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  1. Remember to join our Discord with over 450 members and our community forums! The official server release date is set for the 7th of July, can't wait to see you all in game :cool:
  2. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel. We will be launching on the 7th of July, however this might be earlier so stay tuned for further updates! Item switching drastically improved Client memory leaks fixed XP locking added, along with an option in the quest tab to toggle it on/off Periodic game saving Item in chatbox positions fixed Zoom level display shown when changing your zoom level XP drops now properly merge Attack styles are now always correct when switching from a weapon that doesn't support the exact same type of style you were on You can now only teleport out of PvP fights in the Wilderness with a teleport tab or amulet of glory XP counter settings will no longer crash your client If you teleport home after being barraged etc, you will no longer be frozen Artefact drops added to Revenants and redeeming them for cash added Hunters crossbow added Loads of Wilderness multi areas added, according to the OSRS multi zone map Diagonal attacking improved Ranged strength formulas fixed up OSRS max hit formulas OSRS special attack mechanics added, e.g. double clicking g maul before being in combat will make it spec twice Dark bow special attack minimum hits added Wilderness caskets added - low, medium and rare variety's which each have their own reward table Elder chaos druids added Kodai wand now offers unlimited water runes Base rewards for PvP added, which is coins. - There is also a formula to calculate how much GP you will get for a kill which depends on Wilderness level, risk, killstreak etc Trident of the seas and swamp added You can now cut Redwood at the Woodcutting guild Accuracy formulas have been changed up a lot Pathing has been reworked Dragon thrownaxe Around 40+ other bug fixes that aren't included in this log.....
  3. Best of luck with everything bro
  4. Well deserved promotion, congrats mate
  5. Launching soon, be sure to join our Discord and sign up on the forums!
  6. Impressive work, looking really professional
  7. To start off, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have stuck by our side from day one and beyond. We have been in development for over a year and 4 months now, and our development team has been grinding like crazy to make sure that your first experience on the official launch will be as smooth and as perfect as one can hope to be. With that being said, we have decided that we are nearing a stage of release where we can fulfil those wishes, and provide an enjoyable game for our community. It has really been a long run, and our hard work is about to pay off, which would never have been possible if you guys weren't there to support us the whole way, and I dearly thank all of you for that. Now to get to the important things: The release date. The one thing we've all been looking forward to! The Emulous development team has decided that we will release our server officially on: July 7th, 2018 - 2PM EST (It might be a week earlier, we will inform everyone if it is!)
  8. Thanks for the on going support from everyone and we apologise for the long development time but we really are trying to make the server as good as we can for the release. It won't be perfect but it will be definitely ready and not bug filled, after we launch we have tons of ideas for new content which won't ever leave our players bored. Oh and... We hope to release an official release date this month! :yay: Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! Farming skill completed - 4 patches working (Catherby, Ardougne, Phasmatys & Falador) - Compost bins working - Plans getting diseased All item prices set (just need to do point shops now) Revenant caves is now in the Wilderness and multi You can now turn a Crystal seed into a Crystal item Equipment screen now shows a + or - on the bonuses Farming/Woodcutting/Mining teleports added Skin colour fixes Dagganoth kings are now immune to their respective combat styles according to the combat triangle Fixed a bug with kills not being added Corporal beast reworked - the core is now fully working also Pathing has been completely reworked and fixed all the bugs we had previously - Entity size is now taken into account - Large NPCs no longer walk into objects Combat delays reworked Combat accuracy reworked Zulrah finishing touches complete (Thanks @Kris for his feedback) Twisted bow correct formulas Crazy archaeologist fixes Fight caves improved - 360s have their correct animations - 360s use melee when in range - Prayer is now calculated before the hit correctly - Jad script improved Magic shortbow (i) configured NPCs now return back to their "home" when they come too far away NPC attacking improved, your player can no longer get stuck attacking large NPCs Leaf-bladed battleaxe configured Support for shops with points as a currency
  9. Be sure to join our forums & Discord server for more information on updates & when we're going live! New updates coming soon...
