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  1. Apologies, I have updated it now.
  2. Website Register on our website & use our support banner to get a free mystery box when we launch! Introducing Emulous: Welcome to our official project thread for Emulous, we're glad that you've come to check us out on our journey to bring you the best possible OSRS PvP (player versus player) experience available... With flawless combat, unique features and a real OSRS feel, combined with a friendly and active staff team we want to bring the best game-play available to the community! Please note that we have only just began development on Emulous but have decided to create a thread right from the beginning so everyone can see the progress right from the start and all the way up until we go live! We will have a website and loads of updates coming shortly, so be sure to check out the thread for frequent updates on our progress. Game Media: Recent Updates: Coming soon... The Team: Emulous - Founder & Developer Trickk - Community Manager Raw Envy - Advertisement Manager Nouish - Server Developer Yogi - Server Developer Andys1814 - Server Developer Setup - Website Developer Supporting us? Join our Discord channel: Use our support signature: [CENTER][URL="http://emulous.org/"][IMG=http://i.imgur.com/CIzkM2y.png][/URL][/CENTER] Credits to Professor Oak for his Elvarg release
  3. Good job @Setup not sure why this was never used tbh, it looks great and matches up with the rest of the site.
  4. Thanks, hoping you've joined in the chat too
  5. Good to hear mate
  6. bump
  7. Servers starting to look better. Let me know if you're looking for a server manager, someone that can bring a lot of players to the server again
  8. Welcome back mate and best of luck with learning Java.
  9. https://discord.gg/bxZzTAp - RS/RSPS Discord Join Us
  10. Click here to join my RSPS Discord, 100+ friendly members joined already!
  11. Bumperino, 80+ friendly people in our chat now Use this link to join: https://discord.gg/bxZzTAp
  12. Pretty cool man, keep at it.
  13. Come join lads
  14. Pretty fun server tbh
  15. Come join in lads, 60+ friendly Rs/RSPS players currently chatting