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  1. Vouch for my man Jeff, does an amazing job.
  2. Looking good, seen this before with pking bots on servers and stuff haha
  3. Agreed
  4. Nice updates pal, keep them coming
  5. Nice job mate super l33t updates bro
  6. You'll get one soon We're currently going to be working on a lot of updates and kind of re-releasing once we're done.
  7. Bump, come and hybrid me to get dropped
  8. Check out the most recent updates below and be sure to be online this weekend for events! http://hdpvp.com/forums/topic/141-2117-better-ways-to-get-blood-money-small-combat-improvements-new-quest-tab-and-loads-more/
  9. We will be starting to advertise from tomorrow! Lots of bug fixes and updates have been done before we wanted to properly advertise
  10. Homepage Welcome to our advertisement thread! Thanks for checking out the HD-PvP advertisement thread! At HD-PvP we believe that Runescape 2011 was the best era of the game and will always remain the best era of Runescape, that is why it is our mission to bring it back and to provide the community with a server with the most active and flawless 2011 pking. The server is primarily PvP based, however of course we do accommodate for those who want to skill, gamble or PvM making HD-PvP the server for everyone! Server Features: • A flawless combat system and item switching • Wilderness features such as switching hot-zones and earned potential • Tons of 2011 content in all aspects of gameplay • Fully functional Grand Exchange with support for blood money • Loads of bosses to kill and skills to train • Item presets for quick and constant pking! • Loads of changeable client settings • Full integration between the website, forum and server • Professional and mature staff team Media: FAQ: Staff Team: Tyluur - Server Developer & Founder Raw Envy - Advertisement Manager
  11. HD-PvP will be launching tomorrow at 21:00 GMT, make sure you're online to join the fun! And sign up to save your username if you haven't already - http://hdpvp.com/
  12. 2 days left until we launch! Remember to sign up on the website if you haven't already http://hdpvp.com/
  13. 2 days left until we launch! Remember to sign up on the website if you haven't already http://hdpvp.com/
  14. http://hdpvp.com/forums/ - Be sure to sign up on the forums, not much longer till release!