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  1. None of these themes are guaranteed to be published live or become the next theme. I've had a handful of themes I've modified and worked on and just ceased updates, if any of these themes are to become the only primary theme which would you choose? vBulletin Red: 2. vBulletin Bluefox: 3. RuneLocus Remaster (homepage clone, WIP)
  2. To start both Ikiliki and I are currently extremely busy; this is our busy month with work, school and other social gatherings. As seen in Tweaks I've been consistently updating the forums in the past few months. We're in a bad set of time to be pushing updates though, with us being busy and IPB build 4.2 being around the corner... There isn't much we should be updating that won't break when 4.2 hits. A couple days since last posting of boards is hardly what I consider inactive and it is not fair to include a board (VIP+) that regular members cannot post in. @Droxcy and I can work on this when he returns; I believe he's also said he's extremely busy. Again feedback for @Droxcy, as much as I would love partake in Digital Art competitions I am extremely basic skilled when it comes to digital designing, I have a very basic knowledge of Photoshop and other similar programs. The actual date is 2007-11-23 there is realistically no point in having a banner display the 23rd of November and be removed the 24th. Trophies and Medals is my secondary project to work along with Awards, it will include automation (unlike Awards) and will give trophies/medals/points based on counters such as posting, reputations and join dates. It is currently in work in progress and is not yet live. I know @Ikiliki has great concern about using Discord, not only is it not currently able to be integrated into forums to use as a chat system but actually will require the chatbox be pulled offline due to inactivity. I believe at one point you could host an iFrame for it and have it on the site itself but Discord disabled this. --- I'm sure Ikiliki can give a more in depth and detailed response later, I'll take a look over which boards need to be merged with extreme caution. Current projects managed by me in priority order: Matching light/dark theme for RuneLocus forums and RuneLocus website (WORK IN PROGRESS). Trophies and Medals/Awards additions. Social media (Facebook/Discord).
  3. nice pieces Journal, and also welcome back to RuneLocus.
  4. I couldn't.
  6. What happened here?
  7. Welcome 'stranger!
  8. Best GP/HR IMO.
  9. Hello BM, welcome to our forum :-).
  10. I'll merge them when I get home.
  11. Waiting for IPB 4.2 to launch for some well-needed updates ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gemu


      What are the changes sensei

    3. Cart


      We're going to improve the editor and make @Arix pay for it!

      If you're interesting in what IPB is offering in 4.2 though check here.

    4. Setup


      I can't wait either. The 4.2 version is a much needed update.

  12. We offer some marketing tutorials here: http://www.runelocus.com/tutorials/
  13. Well if you want an HD server the one in our top #3 spot seems to have some features you're looking for... http://www.runelocus.com/top-rsps-list/details-42830-718/861 Ataraxia - The/#1 718+ RSPS in 2017
  14. Hey there welcome back!
  15. Hello, We require posters to follow a set of basic rules: Advertisements should have a link to an official website, not to just a link to a download. Please re-post another thread with the rules followed.