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  1. Entrix 562

    I like 562s.
  2. Khajiit has wares, if you have coin.

  3. 20th April 2018

    Updated various plugins to the latest version (including one that suffered from an XSS vulnerability). 4.3.0 of IPB is here, I am currently waiting for every plugin and application to be 4.3 compatible before updating. Users can no longer rate their own topic.
  4. Hello, This section is for RuneLocus.com support, I have moved your topic to a more fitting section.
  5. Sounds like debug mode, see if I there is a command for in the source you're using or search around for 'debug'.
  6. Unless I'm looking at a different set of traffic our toplist is doing quite well... Pretty sure we're discussing the forums in this topic.
  7. Minecraft? You're such an old person.
  8. Anyways, happy April Fools everyone.
  9. Hey guys, as you know ikiliki and i have been active on runescape 3. we love runescape 3 and decided we wanted runelocus to look like runescape's site. so here it is the new and improved runelocus! In other news... added wheel spinning to runelocus toplist, you get keys from our store that allow you to spin for additional votes on the toplist ranging from common to legendary packs. Mods Cart, Ikiliki, faab234, ziek and arix, The RuneLocus Team
  10. Hey so just wondering if I'm a mod yet?

  11. Possible name change?

    I'll perhaps consider giving a warning to that account's email saying if you do not sign in they may lose their username. But I'd like to see some actual activity from you besides the day you signed in and asked for another account's name (Sunday) since you were last active last year (July 1, 2017). From my prospective it seems you're not interested in participating if you only came to post a thread about a name change and you were inactive for over a year.