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  1. I agree with Journal, the first one is easily the best of the three. I'd say the third one could look better if the background was changed and increase the font size and bold the text in the navigation bar.
  2. My apologies, my reply was more directed towards Steven than anybody as I was, as stated in his post, too lazy to read everything and got the basic summary from him. I simply forgot to quote him So, as of now, I have not taken anything from the topic. I will come back later, most likely after work, and get all the details.
  3. I like it
  4. What the hell sense does it make to reorganize the boards yet again? We're going to reorganzie them in a specific way then all of a sudden people will start flooding to the site? We already organized them based on your template(s). If we're constantly making that change, nobody will be able to make their way around the forums. Everything else I haven't read much of and currently have no opinion.
  5. I actually forgot about this lol Would have been pretty boring if I was the only one competing anyways. Personally, I think the competition should be put on hold once again until we have a larger backing in the graphical side of the community.
  6. WHAT How have I never found this before - sheesh.
  7. Well, fortunately for you, smartphones (including the iPhone) directly support C# which has very similar functionality to Java. It has a fancy class in the language called WebRequest that can pull data from whichever website you request. Now, it may take a bit of trial and error to get it exactly how you'd like it to be - but that goes for any kind of programming! Take a look here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/456dfw4f(v=vs.110).aspx
  8. For the website, yes. And if it's for a RSPS, you can use Java sockets to connect your website to the server to pull the data requested - you wouldn't necessarily need to use MySQL for that. However, sending the data from the website to the app would probably take some research on both of our ends
  9. Hello Freaky! You happen to be in luck If you'd like to sell your services of developing and/or designing websites for RSPS, you can check out our RSPS marketplace!
  10. Yeah, you just have to be good at making apps if you're already decent enough at sending and pulling information from one source to another.
  11. Now introducing new AFK-able training for players with a combat level of 75 or below!:
  12. Banned for having an ugly shade of yellow avatar.
  13. Well, Google doesn't do a background check for AdSense.
  14. Forgot to post the recent updates from a few days ago: -Cache reverted to 718 everything [4/11] -All definitions corrected [4/11] -Most objects and minigames patched from reversion [4/11] -All GWD bosses animations patched, including Nex [4/11] -GWD objects patched [4/11] -Kalpite Hive objects patched [4/11] -Certain objects at home removed [4/11] -Account pin created [4/11] -Boss pets reestablished [4/11] -Teleport locations patched [4/11] Also forgot this GIF from a long while ago:
  15. Alora doesn't have summoning. Ataraxia is #13, GrinderScape is #3.