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  1. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! OSRS special attack orb added OSRS clan chat tab added Levers in the Wildernss can now be used Firemaking bug fixed where you could light loads of fires repeatedly When you examine coins it will now tell you the amount of coins you have Dragon Harpoon added Particles for the infernal max cape added Presets now save the slot for each item so if an item is missing from the preset it won't mess up your layout Fixed various attack speeds according to how they should be on OSRS Ava's assembler added Third age bow configured Amethyst arrows added 3rd age pickaxe/axe now work Some banking bugs fixed Item container system overhaul, we're in the process of implementing to all container calls currently The click area for all magic spells has been increased to improve the hybridding experience Misc improvements and fixes
  2. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! Quick actions tab finished Staff of light creation and configurations done Item morphing for: Ring of coins, ring of nature, easter ring & monkey Greegrees Attacking players improved - the shortest distance is now always found from all directions An issue with adding players that have player titles has been fixed Vengeance other spell added Wearing an item now stops following Runecrafting pouches added, all 4 sizes (you can only have one of each item) Fix en issue with the Zamorak boss smiting you from 99 prayer to 0 after each hit Yell showing the wrong crown has been fixed A bug with spell casting sometimes making the players face the opposite way has been fixed Sanfew serums now work 100% Adding friends with player titles from the chatbox now works Twisted bow attack speed fixed Tutorial bug fixes and added a stage to show where the Slayer master is Tutorial now hides the side icons that aren't being used Agility is now trainable, all 3 courses work Skillcape shop added, you can only buy capes you have the required level for
  3. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! Player titles system added - 3 categories of titles: Pking, PvM & other (skilling, purchasable, etc...) - Unlockable titles for completing certain tasks: e.g. kill 100 players - Customise your title colour - Preview titles before purchasing The client icon now loads from the website Teleport levers now change object when it is pulled down Gem crafting bug fix Peek attacking now works, so your player will navigate around objects properly to attack - e.g. freeze a player and you can tree hug by freezing and running back and forth Attacking large NPCs has been fixed properly finally Block animations being performed too often is now fixed Charge spell added High and low alchemy spells added Bank tabs now save their scroll positions Weapon interfaces for: Dihn's Bulwark and Staff of the dead Third age Mystery boxes added All types of Mystery boxes now have their own counter All third age items now obtainable A few misc changes and fixes
  4. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel for more information on updates & when we're launching! The Bounty points shop has been finished Vote points shop added Ornament kits shop added All 3 fancy dress shops added A few more misc items added to normal Mystery boxes Magic damage % and Ranged str now show on the equipment screen Updated our server sided item definitions to the latest data We can now dump definitions from the OSRS cache Magic experience for when you splash spells is now added When interacting with an NPC on the same spot as them your player will now move out to interact Following improved a lot and dance following now works Fixed a bug with shops sending the open shop function twice when opening from dialogues Fixed a bug with NPC spawning Ring imbueing is now done through the shops, you need the normal item and the cost required to upgrade Commands to open forums, voting and store page added You can now right click the preset manager button and load your last preset
  5. Recent Updates: Here's another batch of updates, we're getting closer and closer every week. With the usual content updates in the works, we're working on improving our combat system in the background. We are also looking for someone to join us as a graphics designer. Please PM me if you are interested! Be sure to join our: Website & Discord channel The game tutorial has been finished - Shows new players the basics on Emulous - Created a new packet for pointers - Starter items added to bank - Choose your starting class at the end of the tutorial - Guide books added to players bank Spellbook teleports are now all added - This also includes teleport to target in Bounty hunter The quick actions tab within the quest tab has been finished - Open useful interfaces: NPC drop tables, presets, runes, etc... The scroll position on the bank interface is now saved while you are logged in The Vengeance animation will now stall the player from walking like on Rs Split chat saving is now done client sided and split chat enabled will be the default for new players Your last 3 teleports are now shown on the teleports interface Achievements tab finished
  6. Recent Update: Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Wrath Runes are now displayed in the spell requirement for Surge spells Surge spells added The Rune pouch will now make runes light up in your spellbook and various improvements to the pouch fucntionality too Added rune neglect bonus for Toxic staff of the dead and it can now be used to autocast dart and flames of Zamorak Charge Spells with timers and max hit adjustments to God spells NPC sliding issue fixed for all NPCs Quest tab redesigned and partially complete, we still need to finish off some server implementations The guide book has been finished, it features 6 different help sections! Updated server sided clipping to support #163 maps
  7. Recent Update: Here's some of the updates that we've been working on! From now on we'll try to post smaller update logs instead of these larger ones. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Finally fixed large NPCs attacking players More projectile improvements Vet'ion boss completed with all mechanics - Spawns his dogs - All stages - All attacks Block animation timing improvements All Godwars bosses reworked Godwars altars with timers Godwars killcount interface so people can track the amount of kills on their trips Vote shop NPC added Fixed a bug with tourny timers spamming the chatbox Target skipping for Bounty Hunter added More support for statement dialogues Fixed some attack speeds which were incorrect Fixed container overflow so players don't lose money when withdrawing more than max integer Fixed various issues with clipping/pathing, you can no longer attack players/NPCs through objects Trading is now triggered when you are 1 tile away from the person you are requesting to trade with Long ranged now works for all weapons that have a long ranged option, so you can attack from further away All OSRS spellbooks added, including the new surge spells The vengeance spell icon will now appear faded until you can use the spell again Dagannoth bosses added ::kdr command added to shout your kills to death ratio Twisted bow functionality added
