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    • really need help making a jar client out of my intelij client. will make it worth while   discord  vividmods#8251  
    • November 25th -> 30th:   :: openall commands now tries to do 2k of any eligible items if you don't enter a value. Nicknames and roles are now syncing correctly to discord. Spam fixed for "item not tradeable" Can no longer ::redeem, claim, etc... inside of a raid. Removed the training dummies from Eturnips and added more npc spawns. Added more TD spawns. Backstabber Teddy bear has been renamed to Rasta Teddy bear. Katana and Teddy Bear upgrading has been added: 2 Lucky Heaven Stone + Golden Katana has a 50% chance to upgrade into an Ornate Katana. 2 Lucky Heaven Stone + Auspicious Katana has a 50% chance to upgrade into a Ninja Katana. 1 Lucky Heaven Stone + Lucky Teddy (or Rasta) has a 50% chance to upgrade into a Upgraded Lucky Teddy. (or Rasta Upgraded). 3 Heaven Stones + Lucky Teddy (or Rasta) has a 50% chance to upgrade into a Upgraded Lucky Teddy. (or Rasta Upgraded). Eturnip's HP have been fixed. Arrow stack models have been fixed. Lucky Teddy bear stack model has been fixed. Polypore staves stacking model has been fixed. Warrior Ring's stacking model has been fixed. Universal Drops ratios have been fixed. Slayer helm shine message only appears once per slayer task now. HP orb background has been reduced to regular size. Absorption orb background has been reduced to a smaller size. Tab names on hover have been fixed. Absorption damage message has been fixed. World Boss NPC ids are fixed on update. Thieving stalls have been fixed. Raids One: Elite Task Scroll has been removed from the Ultra Rare Loot table and added to the Rare Loot Table. Named all implings so that you don't catch "no names" anymore. You can no longer spam click Implings. After 4 long years, the Impling Catching interface now displays the proper impling names. Every 30 seconds, you'll get an update message in your chatbox telling you how many hunter points you have. Range and Magic XP rates have been fixed. Unholy Cursebearer has been re-written. It now has 10m HP, instead of 50m HP. It now spawns every hour, instead of 15 minutes. It will Spawn at either Varrock or Edgeville. You now face thieving objects before doing any actions. Removed the world announcements for maxing a skill and getting 200m in a skill. Changed to money-pouch orb/icons. Voting notifications fixed up. Level up interface removed. Npcs no longer stand still after respawning. Equipment sets have been added to the exclusive shop for 12.5T. Corrupt Dragon wings inventory model has been fixed. Supreme Tzhaar Whip inventory model has been fixed.
      Trying to clean up some of the junk visuals from when the game was first released, such as the old game-frame components, interface, maps, etc.
      Our next few updates will be focused on improving aesthetics/things you see as a first impression. Before:
    • https://forum.runelocus.com/topic/102454-advertising-rules/ 5. Please add some basic information & media, just a link is not acceptable.
    • EnvisionPS Greatest Custom Server Out there after hitting 100+ Players daily . 
      So what are you waiting on???  [Join today]
      [Discord Link] - https://discord.gg/pWuZVpG [Forum Webpage] - https://envisionps.net/forums/ [Features]
      - Custom Home
      - Custom Zones
      - Active Community 
      - All 24 Skills
      - Fully Functional Player Owned Shops
      - Fully Custom Raids (Thank to John)
      - Over 40 Custom Bosses
      - 6 Custom Global Bosses (More Coming Soon)
      - Functional Collection Log
      - Progression Pass (Battle Pass)
      - Fully Custom Boss Map Areas
      - Option To Create Personal Custom Sets
      - Option To Create Personal NPC Zones
      - Fully Functional Gambling
      - Custom Poker System & UI
      - Blood Shard with the Blood Shard Pool ( to toss your useless gears for blood shards).
      - Blood Shard Shop
      - AFK Zone with Shops for AFK tickets
      - Full Slayer Function
      - Custom Hotkeys
      - Custom Pets
      - Incentivised Voting
      - Martian + Yoshi (NEW Ultra Boss)
      - Dedicated Staff/Developer Team
      More to come in the future updates.... [Poker System - Poker System and game is connect] [Raid Teaser Release 11/25/2020] RAID TEASER (CLICK HERE) [Players Online] Once you reach 200 total Skills in game make sure to type ::refer cade for a free donator rank in-game.
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