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  3. Forums InfinityPk is a server that focuses on 317 and Unique Custom Content. We strive to bring you, the players frequent unique updates and make sure that Infinity-Pk is a fun experience for all players. InfinityPk is centered around PvM, most of the time you will be Pvming or pking in wildy or even u can gamble with some action. Although like we've said the game is centered around PvM, we do however have a flawless Combat system meaning PK'ing is just as exciting! We also have several Skilling zones with over 25 skilling you can train which provide you with everything you need to get that Max cape! Features List: 317 loading osrs data Economy/Pking 24 working skills 30+ bosses with pets PK system with killstreaks 80+ Achievements Free for all tournament Cape particles Gambling Player owned shop Custom interfaces Trivia points system WildyWyrm Boss Event Revenant town Clue scrolls Crystal keys Wilderness keys Shooting star Evil tree Bank tabs Money pouch Edgeville home Resizable mode Zoom-able client Shift dropping Raids 1 & 2 items Much more...
  4. hahahah very long time no see mate 

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  6. For all my homies from 2010, Darkroom 508 is going to be up, for a few weeks stop on by! Click here to download
  7. Check out the latest edition of the Monthly Alora Newspaper, courtesy of @Sycamore! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61395-alora-newspaper-1182020/
  8. Just a few pictures from some updates that we've been working on, alongside website systems and the client launcher. To see more of what we're working on be sure to join our Discord!
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  10. 15+ Players online right now! Brand new come play and compete for high scores!
  11. The second day of the weekend events starts today at 6PM UTC, don't miss it! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61359-weekend-events-1172020-1192020/
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  13. Hi, so I was just wondering if anyone would know of any well developed Runescape private servers? Also what features of Runescape servers makes a server addictive? I want to find a server that is fun to play on and wont get bored. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.
  14. We're currently working on Bounty Hunter 2, and a bunch of other stuff that you'll see in the next update. A lot of configuration work is also in progress, such as shops, dialogues, etc.
  15. Be sure to join us for the weekend events, starting today at 6PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61359-weekend-events-1172020-1192020/
  16. FASTFLUX/VPS/VDS/Dedicated servers. ALLOWED! (Brutting, Spoof, Spam, Scan, Adult, Paharmacy, Malware and more) BULLETPROOF VPS ram 1 2cores cpu 70$ ram 2 3 core cpu 75$ ram 4 3-4 core cpu 80$ ram 6 4-5 core cpu 85$ ram 8 5-6 core cpu 90$ BULLETPROOF DEDICATED 8-GB Ram /CPU e5/e7 1Gbit 190$ 12-GB Ram /CPU e5/e7 1Gbit 210$ 16-GB Ram /CPU e5/e7 1Gbit 225$ 24-GB Ram /CPU e5/e7 1Gbit 245$ 32-GB Ram /CPU e5/e7 1Gbit 265$ Contact: Telegram: oxy_service Since 2013 OXY™
  17. Hello, My name is Tyler and I am looking for a developer to help me open a RSPS. I’ve always enjoyed playing them, I’ve even started up a few back in the day but never ended up being a success because I didn’t really understand a whole lot on the coding side of things. I just recently received my Associates in Computer Programming (AAS) and would be beyond happy to have a successful private server. I want a stay at home job and I feel like this would be perfect! Email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you, Tyler.
  18. Hello all! Back again with some more contributions from our community Updates: - Shanty Pass fix - Fixed runes being used when Teleport doesn't work - Cleaned up Teleportation code - Fixed delay on banking non-stackable items - Added poison arrows - Cleaned up some code - Fixed Ardougne teleport coords - Pest Control Beta - Fixed bead drop rate - Multiple accs on thieving stall fix - Made "Create Account" button explain better - Fixed many special attacks (Whip, Magic LB, DD, few others) - Ranging guild minigame! - Fletching fix - Dragon longsword special attack fix - Fixed multiple people mining ess - Fixed door in Wizard's tower - Added notice to our 2.0 client - Added message of the week to welcome screen interface - Added face north when clicking compass - Disabled the blank tab on game frame - Fixed all of the dialogue issues in rune mysteries - Clean up in the dialogue file - Fixed Rogue's Den bank - Fixed woodcutting animations Developers this release! - Gptaqbc - DavidVarbit (New!) - MrExtremez - MitchvanWijngaarden - dginovker
  19. I dont see any images but try changing the java version in both game/lobby launchers to your java versions.
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  21. Joined the server, played until i had like 600 total level, Asked how I could make some money because you only start with 100k gold and that is kind of a joke for a private server that starts u with bronze equipment. About 3 plays replied back and called me trash without any reason. Wouldn't recommend playing, if you care about the community of a server. Heres a picture https://prnt.sc/qntwkb
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