expired after 30 days Payment Methods - PLEASE LOGIN TO PLACE ORDER - Auto payment Perfect Money - PM - Auto payment WebMoney - WMZ - Auto update socks new 24/24 - How to get socks5? -> After buy a package -> Click login -> Click VIEWSOCK -> Click ***.***... to get socks5! -> Contact: Skype: vn5socks.net - ICQ: 673820903 Welcome to http://Vn5socks.net
  10. Discord l Download ----------------------------- Our community discord link and download link is posted above^ ----------------------------- About OmeletPS: Features: Some IN-GAME Media!
  11. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  12. VortexPS


    Here's a video of VortexPS. Free rewards for those who's using the redeem code in game
  13. **Limited time only - Buy 1b Tickets at :: store** READ BELOW FOR LATEST UPDATE (9.19.2019) -New items added to :: Store -Donation Boxes updated to give better rewards(5% Chance) -New clue scrolls MASSIVE Update -Can get phats, h'weens, & other ungettables from Clues! -New Armour drops at all Bosses! -Monsters & bosses now drop Clue Scrolls! -Collector amulet now picks up Clues -Fixed Spawntime at inferno groudon private tele -You can now just click clue scrolls to get casket(reward) -Slayer helmets are now fully ::upgrade'able -Pet boxes dont announce anymore -Mods+ can now ::rape to prevent vpn spammers/advertisers -Removed ability to spawn for Admin
  14. We have released another update with some bugfixes along with the ability to do a "boss room only" raid. Players often find it boring to have to do an entire raid, so now we have a new mode where players only need to kill the boss in order to reach the chest.
  15. VortexPS


    https://vortexps.com/forums/ Dear everyone. We are delighted to announce VortexPS are officially back! Here's a little bid of information about VortexPS & why YOU should join this wonderful journey. Bork these drops decent amount of stuff such as: -Blood Necklace -Ring Of The Gods Event area Kill these Ice Giants & get eco-tokens to be able to purchase some awesome gear at the event shop (Talk to Christmas guy) Vetion -Drops American Pernix Set -Twisted Bow -Limey Bow -Bulging Tax Bag (Contain 2b cash) -Heft Tax Bag (Contain 1b cash) Lexicus This monster is good for beginners, they don't hit that much & contains some pretty decent stuff such as: -Dragonkin Lamp (Xp lamp) -Arcane Stream Necklace (Magic) -Seismic Staff (Magic) -Battlemage Set -50x Bulging Tax Bag (100b cash) -3x Legendary Package Defilers These are fine as well, they have 3.000HP (low hits) they drop: -Regular Minigun -Golden Minigun -Trickster Set (Magic&Range) CUSTOM AREAS Home Hulk Balanced Elemental Rex We also have a decent amount of Shops located at Home Player Owned Shop, which will give you the opportunity to sell your stuff through a shop manager (Other people can buy your stuff through the manager) Boss Point shop with a lot of great custom stuff (including donation Bond) Trivia Rewards Shop (buy with Trivia Points) with some decent fashion stuff Loyalty Point Shop store which you can buy from Loyalty points A custom Slayer Store with some of the best gear in VortexPS By talking to Captain Rovin at home, you can donate x amount of Tax Bags to give everyone an x amount of time with either triple xp, double boss points or double xp We have this amazing interface where you are able to upgrade your stuff to even better! Here's a little GIF that show you what is upgradeable. Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/zMcJMtW) & Forum today & be welcomed by friendly staff & Community DAILY UPDATES:
  16. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
  17. x2 Trading Post Dupe Patched. (One it was not checking for proper amount left.) (Two it did not have a way to stop amount left.) ::Voting, :: Discord, :: Donate commands have been fixed. Added a restriction to the looting bag while in certain locations. (Bank All) Different Stalls located at home. Donator Tickets have been added, used them to exchange for items in the Donator Shop. Removed ALL Mini-Map map functions. Added custom map functions for Grand Exchange, Pets, Hunter, Ext. Added New map functions to Mini-Map
  18. Divination One month anniversary! Events every 2 hours! Brand new RSPS just coming out of beta stages! Currently averaging 70-100+ online! -Fast progression -Custom Harry Potter robes! -Custom forging system -Working Acrade -Automatic PvP stat adjustment -Working Avengers Minigame -::mini (Fights with you, or FOR you!) -Weekly Updates -100% unseen content! -Liquidation Well (sell items for instant cash) -Great community -Welcoming staff -Not pay to win -Loyalty Skill -Tons of bosses! -Combat assisting pets -Free donor through voting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKs9VqQEy4g Website: http://Divination-rsps.com Forums: http://Divination-rsps.com/forums Discord: http://discord.gg/6gnz95N
  19. Interesting in winning some ultimate mystery boxes? Just like the giveaway post, and comment your in-game name to be entered for a chance to win! Sharing the post will also give you 2 extra entries! https://www.facebook.com/AloraGame/
  20. come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
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