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  1. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Update: Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Yell formatting fixed up Remember username and password added to login screen Doors/gates system added, all types supported (only thing left is to change the open/close options) Donator NPC dialogues complete Skilling improvements Poison orb now added A lot of improvements to the objects system Stall Thieving added
  2. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Update: Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Richard the team cape seller added with his dialogue and shop The 4 different Hitpoint bar sizes have been added - Corporeal beast, Zulrah and Cerberus now use their correct HP bar sizes Ali has finished the OSRS bank interface and placeholders Tournament system added - Occurs 3 times a day, saved into a json file so we can reload times and such if we want - Players can vote on what tourny they want next - Lots of tournament types: Box of health now restores special attack, with a timer based on your rank
  3. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: Feel free to leave any feedback and suggestions. We're slowly closing in on a private Beta, applications will be opened shortly so look out for that! Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! All 4 Godwars bosses added with their relevant combat strategies Teleport commands added for home and duel Smithing additions 20% bonus experience while training non combat skills in the Wilderness Crossing the Wilderness ditch is now more smooth NPC retreating reworked NPC aggression reworked Oziach can now create Dragonfire shields and fully charge your shield for a price Boss loot notificatins - All players within the area will be sent the loot that was received by the player that got the drop Town Crier now shouts random messages Loads of bug fixes and more
  4. Discord social media button

    I was thinking since no one in RSPS really uses Twitter that it would be a good idea to replace the Twitter social media button with a Discord button, or add the Discord button also. Let me know what you think?
  5. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: This is something I've been working on recently, along with a few other nice updates. Some of the stuff I've been working on is complete, we're just finishing off the interfaces for them. Stay tuned for those, waiting on GFX lady for sprite changes! Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! View all NPC drop tables Search feature done client sided Interface created to match the OSRS theme All drop rarity types added Fixed duo scrollbar components on single interface scrollable issue, where the first component in the widget pool would receive scroll via mouse oppurtunity and others will be disregarded on the same interface.
  6. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: Some more updates that I have been working on. We've also got a few big updates going on currently which are almost completed, stay tuned for those! Be sure to join our Website & Discord channel! Improved the distance object actions get triggered from Wilderness resource area - Peek inside the area to check how many players are there - Pay 100 blood money to enter - Pile's will note your items - Kill Runite Golems to mine Rune ore Default OSRS player appearance added Potion combining Cobweb slashing Fight styles now save Corporeal beast boss added Various bug fixes
  7. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: Here are some of the updates that I've been working on, got a few more things but they aren't finished quite yet. Feel free to leave feedback and also comment anything that you'd like to see! NPC attack distance fixes, re-written a lot of the code for pathfinding and NPC sizing and such (Still needs some more work) New user text on login screen is now relevent You can now take a Max cape from the mounted cape at home or at the skilling zone Ladder system added and made a few changes The King Black Dragon boss has been completed - All attack methods are supported such as poison and freeze attacks NPC killcount tracking completed, also supports other trackables like Barrows chest Boss kill times added, when you get a new personal best you will get a message telling you the time - Still need to create a highscores for this Lever teleports added - Still need to do some work on fixing up the distance object actions get triggered from Various bug fixes
  8. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Trading: Re-did trading to replica OSRS look. You can now see opponents free slots. When removing items in trade, your opponent will be notified via a pulsating sprite. Pulsating sprites will last 5 seconds and pulsate and change its opacity value as the timer goes down. Second confirm screen now adjusts the displayed item names dependant on how many items being shown. Just like on OSRS, if on the second screen your container contains less than 15 items, then it will recentre and show in orange bold colour. If on the second screen your container contains more than 15 items, it will split the display into 2 sections showing 14 items on the left, then if there are anymore it will show the rest on the right side. Dragonfire Shield completed: You can now charge your shield via any dragons fire breath attack. You can use the options operate on the shield whilst wielding it in order to initiate its special. Special GFX/Projectile calculations are done on position by position basis and it all syncs well along with hit delay/damage delays being spot on. You can now empty the shield by using the right click context menu option 'Empty' on this particular item. This will allow you to sell the shield (containing no charges). Fixed picking up multiple of same item drop, where it would merge the item to show as 1 when right clicked, but then would give you 2 when you pick it up. This is no longer the case. Few Misc bugs, support for few client side updates. MEDIA:
  9. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: Hey everyone! Apologies for the lack of updates recently a lot of the team has been very busy, including myself but updates will now resume as normal Join our Discord here - https://discord.gg/eDmsSbH Userbars have been added to the forums Proper message for potion drinking has been added Opacity and withdraw/store options added to the Rune pouch Ground items display added with a toggle Hans added at the home area to tell you your playtime and when you joined Emulous More work on bosses, a bigger update on this will be posted soon!
  10. Good Bye Lads.

  11. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Hey everyone! So as you may have already noticed we've almost finished up the website, with our new homepage and matching forum theme. We still want to fix up a few minor issues and work on adding some nice user bars for all the different groups, which will be done soon. You can view the full website here: Emulous RSPS - The Ultimate OSRS PvP Experience! Upgraded to the most recent version of IPB Homepage created New forum theme to match the homepage Integrated the homepage with IPB
  12. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: So this update we've been working on a variety of content and we've also got our new homepage design online, so be sure to check that out here: Emulous For the next update log you're going to see a lot of work on bosses and some more cool content so stayed tuned for that! Be sure to join our Discord here, if you haven't already - https://discord.gg/hdSsmr8 Stopped player actions while teleporting Item breaking and repairing untradeables - Barrows items break when dropped - Untradeable items turn to their broken form when you die in the Wilderness - The ability to automatically repair your untradeable items Fixed the special attack bar models Pure gear store complete Skilling supplies store complete Untradeables store complete Dwarven rock cake hp dropping added PvP scoreboard added, we have a variation of boards to view: - Best online pkers, best all time pkers, live feed and most wanted Global broadcast messages have been added More client interface work Super combat potion added A start on the Wilderness chest Statistic tracking added for boss killcounts and more Lots of bug fixes
  13. Am I a mod yet? 

    - Blake V2

  14. [OS] Emulous - Soon to Bring YOU the Best OSRS Pking!

    Recent Updates: Here are some of our recent updates on Emulous, there are a few more minor things to complete for the looting bag and rune pouch but we're get those done soon. Yet again thanks for all the support from everyone! Be sure to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/n8XENgG Added correct anim/gfx/projectile and NPC chat to the teleports wizard You can now use the space bar to skip a dialogue You can now use 1-4 to select dialogue options Player attack options and NPC attack options added in the settings tab Looting bag added (still need to add the looting bag deposit interface) Rune pouch added (once we've added the updated OSRS spellbook interfaces we will make it light up the runes) Fixed the price checker Anglerfish effect added Supplies store has been finished Withdraw all but one and last amount withdrawn added to banking Energy potions added (still need to do Stamina potion effect) Various bug fixes and small additions