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  1. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Bump! We have grown a little bit and might start focusing on gaining more of a community soon. However, we have directed some more attention towards the toplists and it's resulted nicely! We've now usually got 5-10 players online consistently! There has been more challenge in the wilderness and more competition in levels and highscores. If you played during early beta, I recommend you try it again now that we're a bit more polished and less "beta feeling"!
  2. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Referral URLs have been created in order to monitor the incoming traffic to decide which source is granting us the most. RuneLocus, your referral ID is 2100 - don't let me down!
  3. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    New Update: Select which experience rates you play with! However, since Pauper is a server designed to be played on lower experience rates - our easiest rate is called Easy: it's only x65 combat experience, and x45 skilling experience. The rates we have available are: Easy: x65 combat, x45 skilling Mediary: x40 combat, x30 skilling Pauper: x12 combat, x8 skilling How do I select my experience rates? If you're starting a new character, this will easily be done by doing the Initiation quest upon login. However, if you're an ongoing player - all you need to do is login! The server no longer takes into account the old variable that it used to when searching for experience rates. When you login, your rates will be set to zero. However, it will initiate a dialogue that will ask you what you want your experience rates to be set as. I've logged into the server, and I'm not getting a dialogue asking me to choose my rates... Not to worry! Sometimes code can be a bit frustrating, not doing what you want it to do. I realize this, and so I kept safety measures in place to prevent any frustration from happening. If you aren't receiving a dialogue, simply type the command ;;rate and this will start your dialogue. How do I show off my experience rates? Using the same command you used to start your dialogue! Just type in ;;rate and your character will say, "My experience rates are: Easy/Mediary/Pauper" depending on which rates you chose. What about drop rates? Drop rates are completely unaffected by experience rates. Like I mentioned earlier, Pauper is a server that's designed to be played on low experience rates. On top of this, our economy is one of our strongest suits, and I do my best in avoiding anything that will damper that.
  4. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Pauper has started getting to work on a Wiki! This has been a suggestion given to me on numerous occasions, and now that I've a few community members that are willing to help fill out the Wiki with me - I've finally gotten it started! So far, I've only written Corporeal Beast and Nex pages so that the community has a template to review in order to help them write their own pages. If you'd like to take a look at an example page of our Wiki, please take a look here: Nex | Pauper: Properly Unique Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia I must note: Everything on that Wiki page was written by me. Nothing from the RSWiki was copied and pasted. On top of this, everything listed on that Wiki, Nex can actually do. Scaling Runes via Runecrafting Hey there Pauperites, As many of you probably know, the Runecrafting altars have been rather bland. Only double the runes for pure essence, and just one rune per rune essence. I'm here to tell everyone that these rates have been changed to be exactly how they're supposed to, with a bit of a twist. This update is just another one of many more to come that will have the skilling in Pauper be very in-depth. Again, as always, if anyone has more suggestions regarding the skilling in Pauper - we are more than open to hearing them, so please send them in! Now, what's new with the Runecrafting?: Scaling Runes Runes will now scale based on your corresponding Runecrafting level. Such as, if a player has level 90 Runecrafting and uses an inventory of 24 pure essence, they will end up with 441 air runes. Well, how does it come to 441? To answer your question, we'd still like to keep pure essence somewhat valuable. They're limited in the Grand Exchange, so you have to mine or farm them to get them in the server. However, just like before, they're still worth double the runes. Which means, if you have 90 Runecrafting, 1 pure essence would be worth 18 air runes. Nerfed Experience Runecrafting used to be one of the easiest skills to level due to such high rates beforehand. Now, they're a balanced and quite steady rate, as it should be. Now that the rates are nerfed on the altars, RuneSpan is the current best way to train Runecrafting. However, you can't make any money off of RuneSpan, less you sell your account after getting Master Runecrafter Robes, or something alike. Now that the runes scale, you can make a decent amount of money off of the altars for less experience.
  5. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Update: Automated Donations & New Layout Donations are now completely automated, no need to wait for me to give your Membership As always - we only offer a Membership status for donations, never any items You may purchase Membership in intervals of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days only To receive your Membership after purchase, you simply need to log into Pauper With the update of automated Membership, a new donation layout has been created The new page is a much nicer design, and is very user friendly Donations are handled via MySQL database, Membership is handled solely through internal server code
  6. Duradel Is not a true rsps!

