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      Please make sure you visit this forum to find out all the news, updates and other important posts for RuneLocus.

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      It is recommended that you visit our information booth when first registering to RuneLocus. Information regarding our community forum can be found here.

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      We do not offer any form of e-mail contact/support concerning website usage. Have a inquiry? Contact us here.

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      Feel like introducing yourself to the community? Old members and new members alike tell us about themselves here!

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      Do you have anything to share with the rest of the community? Anything that cannot be categorized.

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      Never-ending forum games shall be posted here.

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    1. RSPS General

      This board definitely suits you if you need to hear the communities opinion about a certain private server subject whether it be programming or RuneScape private servers development.

    2. RuneScape Private Server (RS2)

      This board definitely suits you for development of RuneScape Private Servers of RuneScape 2.

    3. RuneScape Private Server (503+)

      This board definitely suits you for development of RuneScape Private Servers of the 503+ era.

    4. RuneScape Private Server (EoC 742+)

      This board definitely suits you for development of RuneScape Private Servers of the Evolution of Combat+ era.

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    1. Digital Art

      Anything related to graphical designing (photoshop, fireworks, etc.) shall be posted here.

      Moderator: Droxcy
    2. Gaming

      Discussions about your favorite games, whether be in the past or future!

      Moderator: Lusfr_, Fallout
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      Do you want to make your own site? You'll find all your information here! (HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, etc.)

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      Anything computer related may go here!

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      If you're looking to sell or buy real RuneScape related goods, this is the right place to do so.

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      If you're looking to sell or buy any RuneScape private server related goods, this is the right place to do so. From server sources to in-game items, this is the RSPS Marketplace.

    3. Others Market

      If you're looking to sell or buy other online goods than RSPS and RS related goods, use this forum.

    4. Freelance Middleman Services

      Use this forum if you're looking for a freelance middleman to help you assist with trading safely in the RuneLocus marketplace.

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    • https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/517775390953963522/523245373393993728/Lunaris-new-logo.png            
    • Open 24.7 - http://Snow317.com
    • Welcome to Kraken RS  A brand new spawn pking/eco server! We offer hours of unique content that is sure to keep you entertained! Log in for yourself and experience all of what we have to offer! Forums : https://www.krakenrsps.com Discord : https://discord.gg/exnQrma        Features                                                                                                                   Quick Presets for Instant Pking!                      Rev Caves!     Customizable Settings!    Quick Prayers!      In Game Timers!        In Game Achievements!      Guides For New Players!     Drop Tables For All Npcs!     Hourly Blood Keys and Daily Events!    Own Personal Profile in Game to Track Drops and Kills!     Custom bosses!                                                                                                                         Custom pets                                                                                                                     Public announcements and hard working friendly community!! Personal discord channel as well!!   Come Join the fun 😁 Kraken is a new and upcoming Spawn/Pk/Eco/Pvm/Skilling/Gambling server. We offer so much content to keep you busy for hours.
      Here at Kraken we represent ourselves with providing top quality content. Do you like instant pking? Well, when you log in there is presets already set up! If you want to make your own, your welcome to make nine custom presets. What about taking down some of Runescapes most iconic bosses, or even just relax and catch some fish, or mine some ore. What ever it is, we have you covered. Most Spawn/Pk servers are based totally around pking, but we aren't. We have made sure to implement ways to gain that big beautiful cash stacks we all love without having to fight a single player. We have wilderness skilling and it is definitely worth it!! Too start, you must first master your skills outside the wilderness, and once hitting 90 you can start making the real cash. In the wilderness resource area, we have infernal trees, Infernal Rocks, as well as Lava eel fishing spot. Now what are these you might be asking yourself, well let me explain briefly. The Infernal Trees are trees that you can cut when you reach 90 woodcutting, these trees drop consistent blood money, as well as infernal logs which can be sold for blood money. The Trees also have a chance to drop a "Scorching nest" and the nest has a chance to give you a "Enchanted Ring". The ring picks up all dropped blood money, gives you a 15% Drop rate boost, auto kept on death, and allows you to teleport up to 30 wilderness instead of the normal 20! The Infernal rocks can mined at 90 mining, these ores will be your best friend as they are profitable and can help you obtain the best helmet in the game, an infernal slayer helmet! You need 10,00 infernal ore, to make a infernal bar, which is used on a regular slayer helmet to make a "Infernal Slayer Helmet". The Lava Eel's need 90 fishing to fish, and 90 cooking to cook. These Eels are considered the best food in game, healing for 23 health, and also each one consumed adds 10 seconds to your potion timer. That means your potion stats should not decrease fast during combat! This is just a small comparison of what is to come. We also have flawless switching, in-game pk tournaments. Maybe you like f2p pking or maybe even dh. We have tournaments for everything and your likings.
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