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  1. [742] Novite - The comeback

    Good luck
  2. Developer looking for work. (Read fully)

    What so you dont code on 4 monitors with a terminal window on each? wow.. rookie..
  3. Welcome and Nice to Meet You

    Welcome! If you haven't already joined, we have a discord where people can ask general rsps questions, get further help etc - https://discord.gg/VBAMX9u
  4. Developer looking for work. (Read fully)

    Arix shilling IntelliJ when we all know he uses vim.
  5. RuneScape 2 Pics

    Feels. This RS was best RS.
  6. Delta 317 (vintage) Source & Client

    What is @ Server.java line 86?
  7. 5th January 2018

    Noice, I like it.
  8. RS3 Account Progression

    Nice, sort of want to get back into RS3 again
  9. Whats Up

    Hey there!
  10. Need serious help asap

    If you want to just download and play someone else's server, you will need the JRE (Java Runtime Environment), if you want to develop java applications i.e. develop your own rsps you will need the JDK (Java Development Kit). http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html
  11. please watch this.

    What do you mean by 'better than that'? What needs to replace what? Are you after hp/prayer status orbs around the map?
  12. RS3 Account Progression

    If you grinded it you could probs do it in a few weeks.
  13. Java Path Help required!

    Just search the directory for Thread.java then go to line 748. The same you'd do for any other file you don't know the location of lol.
  14. OSRS Logo Generator (v1 and probably final release)

    I mean its a Runescape logo generator. As it already generates a runescape logo, there doesn't seem much left to work on