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  1. was already ugly
  2. Not been a lot of updates recently, been busy Now that I've finally got some stuff worth showing: -Lava flow mining XP increased [2/19] -Level up music now has 50/50 chance of playing either levelup music [2/19] -Private chat logging has been separated into it's own folder [2/19] -Bank chest spawned near magic trees [2/23] -Players now forced to face the object they're cooking on [2/23] -Try/catch surrounding Fire Spirit rewards [2/23] -XP increased for shark, manta ray, and rocktails [2/23] -Plank animation now direct with action delay [2/23] -Frost dragon teleport patched [2/25] -Kalphite Queen counter put in quest tab; has been counting, just forgot to display it :) [2/25] -Nex now uses intelligent route finder [2/25] -Rocktails now heal proper amount, rather than 330 [2/26] -Saradomin brews now show heal splat [2/26] -EXP boosters now finished; may purchase combat boosters, and skilling boosters [2/26] ---+2, +4, +6, +8 boosters available [2/26] ---Combat boosters get 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours available for purchase [2/26] ---Skilling boosters get 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours available for purchase [2/26] -Tax returns added [2/26] ---10%, 20%, 30%, 40% tax returns available [2/26] ---Must pay a percentage of total taxes paid in Pauper Points to get your tax returns [2/26] Ten percent:
  3. Tell'em how you really feel.
  4. mud to make
  5. Get your posts up to get your flex up, sonny. You can't be roasting here yet.
  6. The game is great fun once you've gotten the hang of it!
  7. Hey, this is pretty neat Thanks for the share.
  8. Post the entries so people don't have to search through the thread to find them. I'm an idiot, don't mind me My vote: Arix! @Christopher`
  9. Hey there We're glad to have you here! Good job on setting your mind to software engineering!
  10. You guys ever wonder what "full-time RSPS owners" tell girls they're attempting to pick-up at bars? I'm sure it's much easier for me.

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    2. Gemu


      Already given 10 rep in the day, else I'd rep you :) Subscribers won't even have a symbol next to their name, they'll only have boosted experience rates.

    3. Cart


      What is going on here.

    4. Arix


      You're too late cart! The deed is done!

  11. And that's perfectly fine, I respect your opinion.
  12. Finally read this thread start-to-finish, and I only have one thing to point out: Considering this is a forum that revolves around RuneScape emulation, and our toplist being the main attraction to keep traffic flowing to this site, I'd say the RSPS sections are the most important sections of this forum, by a landslide. Whether or not they're the most active (which they are), they still remain to be the only reason why this forum has activity to begin with. Reproaching the sections won't change that fact, not even slightly. We are, in fact, a RuneScape emulation website, and will remain to be so. Directing attention to these sections will doubtlessly increase our traffic; bolstering computer designs will be extremely minimal in behalf of our community. Whether you accept this or not - it is factual. To remain on topic - I have not been apart of this community long enough to have my opinion on the matter meaningful.
  13. I really like the text in this tag. Really, really nice placement, very nice font selection. With the contrasted colors, it almost makes the text look like it's glowing; and I really am having a hard time seeing if you added any extra effects to the text directly.
  14. dookie in the
  15. Hey, well I'm glad at least someone will read it Besides me proofreading, of course.