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  3. ONLINE - come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
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  5. There are many ways to do this. If it is just friends I would suggest using Hamachi so you dont have to pay for a vps for you and a couple people. It also depends on what revision you want as well.
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  7. ONLINE - come meet our friendly community with custom pvm bosses! join our discord for more info!
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  9. BrutalPs, brand new custom RSPS! so many bosses! Brutal RSPS Where you go if you want to have all the fun you want. We are growing as we speak and BrutalPs will continue to grow and improve to be the best known custom RSPS! Flawless Pvming & Working Gambling and much more! Staff team is very active and easy to contact. We listen to what the community wants, and Developers are working their hardest to make this RSPS grow, better and better every day. ! THIS IS THE BETA PHASE, EXPECT SMALL BUGS THERE WILL BE A ECONOMY RESET BY THE END OF BETA PHASE AND ALL BETA PLAYERS WILL BE REWARDED, GET A HEAD START NOW! Website Link: BrutalPS Discord Link: https://discord.gg/yhr4ug3 Information 100% customs Custom FFA events hosted by staff! Upgrading system Gambling System Zombie Minigame 2 World Bosses voting system Npc Killcount Req System Unique combat system Great donor benefits custom bosses Boss Point System Balanced Gameplay 90% Of skills work! Fully working slayer system stable economy prestige system pest control Marvel raids and lots more
  10. Hey guys, back at it after years of being away, found my base, added quite a few new little things, made little things work right or better. Any tips on fixing these errors for my control panel? I do not need to be spoon fed, I've fixed all my other errors and this one is stumping me. src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:339: error: cannot assign a value riable SERVER_NAME Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:342: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_TRADE Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:343: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:344: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); The area the errors come from is as follows if (cmd.equalsIgnoreCase("Update Settings")) { boolean active = Config.DOUBLE_EXP; Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE = p.LOGOUT_BUTTON_TEXT.getText(); Config.DEATH_MESSAGE = p.DEATH_MESSAGE_TEXT.getText(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); Config.MINI_GAMES = p.MINI_GAMES.isSelected(); Config.LOCK_EXPERIENCE = p.LOCK_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); Config.DOUBLE_EXP = p.DOUBLE_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); for (int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if (validClient(i)) { Client c2 = getClient(i); c2.getPA().sendFrame126(Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE, 2458); } } return; } Thanks in advanced for any help!
  11. Finally our Social Proxy plan is available for HTTPS and Socks5 - Specific by location - Choose between HTTPS or Socks5 - Dynamic IP's ( each proxy changes its external IP at least 10 times per day) - No logs, totally anonymous - Buy from 1 to 1000 ports - Works perfectly on Jarvee , GMT2, Liker - www.proxylte.com For our current members please login into your dashboard and check your new ports, our system has changed and the ports are updated. [email protected] - Jabber 746811969 - ICQ ProxyLTE - Telegram Thank you
  12. The Exp rates are not completely set in stone yet, We are looking at setting them between 15-25x. I can't give you the full algorithm for our drop system because i don't know if you would understand it, But the drop rates are fair and not too grindy. And with the boss collection logs and feats and luck rework being fully incorporated into Cywir it should be more fun to grind the drops you are missing.
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