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  1. I'm not involved in the project in any way, just put the logo in my sig for support
  2. Probs want to spice up your advert thread a bit m8.
  3. Don't think i've seen the monster vs monster gambling before, looks cool. Good luck.
  4. l

    Aren't all the features you have listed already in every single 718? Honestly, I think selling a 718 source will be pretty unrealistic due to the huge amount of complete and feature packed 718's that are already released and ready to host, GL anyways.
  5. Welcome m8
  6. Looking good, maybe a little tool-tip when you hover over each teleport saying what it is? I haven't played much osrs recently so I don't really know what the new bosses are called, although I recognise the icons.
  7. Logo looks nice, very well designed
  8. I'd probably change the logo up a bit. A bit of an eye sore.
  9. Good luck mate.
  10. You guys the first with working inferno?
  11. Very nicely designed, good work.
  12. @Mister Slyth If you haven't already, you should check out Dribbble, a lot of Graphic and UX designers upload there portfolios there. You can check out and hire designers, create design teams etc. Might be a useful website for you :-)