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  1. please watch this.

    What do you mean by 'better than that'? What needs to replace what? Are you after hp/prayer status orbs around the map?
  2. RS3 Account Progression

    If you grinded it you could probs do it in a few weeks.
  3. Java Path Help required!

    Just search the directory for Thread.java then go to line 748. The same you'd do for any other file you don't know the location of lol.
  4. OSRS Logo Generator (v1 and probably final release)

    I mean its a Runescape logo generator. As it already generates a runescape logo, there doesn't seem much left to work on
  5. Java Path Help required!

    You need to make sure that 'Release Notes.txt' is where you said it is. Your compiler is giving you the location and line numbers of where the error is. Go to Thread.java line 748.
  6. Website complaint

    If he was your developer and you gave him access to your website, plus server + client and then he downloaded everything, you can't do much - shouldn't have given him access in the first place. If he maliciously hacked your site via an exploit, and downloaded shit over FTP - contact your website, they will probably have logs and might be able to help. If he did exploit your site, you should find the exploit vector and implement a solution asap - your web host might be able to help. So basically if you gave him access to everything then screwed you over, you cant do much I don't think. If he maliciously hacked your website your web host might be able to help.
  7. XlightcoreX

    Minimal is the trend nowadays.
  8. Rsps Community sold out ?

    Right next to the "gib free votez!" button. Very shady ikiliki.
  9. Operating Systems

    TLDR Linux - Obv the goto for Servers, Desktop improved a lot over last few years. Not tech illiterate friendly. Windows - Desktop - > Goto OS for everybody, General Development + Design work, Gaming Mac - Nice looking Desktop - > Goto OS for everybody, General Development + Design Work Chrome OS - meme
  10. Some suggestions

  11. I'm not involved in the project in any way, just put the logo in my sig for support
  12. varrok rsps!

    Probs want to spice up your advert thread a bit m8.
  13. 10th August 2017