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  1. A shame - it was pretty neat.
  2. Fixed CSS issue relating to mentions in the chat (Thank you for reporting @Ziek`.) Fixed CSS issue relating to drop down menus in navigation (Thank you for reporting @Fallout.) Fixed an issue where a line of CSS was causing latency when scrolling (Thank you for reporting @Setup / @Raw Envy.) Flipped the background gradient for Dark theme backgrounds ( @StevenAbraham.) Fixed an unnecessary design above the notice bar on the chat. Added online indicators next to a user's name to indicate if the user is online/offline. You can now clear all active notifications in the notifications list. Negative reputation has changed due to feedback: Members can only give 1 negative reputation point per day (this is a work around instead of having paid usergroups being the only group to be able to give negative reputation, see Rune-Server.) Other usergroups can only give 5 negative rep points per day.
  3. Lurk harder.

  4. Occurs when you fail a captcha.
  5. Welcome to Locus friendo.
  6. Added an automatic reasoning for infractions. Increase point duration from 30 days to 60 days. Group legend will no longer display html wrap when viewing a ranked username in the activity feed. Added online indicator plugin as suggested by @Raw Envy.
  7. Thought a spam bot posted this was about to press the nuke button. Was hilarious though!
  8. Can vouch for this theme, it was certainly my favorite and certainly caught peoples attention when visiting.
  9. Well look at this guy, has to tell everyone he has an iPhone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I love inputting my spam email into these sites to see if the list gets bigger.
  11. Nice updates.
  12. I've put it at the top again, though it looks a bit off with the notice bar...
  13. Most of the people I personally know play PS4 after some questionable Microsoft changes to the Xbox if I had to pick one honestly I'd just go for an Xbox, these two consoles seem so similar.
  14. Greetings, As 2017 rolls in we're celebrating a decade of RuneLocus with various core updates and even more features for our user base. Below are some planned updates we're looking into adding to RuneLocus. We will announce when these projects will become in-development. Signature of the Month: We look to bring this back, hosting various contests in tune with various themes again. RSPS List Improvements: Various design changes, easier interactions and more beefy anti-cheating systems. Social Media Interaction: Bring back the @RuneLocus Twitter, improve our Facebook and post more content for our 21,000+ likes. Forum Improvements: Various changes to core features including chatbox, post editor and forum structure. Content Improvements: With the help of @SiniSoul and others developers, we're looking into improving content in this slow community. Contests: We haven't ran a contest in years! We're looking into creating more fun contests with ad slots, cash and virtual currency as prizes. Thanks for using RuneLocus, we've been around for over 10 years! The same awesome dedicated owner continues to work on this site from 2007 to 2017! I'd like to personally thank @Ikiliki! He could've sold this website easily for a substantial amount of money but never once considered this. Thank you, Ikiliki. All the best, RuneLocus
  15. I will return to make awesome updates for 2017 soon!

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      Better be a cool new logo

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      A new version of our existing branding yes, not an entirely new logo though.

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