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  1. Entrix 562

    With a good theme also . Good luck with the project Entrix!
  2. RIP RunelocusScape 3 dream 2018-2018.
  3. Welcome back matey, forums are pretty quiet nowadays however it's cool to see people returning.
  4. Lol a $250 unban fee.
  5. You answered your own question. You left the RSPS scene due to 'life being life'. Not many people come back when they have actual responsibilities, an actual job, a family. Not many people want to spend there spare time during all this playing an RSPS. Not many people randomly think 5 years later 'Yeah you know what, I'm going to create a Runescape private server today!!'
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a talented designer that is able to create a great looking Logo, Poster and Business card design for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu University Society. If you have any experience creating sports/team logos that would be great. We have a budget of around £100 which I know isn't much but it's just what we have to work with currently. Please post your portfolio/contact details, cheers.
  7. Just some things I spotted - your customer review section doesn't contain any reviews. Probably best to remove it until you have some. Your dedicated server page lol. Your domain search box should have at least some styling on it to make it fit in with the general theme of the website. Looks out of place without it. Use the same styling that is on /clients/index.php What it should look like - found on /clients/index.php When you first load your website, your middle section looks bad out of place. It looks how it should when you hover over one of the items like... .... this (what it should like all the time). Your buttons on the web hosting page are named extremely weirdly. 'I want this', 'I am guru' and 'interested'. Just label them all 'Buy now', or something similar. On /clients/index.php you need to fix this styling bug, you've probably put the 'HolyHost Guarantees', and "Don't take our word for it" div tags inside the 'Read to have your own website' div. It looks bad with the background colors stacked on top of each other. On /clients/index.php all these circular links are dead. (as well as the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter icon links at the bottom of the page). Other than that, the site looks nice, good luck.