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  1. Features: Custom Teleportation System Fully functional Grand Exchange 100% master capes exactly like rs3 90% construction Working off-hand combat Expandable perk system Quests and QuestSystem thats expandable easily Vorago with combat script Kalphite King with combat script (very similar to rs3) Tectonic and noxious staff Seismic wand and singularity Sirenic and Noxious longbow Ascension crossbows Malevolent and Noxious scythe Drygore maces, longswords, and rapiers Charming imp Off-hand chaotics All boss pets from rs3 revision 830 & also boss pets run like rs3 120 Slayer as skill All npcs/animations/items/gfx from revision 830 Potion timers * familiar timer. Needs to be enabled in the source 5 different game modes including ironman Amulet, ring, braclet, and necklace crafting works 100% No dupes List to add ips so you dont need passwords for any account (Owner only) Full slayer and slayer unlocks, and task cancling, similar to 718/rs3 All matrix shit Simple cpanel when server boots up Custom Dungeoneering Livid farm start Toolbelt 100% from 736 revision Support for easily adding passive armor & weapon effects and perks Clans and clan cape/vex customization Rare Drops will have a custom beam of light, so ya don't miss it. Bank Presets, need some fixes Download Links: Server/Client/Cache Server/Client No Cache Credit: ReverendDread
  2. repositionModernSpells(); normalSpellbookEdit(textDrawingAreas); ancientSpellbookEdit(textDrawingAreas); Comment these lines out.
  3. Going to have to give it to @StevenAbraham, give me the name of the girl tho.
  4. Click-levelling for all combat skills to create your build Pre-made loadouts/kits for literally instant log in & PK Custom-made kits can also be saved to your own choice Amazing killstreak system with server announcements PKP and tiered emblem rewards for better weapons & armor FREE shops for Iron gear up to Barrows equipment FREE Whip, G Maul, DDS, all Godswords (except AGS) Credits: Veng PKZ OsBrutality team Hitten for some interfaces Download links: Source:https://www.mediafire.com/?acx5grnp9fljyd1 Client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ted2sg0gc8uiydk/Veng Pkz Client.zip?dl=0 Cache:It will auto download from client
  5. I need help with your Gen package!

    1. Html Pro

      Html Pro

      Hi @lisse111 what is Gen pacage?

    2. lisse111


      Genesis, i cant get it to load at all.

