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  1. Looking forward to this being completed
  2. That should be fixed now for you Be sure to sign up on the website lads!
  3. Website - be sure to sign up to save your username! Welcome to our project thread! Thanks for checking out the HD-PvP project thread, you may have seen the old project already. However, we have decided to completely revamp the server and make it into something even greater! We believe that Runescape 2011 was the best era of Runescape and will always remain the best era of Runescape, that is why it is our mission to bring it back and to provide the community with a server with the most active and flawless pking! The server will primarily be PvP based, however of course we will accommodate for those who want to skill, gamble or PvM making HD-PvP the server for everyone. Server Features: • A flawless combat system and item switching • Wilderness features such as switching hot-zones and earned potential • Tons of 2011 content in all aspects of gameplay • Fully functional Grand Exchange with support for blood money • Loads of bosses to kill and skills to train • Item presets for quick and constant pking! • Loads of changeable client settings • Full integration between the website, forum and server • Professional and mature staff team Media: FAQ: Will pking be the only activity on HD-PvP? No - skilling, gambling and PvM will also be available so the choice is yours! When will HD-PvP be released? We are looking at releasing on Friday 27th of January, which is next Friday! Will I have to train my stats? Players will be able to set their combat stats so you can get straight into pking! However, you won't be able to set Summoning or any non combat skills. What will be the in game currency? The in game currency on HD-PvP is blood money! Does HD-PvP have a website? Yes we do, please sign up to keep up to date with the latest updates! Does HD-PvP have a Discord server? Yes we do, please click to below banner to join! Final Notes: Be sure to sign up on our website to save your username ready for release! We welcome any suggestions or feedback that you may have and we would like to thank you for your interest! If you like the look of our project please hit the 'Thanks' button :cool: Many thanks, - HD-PvP Team Support Signature:
  4. Looking good mate, thanks for helping out.
  5. Welcome to Runelocus dude
  6. Might be helpful if you post some of the code relating to your issue so people could try and find the problem for you
  7. Nice Updates and no worries
  8. I'm not sure about anyone else but I would like to see the new shoutbox messages appear at the top instead of the bottom. What does everyone else think?
  9. Sounds good to me
  10. Welcome to Runelocus dude!
  11. If you guys want to take Kratos to the next level and gain a big playerbase I could join you guys as the advertisement manager. I did the advertisements for Alora, which is now the 2nd biggest server online. Please let me know if you're interested
  12. Yeah bring it back bro!
  13. Good luck, server reminds me of ErazedPkz or whatever it was called ahaha
  14. Welcome to Runelocus dude