  10. Hey lads! Emulous will be launching soon, a release date will be announced shortly. You can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/eDmsSbH and check out sneak peek media here: http://emulous.org/forums/topic/10-sneak-peak-media/
  11. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! Revenant caves is now in the Wilderness and multi Mithril seed planting now takes into account white and black flowers being more rare Custom skin colour selection interface and system added - The normal character design interface will only show the standard skin colours - The custom skin colours have the following requirements: Green: Only super donators or players with 300+ kills can have this skin colour Black: Only extreme donators or players with 500+ kills can have this skin colour White: Only extreme donators or players with 500+ kills can have this skin colour Blue: Only super donators or players with 300+ kills can have this skin colour You can no longer do ::master/pure/rangetank/zerk commands while wearing equipment Slayer tower and pirate ship object interactions added Dice bag added, it an be used while in a clan chat Godsword creation Barrows breaking - It will break when dropped or when a player dies - An are you sure message is displayed with an option for yes but don't ask me again - Can be repaired by the repair/untradeables NPC A warning has been added to Wilderness teleports with an option to not ask you again if you wish to disable it The teleport interface now displays the category in the name and also opens the last category you had open Proper skill resource collecting formulas added for fishing, woodcutting and mining (takes into account level & equipment being used) Autochat added - Has a fairly high delay so it isn't abused More bug fixes and the usual stuff
  12. Wouldn't recommend playing this, the owner scammed me after I got it to #1. He is known for scamming, also scammed Tyluur a while back and is banned on other communities under his original name.
  13. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! World select and music button added to login screen World selection added (deadman placeholder added) Slayer tower object interactions added Fishing skill finished Stamina potions added, with the correct sprites and timer Barrelchest anchor complete Royal seed pod added (saves players from having to buy tele tabs once they buy it) Zulrah combat script added - Different phases - Spawns poisoned clouds - Spawns snakelings - Alternates spawn location - Drops appear under the player - Screen fading & minimap blacked out added for taking the boat to Zulrah's shrine Venom system added - The damage slowly increases - Orb and hitmark uses the dark green colour - You can be effected by poison and venom at the same time - Cannot be venomed if wearing a Zulrah helmet Removed Blowpipe and magic fang from the shops, so they can only be obtained from Zulrah (since they're not really pk based items anyway) Configured what items you can spawn Bug fixes On going core and general improvements
  14. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! OSRS special attack orb added OSRS clan chat tab added Levers in the Wildernss can now be used Firemaking bug fixed where you could light loads of fires repeatedly When you examine coins it will now tell you the amount of coins you have Dragon Harpoon added Particles for the infernal max cape added Presets now save the slot for each item so if an item is missing from the preset it won't mess up your layout Fixed various attack speeds according to how they should be on OSRS Ava's assembler added Third age bow configured Amethyst arrows added 3rd age pickaxe/axe now work Some banking bugs fixed Item container system overhaul, we're in the process of implementing to all container calls currently The click area for all magic spells has been increased to improve the hybridding experience Misc improvements and fixes
  15. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! Quick actions tab finished Staff of light creation and configurations done Item morphing for: Ring of coins, ring of nature, easter ring & monkey Greegrees Attacking players improved - the shortest distance is now always found from all directions An issue with adding players that have player titles has been fixed Vengeance other spell added Wearing an item now stops following Runecrafting pouches added, all 4 sizes (you can only have one of each item) Fix en issue with the Zamorak boss smiting you from 99 prayer to 0 after each hit Yell showing the wrong crown has been fixed A bug with spell casting sometimes making the players face the opposite way has been fixed Sanfew serums now work 100% Adding friends with player titles from the chatbox now works Twisted bow attack speed fixed Tutorial bug fixes and added a stage to show where the Slayer master is Tutorial now hides the side icons that aren't being used Agility is now trainable, all 3 courses work Skillcape shop added, you can only buy capes you have the required level for