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  1. I've seen what getting jizzed on by a group of people does to a man, it is not pretty. I wasn't a part of it but when I was 12 or 13 I went to a sleep away summer camp and this is like when we were starting to discover porn and jacking off. Some kid brought some playboys and naked playing cards, sh*t like that with him. Anyway, one kid in our cabin was a huge tool, stole stuff like food and money from other people in our cabin. So half a dozen kids decided one night to wake up in the middle of the night at like 3 a.m and take turns jacking off in the bathroom, running out before they finished and blowing their load on the kid when he was sleeping. Literally 6-8 kids did this, all over his face, sheets, upper body, and hands, one kid also did it in his shoes. So everyone else wakes up the next morning and we all knew what had happened but this kid couldn't figure out why he was all sticky for like 15 minutes until a counselor forced it out of a kid. When the kid found out he went absolutely nuts, like certifiably crazy mental breakdown. He had to leave the camp for psychiatric treatment, worst part was after he took a shower and went to leave he stepped in the jizz shoes and also like 6 of my friends I never saw again because they got kicked out.

  2. I played during the initial release, it's pretty fun. I got bored after like a week of playing, though.
  3. I love the login screen Good luck!
  4. The nerve of some people... Sent from my iPhone using Taptalk
  5. No it's the ugliest thing I've ever laid eyes upon. but im the minority
  6. I don't care much for the theme but I'm willing to buy RuneLocus as a whole for $25,000 and turn it into a Project Insanity server
  7. I play PS4 Mostly just sunbro, though.
  8. MoparScape tried it - didn't increase traffic and it stayed unnoticed.
  9. Hey, this is cool I like the music you picked as well, it fit in nicely. Keep making these, I'll be sure to watch.
  10. Hardly any details listed, followed by a total of four pictures not showing much. Their website, also, does not give much information on the server. You must be an active player to determine it's like any other EoC server. OT: Good luck with the server, I actually like how high the revision is Make a forum, though, it's quite a crucial aspect to any server.
  11. Really, just change the navigation bar from fixed dimensions to percentages. Your forums have terrible mobile support. Congratulations on 100+ players
  12. So... what exactly does a "server manager" do? Sounds to me like they manage the server. Sounds basically like an owner position. What are you going to be doing for the server, and is this position paid? Quite lacking in information.