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  1. and no one
  2. the ugly monster
  3. @Mister Slyth gets my vote this round.
  4. At least I didn't break RuneLocus.
  5. Was a third-party plugin I was testing, though ratings aren't used much so I removed them for now.
  6. I threw it
  7. I've added a Resources section to webdev.
  8. Dang I'm more excited about this review than the game-play trailer.
  9. the most amazing
  10. day I was
  11. Increased to 300px thank you for your suggestion @Substance.
  12. I joined RuneLocus in late 2009 which brings the issue of verification above being worth even creating such an award.
  13. I can confirm that @Setup knows his stuff.
  14. More entries!
  15. Greeting RuneLocus members, today we will be hitting you with our biggest update yet! These changes overlook the forum design and core forum functions. Design: Added 4 new background picker images for Dark and Light theme. Compressed images to reduce lag when loading in. Fixed CSS issue not properly configuring images to user's resolution. Updated Chameleon Dark/Light to latest public release. Changed glow of GFX leader to blue from grey. Uploaded Extreme donator and GFX Leader icon to RuneLocus. Added Store to navigation bar for purchasing perks. Added more social icons including our Youtube, Discord and Steam group. Collapsed various support and general boards under the category RuneLocus. Moved Archive to General RSPS. Since our discontinuation of Donator ranks and automated purchases RuneLocus members have been wanting to continue to purchase donator perks, this lead to manual verification and delayed purchases. No more! Our donator perks are now fully automated via PayPal in our Store. Store: Added Donator & Extreme Donator to perk list. Added PayPal as the payment method. Added basic description overview to all products. Disabled requirements that could store sensitive information on our servers including Billing Addresses, First and Last names and Phone number. What are you waiting for? Get your donator rank here now! Finally we would like to thank our returning and new members alike - A year ago we would struggle to maintain even 30 users online within 24 hours periods. Here are some statistics for you: Total Topics: 95,912 Total Posts: 699,621 Total Members: 211,243 54 Members were online as of posting. Most Online: 2,378 01/18/2017 08:20 PM Forum traffic increased by 65% if compared to December's average. Votes per day increased by 30% on the RSPS Top List. Overall traffic around 20% increased. Most members ever online in 24 hour was 137, last accomplished on 25 minutes ago. Average amount of forum registrations per day is 21. Thanks for your increased support, RuneLocus