  8. Recent Update: I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and is looking forward to the new year! Here are our most recent updates, apologies that it took some time but we've been enjoying some downtime for Christmas. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Fixed an issue with items being messed up if the dropped item has amount above 10m+ Fixed not being able to click the minimap at Barrows Fixed HP overlay above players heads being shown when not in combat and it showing as 0 for other players The combat dummy now doesn't give XP and the player will only attack once until you attack it again All preset options now work Wilderness obelisks now have the correct animation/gfx When attacking first with the gmaul spec and switching into a new weapon for a combo, there was a delay this is now fixed Fixed an issue related to converting platnium tokens When switching from a whip on lash to another weapon it would default to accurate instead of aggressive, this is now fixed Fixed items of a quantity of over 10 million being glitched The teleports interface has been reworked Player titles interface added, we still need to add the system for this though Interface added to list player commands DFS timer added New client icon added Kalphite queen boss mechanics Fixed up some stuff related to projectiles Items now pickup instantly Default new player starter banks have now been configured Ancient mace special attack added
  9. Recent Update: Here's another batch of updates, got some exciting stuff coming soon too! Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! #159 item definitions added All special attack items now have the correct damage bonus and accuracy Correct block animations for Godswords and mauls Ahrims staff is no longer 2handed and provides 5% magic damage bonus Correct attack animation for Verac's flail Toxic staff of the dead combat interface You can no longer be poisoned when wearing a Zulrah helmet Scorpia object interactions added Zamorakian Hasta attack interface added Edgeville map edits - Added a lever at home to teleport the the Revenants cave - Removed objects with a map editor so they don't appear on the map - Removed ground decorations in the room with the altar Cerberus boss added - Chance of lava pools that damage you when Cerberus is before 200 hp - The ghosts spawn from the skull with damaging attacks - All other expected mechanics Preset updates - Improved the presets interface (might improve this more in the future) - Re-made all the presets so they're more suited for real pkers - You can no longer open presets interface in the Wilderness or when in combat - Few QOL updates
  10. Recent Update: More updates coming soon, there isn't too much more that we want to get done now for release. Just a few bosses, combat improvements and small bits of content and configurations! Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Packed #159 maps and items (still need to do some work for NPCs) Attack style saving fixed You can now cut all Maple trees Configured Thieving XP rates Kill streak shutdown rewards and announcements Amulet of glory worn options ::Pure, ::zerk, ::master and ::rangetank commands added Mithril seed planting and picking Fixed barraging an npc (near another npc) in a NON-multi area damaging both Top 3 pkers of the day: - The 3 best pkers of the day are now announced - Each player will be given a nice reward Ground item overlay no longer repeats the same items on the pile and just says the amount e.g. Shark (15) Updated skill tab tooltips to show set level for combat stats New logging system Added the new Godsword special attack animation ids Finished off the Barrows minigame Your max hit on the equipment screen will now update when you activate your special attack You can no longer open items kept on death, equip or price checker interface while in combat Various bug fixes and small bits of content
  11. Recent Update: Here are some recent updates we've done! SSL has also been configured and is working on the site and forums. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Valuable drops are now highlighted in the loot pile Breaking vials functionality now works Fixed HD minimap icons changing Fixed the danger map icon Esc button can now close any interface Presets interface completed and more functionality added Platnium tokens converting to coins and vice versa Cooking is now 5 ticks and not 4 like it should be Clan chat system improved and clan settings added - All ranks added - All clan permissions working - Kicking - Clan setup shows all members on your friends list < icon now shows in the chatbox Max hit dummy can no longer be poisoned, give XP and can now be examined Guzzle option added to the Dwarven rock cake XP drops now show before the hit and not after Blood key event - A blood key spawns deep in the Wilderness - Once you have the key you cannot trade it, drop it or teleport from the Wilderness - Players notified when the key is dropped, picked up and when the player escapes with the key - Use the blood with the blood key chest at home to claim your reward Bug fixes and more
  12. Recent Update: Beta applications closing shortly, be sure to apply if you are wanting to take part: http://emulous.org/forums/forum/35-beta-applications/ More updates coming soon. Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Runecrafting Abyss object interactions added Onyx bolt special now has a chance to deal 20% increased damage Fight caves added with all mechanics, it has 2 waves currently but we may add more The Bandos Godsword now uses 50% special energy Hitpoints now decrease after you've used a brew or Anglerfish overtime You can no longer get a boss pet from when you already have the pet Loads of code cleanup and consistency changes You can now gamble your fire cape for the chance of a Jad pet Max hit dummy functionality added Players are now rewarded x2 the reward amount for their first kill of the day Corrected the Dragon claws max hit formula Cerberus crystal combining added Added the correct updated sprites for the raid prayers Text shadow added to item stack formatting Looting bag now completely finished - Bank interface for looting bag added - Bag value and only depositing in Wilderness added NPC kill log interface added - Instead of making it just for Slayer NPCs we've made it for all NPCs - Reset your streaks to track the amount of kills you do in a session Added correct fonts and formatting for clan chat messages Loads of small updates not worth mentioning
  13. Beta applications are now open, we will be picking around 20-30 members to participate. If you are interested, please read this thread to find out how to make an application: Beta Applications Now Open! Be sure to join our friendly Discord server here - https://discord.gg/eDmsSbH