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  1. thought it was gunna be me tbh Congrats Ziek! Really thought it was going to be @Hope though!
  2. Server Logos

    Don't get me wrong, they look very good! But I can see a trend in these logos
  3. I would like Hope to replace Cart as our new CM.
  4. Farming Updates! Allotment: Seed requirement reduced from 4 to 3 Hop Patches: Requires 4 seeds to plant hops Every hop patch throughout the world is available Every hop is available to plant Somewhat fast growing, for better exp rates than allotment during their respective levels Tree Patches: Requires 1 seed to plant trees Every tree patch throughout the world is available Every tree is available to be planted Very slow growing with high experience jumps Currently not harvested any differently from the rest of the patches, I will do this later Bush Patches: Requires 1 seed to plant bushes Every bush patch throughout the world is available Every bush is available to be planted Medium growth times with decent experience rates EDIT: Host is done with their maintenance, everything should work fine now. If not, add me on Discord - gemu#9873 EDIT2: I just fixed the produce received. I was iterating through configs instead of seeds which resulted in multiple "outcomes" of item IDs. Now anything you will farm will be accurate.
  5. Oh wow. I definitely did not see this coming. I know I'm a relatively new member to this community but dang, this actually got me feeling a little blue
  6. Farming Expansion: All herb, allotment, and flower patches throughout the world are available Amount of produce received has been increased Better systems for raking & harvesting Spinning Wheel & Fletching: Spinning wheel has been created so Ironman accounts will have access to the strings they need Fletching has undergone some changes, like queue times and such Proper tanning will come soon Players can now choose to make sinew when cooking beef haven't rly looked into why there's 2 cbow strings, idk how i managed that Woodcutting & Hatchet Definitions: The timers on woodcutting have been bad for very long. I changed them to scale based off the player's wc level in comparison to the tree's level, which made for a decent placeholder for the time being. That time has now changed. With many other skills being constantly enhanced and sometimes even entirely rewritten, woodcutting has pretty much been left alone (apart from stumps & inferno adze). The algorithm has been changed completely. It still does a time based off the players' wc level in comparison to the trees, just not as heavily. Hatchets are now a major aspect to the wc timers, as they should be. For example: a player with 99 wc can get a full inventory of maple logs in about 42 seconds if they are using a bronze hatchet. A player with 99 wc using a dragon hatchet will only take about 15 seconds. Inferno adze's burning log effect will now also work if the player is using the item through their inventory Regrowth timers have been lengthened
  7. I very much appreciate your comment! However, it's not like how you explain. I do, however, want to create a server I will, myself, enjoy playing. And I have, I've succeeded thus far I do actually enjoy playing my own server, which is why I play it as a regular player; even on my admin account. There are literally no spawned items in game whatsoever. The truth is, though, I mostly play this way in order to test Pauper quite thoroughly. If I can create a game that I will personally enjoy, it must be a game with well-thought-out content, well-developed content, and without template atrocities. In order to provide this experience, I must play this game throughout it's entirety. So why not on my admin account? Here's my Ironman progression: https://www.pauperps.ml/community/showthread.php?tid=50&pid=162#pid162 There are a few players ahead of me, so don't think my progression will be the end of Ironman testing, it'll probably be a little sooner
  8. Everyone besides a moderator and me are Ironman accounts: -- Neither me, nor the moderator, were in the wilderness The real grind is Ironman...
  9. Don't make such likely promises.
  10. Hey everyone Come check out my Ironman's progress thread! I'll be sure to keep it updated the longer I play on it: https://www.pauperps.ml/community/showthread.php?tid=50