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  1. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Wouldn't be much of an advertisement thread if I didn't, but I appreciate the bump
  2. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    There is a thread on our forums regarding an economy reset after the server is out of our beta stage. This is a public poll, and anyone with a forum account may vote on it. Currently, 100% of the voters have waved in favor for the economy reset to happen after our beta stage is done. Remember - this is a public poll, and anyone can see what you voted for. If there are any players that wish to vote on this decision, please do so at the following link: https://www.pauperps.ml/community/showthread.php?tid=42
  3. Return of an OG member

    Iki said "we don't say it's name, we refer to it as 'the day that shall not be named'", I'm just following instructions big boss.
  4. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Recent updates: Harpoon fishing patched (would never end + could fish with bare hands, I'm an idiot that forgot to add a false return don't mind me ) Double catches now give double experience Reorganized our many logs and categorized them Redoing IP logs soon for better organization & timestamps Will soon make drop, pickup, items deliberately destroyed logs, what items were removed using the ;;empty command, player-kill, & player-death logs Players now able to see the amount Nex heals, any time she heals Players can now see how many items are in their bank and how many slots they have left Once I reinstall Photoshop, I will provide a GIF of the new Shadow Phase feature Nex has. I'll do it soon, but I always say "soon". <- This feature is actually extremely easy to add. If anyone wants to add it to their server, here you go: player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(192, getBankSize());
  5. [742] Novite - The comeback

    Enjoying the frequency Keep it up! Will be watching this.
  6. Return of an OG member

    This thread isn't about you, slave.
  7. Return of an OG member

    Hey there, welcome back I like your signature! Even tough RL opened in '07, and all accounts were lost after *this message has been edited by Ikiliki* the day that shall not be named.
  8. [742] Novite - The comeback

    What base?
  9. Project Empyrean #1 OSRSPS

    Support. Can't wait to see the media and future updates
  10. Wow! Your server really is more complete than most servers I've seen. BUT I've spent 16 hours on my Nex. How complete is she really? I'd like to know the exact abilities she has! As someone who's nearly perfected her - saying she's "perfect" seems to be quite the claim in my opinion. Otherwise, really good job. I'm actually very shocked when I came on this thread. It looks like a decent amount of work has been put into this server!
  11. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Recent updates, nothing special: Completionist hood stats now match max hood's stats Slayer helmet and full slayer helmet have better stats than black mask Barb-tail harpoon now works for every harpoon fishing spot Altar runes' experience dropped whilst RuneSpan creatures & nodes experience increased Undead soul now able to spawn on 3rd floor of RuneSpan Essence pouches have been made to increase in intervals of 4 rather than 3 Slayer tasks are now able to be skipped using Slayer Points, Pauper Points, or GP
  12. An Ear

    Yea only if you're a meninist smh
  13. An Ear

    Welcome back! Did you just assume that ear's identity though?
  14. 2nd February 2018

    I'm weak now Looks great though, thank you Cart!
  15. [Beta] Pauper: Properly Unique

    Bump! My long hiatus of no-updates is finally coming to an end now that my schedule is clearing up Newest updates are as follows: EDIT: The quote above only applies for Nex's Shadow Phase. Glacors are no longer forced multi-combat, as it was too much to bare Glacor aggressive distance has been lowered to 12 tiles Tormented Demons are no longer available as slayer tasks until they are released Demon Horn Necklace has been added properly Effect applies with bonecrusher, making it a very useful item to wear for slayer tasks Normal, burnt, monkey & wolf bones restore 10 prayer points per-bury Big, zogre, jogre, shaikahan, & baby dragon bones restore 20 prayer points per-bury Wyven bones restore 25 prayer points per-bury Dragon, Fayrg, Raurg, Dagannoth, ourge, and frost dragon bones restore 30 prayer points per-bury Nullpointer with impling catching has been patched Various website updates for my own peace of mind A certain quest dialogue started More updates to come soon I'll also get a GIF for the new Nex ability to showcase rather soon.