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  1. I'm starting in a month for something I don't know much about. Anyone went to school for this and can get me the inside scoop on how it will be? It's a year and its really expensive and intense. Great paying job to start however. Thanks
  2. Damn bro. Im thinking of heading back to school to become a network security professional.. im nervous. Anyone know much about it?
  3. 2/10 - don't recall
  4. Submitted
  5. This is dope. So many threads bringing back memories.
  6. What's up!
  7. Damn this is the shit! I have an old USB full of RSPS.. should do the same.
  8. Sounds like an eBay deal now
  9. They took a major blow, damn.
  10. Looks pretty clean but the Xbox 1 has so many more amazing paint jobs.
  11. Awesome best of luck