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  1. Ahh, much better
  2. I ask because one of my coworker's son skipped school often (this was a few years back before truancy was decriminalized) and somehow someway the kid was tried as an adult and was convicted. Was in jail for like 6 months, which was completely against the law. Doesn't surprise me though, it is Texas after all.
  3. Do you live in Texas?
  4. July 5th, boys, get your stinky asses in and make your submissions!
  5. Your pathfinding is amazing and it makes me a lil' jealous
  6. Thank you If you're referring to passing through the magical wheat, the crafting level dialogue is a separate picture haha. I saw it too and thought about rearranging the order of the pictures, and now I did.
  7. o rite, i gotcha
  8. I'm not exactly sure what the toplist info page is.
  9. Hey there As we're all aware, most of our traffic comes from RSPS players rather than server developers/owners. As unfortunate as that is, I believe there are some ways to start enhancing the variety of our community. As of now, the forums revolve around RS emulation and development, which turns away RSPS players from wanting to join. However, we do cater to the developmental side of these servers, so perhaps with a little effort, we can have more of a spark in activity. Promoting the use of forums can be a good way to do so, and what better way than to offer up more places for server owners to advertise their work? I believe the best place for this would be the toplist. One, simple, link can be placed atop the list, right before the very first paid advertisement banner. This will create more incentive for server owners to make an account and post their threads here, rather than sticking to the toplist. On top of this, they may request their community to also make accounts for the sake of bumping their advertisement threads. This could cause a chain effect of people liking the community, what we have to offer, or etc., which may result in having a more active community. An example of what this could look like: Of course, this is just a quick example I whipped up in Photoshop in about 30 seconds; could easily be made to look better than what I have displayed. Tell me what you think
  10. Update - Lodestones: All lodestones automatically unlocked, no need to travel the world to find them Lodestones are not taxed Eventually, will fully replace the taxed cities teleport option in the portal entirely Animations and GFX timed nearly perfectly Player de-renders for a short period of time in correspondence with the 2nd GFX used Miscellaneous Updates: Traversing through magical wheat is a bit faster, more correct timing Leveling up from 60+ now plays level up music and displays level up dialogue Any level below 60 plays no music and only puts a line in the chatbox notifying the player of their recent level Slayer point shop reinstated with much better prices Have started on the new starter tutorial Have started on the tormented demons quest Alching will no longer take your runes if the item is above the maximum item value allowed
  11. Drunken experimenting trying to colorize black & white photos didn't turn out so great on June 16th: Before: After: FML: http://i.imgur.com/2V8HwEM.jpg
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      Not yet, I tend to get very busy with work and my own server project; as well as taking time to spend with friends and so on.

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