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  1. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Ring of Wealth - Completely Redone It has come to my attention that the Ring of Wealth had a little bit of an issue behind it. Due to the ring being rather experimental code, it would tend to have strange behaviors. Such as making Bandos gear drop like flies from the minions, but not General Graardor itself. Well, for those of you whom wish to continue slaying God Wars Dungeon with your ROW - I bring you good news! At first, I merely started by trying to edit drop rates and variables in the ring's code. After many failures of that, I decided the ring's code was no good. So instead, I spent a few hours rewriting the entire ring itself. The ring still functions the same way as it did before, but it's all entirely new code. This new code should be very malleable and work with a much wider range of NPCs and drop tables. And now, after hours of coding followed by hours of testing - I believe I finally got it. So, what's new with the ring?: A New Algorithm rate = drop.getRate() * (1.1 + (drops.size() / 1000D)); What the code above means is: get your standard drop percentage - add 10% to that. Then, take the size of the drop table, divide it by 1,000 and add that as a percentage to the extra 10%. So, if whips have a 6% chance of dropping at Abyssal Demons at a standard rate with a drop table of 57 drops, the final rate with a Ring of Wealth would be 6.97%. Trust me, the extra 1% bonus will make a noticeable difference. With that being said, I would like to point out the rate shown above is not the standard rate for all NPCs in the server. That's just the "general standard" for this ring, but many different elements are taken into account before finalizing the actual bonus rate of the ring. Most just general monsters you kill, such as Abyssal Demons, this will be the rate. Easier and Tougher Selection Rates This depends on which NPC you're fighting. Sometimes the selection rates have no change, sometimes the selection rates get tougher, and sometimes they get easier. It all depends on which NPC you're fighting. For the most part, the selection rates will stay the same. However, the ring does read and decipher which NPCs are minions, or should just generally have tough rates, and will lower the selection rates. As of now (permitted to change in the future), these rates will only increase or decrease by up to 20%. Only 10 Charges Now It used to be 50, was bumped down to 20, and now we've settled on 10. The ring does increase the chances of your rates by a pretty good amount, especially with the new addition of adding bonus percentage based on the size of the drop table. After your ring shines 10 times, it will shatter into dust. Remember, this only occurs for NPC drops, not mining gems or absorbing gold drops. Malleable Code The new code is designed to have an interchangeable bonus based on many different aspects of the situation the player is currently in. It reads a lot of information, and even checks if the player is in the wilderness or not. It also checks the region the player is in, the size of the drop table of the NPC, what NPC the player is fighting, and quite a bit more. This new system can easily be designed to warp around many different pieces of the server to give a fair bonus to your drop rates.
  2. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Bump Forums have been styled more appropriately to match our landing page. Lots of minor details have been updated, major updates likely to come soon!
  3. Good Bye Lads.

    Bye friend
  4. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    New logo Bump! Only minor updates recently, more coming soon!
  5. Three Word Story

    river troll because
  6. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Miscellaneous Updates: Experience rates have been doubled from x32 combat and x22 skilling to x65 combat and x45 skilling Runite armor, tuna, bass and lobster have been removed from the limited items list Dwarven Rituals quest now rewards the Knight class with a dragon scimitar as the end-reward, rather than a runite set Initiation quest has been slightly modified due to the increased rates
  7. GM's Graphic Update Log

    Created on August 23rd: Render: Background:
  8. Some suggestions

    me 1st
  9. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Automatic voting system added, head on down to to receive a free costume box
  10. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Update: Starting Tutorial Redone Much better than the previous one Explains the Grand Exchange somewhat-interactively Shows the players where to teleport Makes the player use the training dummies Forces the Initiate title through the General Manager A much better start to Pauper Update: Lodestone Specifications Players complained about no fast teleports, so I added it and kept the lodestone network While in combat and not in the wilderness, will immediately fast-tele to Edge In the wilderness, does the slow lodestone teleport to Edge - no need to bring up the lodestone interface While casting your teleport, the player will become immune to incoming NPC damage; player combat will interrupt the teleport completely In the wilderness, players must wait to be 5 seconds out of combat before teleporting home Miscellaneous Updates Experience rates increased by x10 for both combat and skilling Training dummies now easier to receive experience from Players now only pay 10% of bones on altar tax if their prayer level is below 50
  11. Cannot connect to ANY RSPS

    Which OS are you using?
  12. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Update: Ring of Wealth Starts with 20 charges - charges restart when a ring is shattered Absorbs gold drops into player's money pouch Random gems from mining alongside this update - ring of wealth enhances the chance of receiving a gem Increases drop rates by 10%, player must have the ring equipped before the drop sends When 20 charges are depleted, the ring shatters into dust Charges only depletes for NPC drops
  13. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Update: Fungal, Grifolic, Ganodermic Crafting Each tier of armor available to craft Use a needle on flakes in your inventory and the dialogue will appear Fungal costs 13,000, 27,500, and 20,000 fungal flakes Grifolic costs 34,000, 35,000, and 32,000 grifolic flakes Ganodermic costs 85,000, 95,000, and 95,000 ganodermic flakes Polypore staff costs 80,000 polypore spores
  14. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Patched an issue with our client - connections are open again! Just download a new client There is now zooming using the page up and down keys as well.
  15. [Beta] Pauper: A Jag-Like Server

    Voting is now available for the RuneLocus toplist only. There are no rewards for doing this as of now, but they will be added in the future once I figure out some suitable rewards.