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  1. @Mister Slyth gets my vote. Everyone's look great though.
  2. Welcome back matey.
  3. into a large
  4. Was actually thinking about getting this a while ago, might go ahead now after reading this - seems pretty interesting.
  5. and i found
  6. Looking good mate, nice update.
  7. RSC projects are always pretty interesting, good luck :]
  8. Just by a little.
  9. Good luck mate : ]
  10. 1 Repository, all of Google. A pretty interesting video regarding the approach Google takes to version control. Some statistics taken from the video: (As of Jan 2015) Total Number of Files: 1 Billion Number of Source Files: 9 Million Lines of Code: 2 Billion Depth of History: 35 Million Commits. Size: 86 Terabytes Commits per day: 45 Thousand.
  11. Banned for discriminating against people who live in a tree house.
  12. Looks great, nicely done man.