    Sounds like that's what you'd call a RAT virus, or Remote Access/Administration Tool. More advanced ones like to call themselves FUD RATS, which would stand for fully undetectable remote access/administration tool. Normally, these viruses are rather tough to find, unless they are poorly designed. I'm glad you got it resolved in a timely manner, and I'm sorry this happened to you. Luckily, it seems you caught it in time. Thanks for the warning Hopefully it'll serve others.
  7. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    We've been putting in a lot of work towards making Pauper quite a bit more user-friendly than it was previously. Since actually learning the server is the toughest part about us, new players had a very tough time. It's still a bit to learn, but we've done some great work recently in really helping out newcomers learn where everything is! However, even with many updates relating to this, it's still a tough server to learn. If anyone has any suggestions on how we could make Pauper a bit more user-friendly towards new players, please send them in!
  8. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Bump! Glacors are no longer safespottable, making them an extremely difficult foe. On top of this, the vine whip's special attack has been perfected! Making it a very powerful weapon. More updates and media coming soon, say tuned!
  9. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Ring of Wealth - Completely Redone It has come to my attention that the Ring of Wealth had a little bit of an issue behind it. Due to the ring being rather experimental code, it would tend to have strange behaviors. Such as making Bandos gear drop like flies from the minions, but not General Graardor itself. Well, for those of you whom wish to continue slaying God Wars Dungeon with your ROW - I bring you good news! At first, I merely started by trying to edit drop rates and variables in the ring's code. After many failures of that, I decided the ring's code was no good. So instead, I spent a few hours rewriting the entire ring itself. The ring still functions the same way as it did before, but it's all entirely new code. This new code should be very malleable and work with a much wider range of NPCs and drop tables. And now, after hours of coding followed by hours of testing - I believe I finally got it. So, what's new with the ring?: A New Algorithm rate = drop.getRate() * (1.1 + (drops.size() / 1000D)); What the code above means is: get your standard drop percentage - add 10% to that. Then, take the size of the drop table, divide it by 1,000 and add that as a percentage to the extra 10%. So, if whips have a 6% chance of dropping at Abyssal Demons at a standard rate with a drop table of 57 drops, the final rate with a Ring of Wealth would be 6.97%. Trust me, the extra 1% bonus will make a noticeable difference. With that being said, I would like to point out the rate shown above is not the standard rate for all NPCs in the server. That's just the "general standard" for this ring, but many different elements are taken into account before finalizing the actual bonus rate of the ring. Most just general monsters you kill, such as Abyssal Demons, this will be the rate. Easier and Tougher Selection Rates This depends on which NPC you're fighting. Sometimes the selection rates have no change, sometimes the selection rates get tougher, and sometimes they get easier. It all depends on which NPC you're fighting. For the most part, the selection rates will stay the same. However, the ring does read and decipher which NPCs are minions, or should just generally have tough rates, and will lower the selection rates. As of now (permitted to change in the future), these rates will only increase or decrease by up to 20%. Only 10 Charges Now It used to be 50, was bumped down to 20, and now we've settled on 10. The ring does increase the chances of your rates by a pretty good amount, especially with the new addition of adding bonus percentage based on the size of the drop table. After your ring shines 10 times, it will shatter into dust. Remember, this only occurs for NPC drops, not mining gems or absorbing gold drops. Malleable Code The new code is designed to have an interchangeable bonus based on many different aspects of the situation the player is currently in. It reads a lot of information, and even checks if the player is in the wilderness or not. It also checks the region the player is in, the size of the drop table of the NPC, what NPC the player is fighting, and quite a bit more. This new system can easily be designed to warp around many different pieces of the server to give a fair bonus to your drop rates.
  10. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Bump Forums have been styled more appropriately to match our landing page. Lots of minor details have been updated, major updates likely to come soon!
  11. Good Bye Lads.

    Bye friend
  12. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    New logo Bump! Only minor updates recently, more coming soon!
  13. Three Word Story

    river troll because
  14. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Miscellaneous Updates: Experience rates have been doubled from x32 combat and x22 skilling to x65 combat and x45 skilling Runite armor, tuna, bass and lobster have been removed from the limited items list Dwarven Rituals quest now rewards the Knight class with a dragon scimitar as the end-reward, rather than a runite set Initiation quest has been slightly modified due to the increased rates
  15. GM's Graphic Update Log

    Created on August 23rd: Render: Background: