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  1. Good luck with the project
  2. Recent Updates: Here are some of our recent updates on Emulous, there are a few more minor things to complete for the looting bag and rune pouch but we're get those done soon. Yet again thanks for all the support from everyone! Be sure to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/n8XENgG Added correct anim/gfx/projectile and NPC chat to the teleports wizard You can now use the space bar to skip a dialogue You can now use 1-4 to select dialogue options Player attack options and NPC attack options added in the settings tab Looting bag added (still need to add the looting bag deposit interface) Rune pouch added (once we've added the updated OSRS spellbook interfaces we will make it light up the runes) Fixed the price checker Anglerfish effect added Supplies store has been finished Withdraw all but one and last amount withdrawn added to banking Energy potions added (still need to do Stamina potion effect) Various bug fixes and small additions
  3. Recent Updates: Thanks for all the great support on our project thread so far! Here are some recent updates, we've done a lot more but wanted to finish off a few things with those before we get them posted. Remember to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/eDmsSbH Deposit boxes added Teleport interface created and teleports added Finished off a few additions to the dialogue system Fully functional enchanted gem dialogue added Phoenix necklace ability added Ring of recoil added All NPC drops from OSRS added, credits to Professor Oak Updated to #148 item definitions Teleport tabs added Cooking skill complete Bug fixes and other small additions
  4. We're be pushing out the next batch of updates either today or tomorrow!
  5. Recent Updates: Remember to sign up on our website - Emulous.org, loads more updates coming soon! Created a new dialogue system to make it quicker to add dialogues Imbued heart effect added Slayer has been finished for the most part, including the interfaces (still need to add extending tasks and unlocks) Most weapon interfaces defined Amulet of Glory teleporting Duel arena interfaces functions added, still a bit more work needed to finish up the Duel arena Converting some content over to use our scripting system Bug fixes and a lot more that won't be posted quite yet
  6. Sign up on our website - http://emulous.org/ Recent Updates: The most useful skill in Runescape has been added, Firemaking! The Slayer skill has been added, we just need to finish up adding NPC spawns and dialogues Potion decanting has been added - this also includes noted potions Duel arena interfaces created (still needs to be implemented server sided) Teleport interface created (still needs to be implemented server sided) Run energy has been added Various bug fixes
  7. Posting updates shortly, remember to sign up on our website at http://emulous.org/
  8. Remember to use our support signature, join the Discord & sign up on our website at www.Emulous.org - to get a free Mystery box once we launch!
  9. Hope everyone has had a great weekend, here's some recent updates that have been done. Recent Updates: OSRS texturing has been added OSRS equipment interface Gameframe side icon tooltips added Zoom in adjustment bar now works Hashed passwords We've made a start to adding the shops Sign up on our website here!
  10. Expect some updates and cool stuff coming soon Be sure to sign up on our website - Emulous.org
  11. Recent Updates: Decided to post a few updates that I forgot to post previously, got a few big updates coming soon also so be sure to check back for those! Remember to sign up on our website - Emulous to get a free mystery box when we launch. Barrows is now complete, we also added the updated rewards interface Cooking skillcape perk added The home area has been setup Cooking skill complete Crafting skill complete Fishing skill complete Mining skill complete Location system added Player attirbute system added Prayer skill added - this is just so you can bury your opponents bones after killing them
  12. Added you on Skype
  13. @Fallout The below interface better? So currently we've been working on a few things... I'll post a full update log soon but here's some sneak peak screenshots!
  14. Yeah we will add that, thanks for the feedback greatly appreciated!