  6. This is a framework you can use as a base. It lacks a lot of content, such as non-combat skills, bosses and minigames. That's why it's called a base. Add content yourself. I'm aware it does contain some code which is similar to Ruse, that's because Swiffy was working on it for a while aswell. He took a few things from there and improved them (such as the SkillManager). However: * I highly recommend rewriting the "GroundItemManager". It's the one from Ruse which we never had time to rewrite. It works fine but the code is a mess. * If you plan on using this as a serious base, you should implement some sort of plugin/script system for handling stuff such as button clicks etc. I was going to do this myself but couldn't decide which language to use. JAGGRAB server finished. Non-packed files support w/Netty 4.1.8. Client loading for the first time. Starts fairly quickly, no full cache download required. -------- Trading has been finished! ------- After many many hours, I've finally upgraded Netty from version 3.5 to the more recent and stable version 4.1.8 (released 30 of January 2017). I literally rewrote the entire networking system and added tons of improvements, including anti-packet-flooding and more. --------- Fixed the Anti-PID system, which was causing tons of issues after a few hours. The reason for this was because characters weren't properly synced, they were being removed and added from the server randomly. Now using queues to make sure everything runs smoothly each cycle. --- I've done tons of improvements to the bank system once more. Each bank tab is now an individual container, and we currently support up to 12 bank tabs per player. Added emotes and made a quick interface for settings. Will add key bindings interface and more later on, but this will have to do for now. ----- Teleports Will add monster sprites!! ----------- Finished clan chat base. Only thing left to do is the clan setup interface. -------- Finally got the force movement mask with animation working globally.. Took me 3 hours or so because I'm stupid. The issue was right under my nose, literally... --- Currently finishing the Price checker.. Will add a lot of things to it, including "Deposit Inventory" and stuff. ---- Added maxhits to the equipment screen. ---- Redid Magic spellbook interfaces. Removed unused spells such as teleports. Added "Server feed", all announcements and player activities will show up here. Credits to snowman5069 for the idea. --Added perfect timers Worked all of yesterday. [*]Redid all combat formulas. Tested this out for a good while and they seem to be perfect now. [*]Redid combat following. [*]Redid timers for vengeance/tb/freeze etc, sends them to the client and shows them for the player aswell now. [*]Fixed the issue where timers weren't actual seconds due to the 600 ms tick. [*]Redid the way special attacks are handled and they should be exactly like OSRS now. Previously, it wasn't possible to activate a special attack unless you had the proper amount of energy. Now it activates until next attack and then tells you that you don't have the energy required. [*]Fixed broken Prayers, basically some configs weren't working properly. [*]Rewrote the entire bank system. [*]Fixed moving items around in bank, it's much more smooth now. [*]Added proper bank tab handling. [*]Added bank search, works flawlessly. Players can drag items from the search to tabs etc. [*]Added insert rearrange mode. [*]Fixed all gfx flickering and tweening issues. Previously, the character would randomly flicker when performing graphics and animations. Download: Run server and then run client. Cache will be downloaded via JAGGRAB. https://www.mediafire.com/?d1ri0y6wdm6ex6e Cache is FULLY loaded server-sided for JAGGRAB, clipping and definitions. JAGGRAB is enabled by default and can be disabled in server > GameConstants.java aswell as client > Configuration.java. JAGGRAB supports "preloadable files" with proper CRC checks to make sure files are up to date. Most osrs clients preload obj.idx/obj.dat. To preload more files, go into server > CacheConstants.java PRELOAD_FILES array and add them there. Make sure the array matches the one in client > Jaggrab.java. Then add your files to server > data > cache folder so that it can find them. Animation/Graphics priority system is added. For example, a player performing the Armadyl Godsword special attack animation (high priority) will not perform another animation with lower priority (block animation if attacked by a player during the spec). OSRS Bounty Hunter system is pretty much fully added. Anti-PID system is added. Players and npcs are randomly shuffled each cycle to make sure everything remains fair. Flawless trading system using the abstract ItemContainer system. Flawless entity-based combat system with 1-ticking and perfect switches. We actually had a Beta just for this and people loved it. Toggleable cycle-switching. If you want the inventory to be refreshed immediately upon equipping items, go into server > GameConstants.java and set QUEUE_SWITCHING_REFRESH to false. Otherwise it will refresh the player's inventory on next cycle, making it look badass when switching multiple items during the same cycle. Anti-packet flooding and fast networking using Netty 4.1.8 (both for JAGGRAB and main server). Server actually has a lot of features that aren't visible to the common eye. Make sure to go through each package! Client also has a lot of features, including the 503+ console for staff members. Credits: Freyr - Used his 474 lookalike client and revamped it a shitload. Turned it into #131 OSRS. Also helped me upgrade Netty. Lare96 - We took some things from his Asteria releases, including magic spells data and some core stuff because we are lazy. Relex Lawl - Used his container system (the one that was in Ruse I think) and changed it up a bit to fit my needs. The Apollo team - Used their update-server. Upgraded it to netty 4.1.8 and added support for files which aren't packed into the main cache. The Vencillio team - The bank settings interface. Samy - My good friend who pretty much made all of the custom sprites from scratch and much more. Any other people who contributed in any way I guess.
  7. I'll set up the account soon, you've got your first costumer.
  8. Can I get a quote on a torso service @Paulo? Stats:
  9. nice contribution!
  10. Where is that client nav from? I've seen it before...
  11. How do you determine who has been here for 10 years considering the join date only seems to start at June 2010 for some reason?