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  1. 100 and i win
  2. Only system files I know you can move are C:\Users\{Account Name}. You'd have to google how to store it on a different disk but I know it can be done.
  3. RS3 is trash. I really should update this, maybe i'll do it today, it is way behind.
  4. 6/10 is not special
  5. Selling 45m at $1.10/m asap 1/17/2017/16:56 - 6m remaining
  6. I am going to update this thread, either today or tomorrow. I have made a lot of progress since my last update.
  7. Minecraft has been updated to version 1.11.2
  8. Until all plugins are update to the current version, i can't update. I will be checking them soon. Sometime this weekend.
  9. Maybe once we get the inital development done, but i don't know when that'll be due to me and fallout doing everything by ourselves. All the others that offered to help with development other than shirshir bailed.
  10. Looosk pretty decent keep up the good work
  11. The new texture pack helps my headache a lot, but I also sit around 2 feet away from my 24" monitor, and 5 feet away from my 42". Make sure all your picture settings are correct. A higher resolution texture pack might help too. I tend to play in 1st person FOV
  12. yea, bullshit. I have all my screenshots ofr years and can pull them up.
  13. nah i've had dualscreen for 6years.
  14. i've just been to lazy to change my product key. Also i almost never use tor.