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  1. Is that an actual thing on Rune-Server? Only paid usergroups being able to give negative reputation?
  2. osrs+

    I repost good content because Rune-Server owners and staff are incompetent and cannot keep their website secure enough. Also I never claimed credit and I mention the person who originally posted it friend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Shard Revolutions RS2BETA Project In the RS2 Beta Objects were resolved Server-side and sent to the client, much like RuneScape Classic also. People have used this base and succeeded in patching the client to load other cache data such as rev. 289 (which is regarded as the oldest available cache in the RSPS Development Scene.) or rev.317. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7o0pul70n1wdhm2/shard-revolutions-194.rar Credits: Graham Edgecombe Winterlove/Daiki for the base source Blake for the Rights/Bans processors from RuneFusion 1.0.5 Other people on the team: Ventrillo. The RS2DBase team for inspiration: Varek/Stork Jim Angel Impulser Shamon king The Linux Graham (me again) Goosey Thiefmn6092 Samuraiblood2 R E A P E R Ian Jonas for helping get dialogues right. Fallen for helping with a walking bug. Epiphone for the amazing logos! Ventrillo for helping getting the teleport still graphics working, and for the fishing skill code! rsc for more cool logos! Fallen for helping with dialogues. Jonas++ for helping with the dialogues. rsc for finding some bugs. Dynamik and Luke132 for helping with the greyed out rock ids. Jonas for his fletching skill. rsc for the fading interface id and helping find that JDK 6u10+ caused problems. Optimum - NPC spawn glitch. HcoJustin - for pointing out some bugs. stricken716 for the walk/run toggle fix.
  4. Credit: James Media: Download VengPkz here Cache
  5. So I was in my basement today looking for a spare mouse. When I ran into my old PC on accident. I booted it up and it was working fine. When I logged in, I saw that the first server i ever "coded" was on there. Boy did I think I was a bad ass back in those days. The days where people made servers for fun and learning instead of for profit. Well anyways, I thought for those of you who were around back then would enjoy seeing this and maybe would want to fool around with it a little bit. It was actually a blast logging in and just looking around. Anyways, here you go, from 2009. Man are we old... Links : client 1 : Project Fubergen v8.3.1 Client Xmas client 2 : Client - Muroth source : source of eclipse Credit: EdenPS
  6. * Added 525 gameframe * Fixed a deadlock, * Fixed majority of dupes, Packet abusing. * Auto cache downloader * XP rates upon login. * Pk Point Shop. * Donate Shop * Vote Shop * Perfect Switching. * Fixed jads cave * Fully Functional Skills. * Custom Wilderness bosses! * OSRS Items! * Prestige System * Vote for rewards! * Modified Combat * Loyalty Titles * 7 Different ranks, Donator, Resp, Support, Mod, Admin, Advisor, Developer * Custom minigames * Clipped following * Clipped NPCs * Pkp system, Didnt finish needs sorting. Download: http://uppit.com/g8ikeprlkx97 Credits: Relentless Media:
  7. -Fixed run errors -Removed motivote completely -Comp cape now cost 5mil when obtaining from object -Started moving npcs/objects to edgeville for new home -Removed unnecessary objects in edgeville bank -Nerfed/Buffed a few items that needed it -Fixed a dupe thanks to creator of dragon-age -Fixed stats of some osrs items to 07 stats -Added Abyssal Dagger with 07 stats (spec coming soon) -Added the update cache. -Added exchange boxes. (use the armour set on a trading post) -Added Zulrah metamorphosis with interfaces. -Added ::getid command and ::empty. -Added OSRS XP Orb/World Map Orb. -Added XP drops/Resetting/toggeling the OSRS counter. -The world map button now sends you to osrsmap.com -Fixed the skilling teleports. -Added Max Capes, Cerberus Boots/Stones/Equipment and the Anglers outfit. - Credits to ipkmills -Changed spellbook home teleport -Removed unneccesary objects from edgeville -Added Altar, and chest to edgeville -Finished Edgeville home -Assigned new osrs items to correct equipment slots -Reworked the Weapons&Armour store, replaced the armour pieces, with the full sets. -Reworked the prices of the armour sets inside the store. -Added primordial, pegasian and eternal boot making. -Fixed player rights with certain commands -Fixed a major issue we had with bounty interface -Replaced money pouch with special percent -Bounty hunter interface has now been rewritten: -Reworked and finished the Primordial boots creation dialogue. -Made it so armour sets can be used on bank deposit box to open -Renamed bank deposit box to armour set exchange -Made it so armour sets can also be used on trading post to make it more os but you have the option of both either trading post or the armour set exchange -Removed Sharks from store to give it more of an eco (now have to fish for them) -Dragons drop visage 1 in 10k now -KBD now drops visage 1 in 2k -Added Level Guide for each skill when clicked -OSRS Xp Frame Added -Added more npcs to donatorzone -Temporarily removed ironman till restrictions are added -Working on fixing a broken model -Cleaned up questtab -Added time played to questtab -Worked on time played system (not fully finished) Media: Downloads: Server/Client Cache -Xterra -Clive -runehonor -Timmeh -Patrick -Jordan Belfort
  8. osrs+

    Hasn't been removed from Rune-Server nor does it break any rules.
  9. You can't satisfy everyone... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for release +rep Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Updated. Will need to find your own 830 cache though.
  12. Deobs: 1 31 60 83 88 117 119 120 129 Whats been done? Unused Code Removed Unused Methods Removed (Mostly) Unused Classes Removed Unused Parameters Removed (Mostly) Compiler Inlined Fields Removed Modular Multiplication Removed Eclipse's Clean Up Feature Link: Download Credit: Leon
  13. osrs+

    • 5 Rooftop Agility Courses • Rewritten a majority of the combat including formulas. • Rewritten Game Engine & Packet handling. • Rewritten Clan Chat (Includes; Teleport To Clan Member & Copy Kit) • Item Gambler (Npc) • Ingame Boss Kill Log • Zenyte Jewelry Crafting • Bounty Hunter Skull Icons to determine how much a player on a kill-streak is worth • Ingame npc drop-table • Ingame PK Hiscores board • All OSRS Current Bosses (Except for Skotizo) • Rewritten Slayer (Players can choose between task difficulties depending on Combat Level) • Boss Slayer Tasks • PVP Slayer Tasks • Full Cerberus • Full Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching • Full Kraken • Zulrah • Crazy Archaeologist • Scorpia • Chaos Fanatic • 18+ Bosses • Unique Kill-Streak System • All Wilderness Bosses • Rewritten Skills • Full OSRS Bounty Hunter • Help database system • Perfect Combat • Clipped Player & Npc following • Clipped Projectiles • Clipped 121 maps & objects • Pet Insurance • Boss Pets • Newest OSRS Pets • Bank Tabs • Perfect Minigames Credit: Twitt Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?399k9rksramzs39
  14. Haven't been here long but wow 10 years existing is impressive.