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  1. I'll mention this to Ikiliki since we're developing updates in this area.
  2. Thanks for the entries! Until the next SOTM!
  3. big if true.
  4. @Ziek`
  5. Are you right-click opening the jars with java?
  6. It will throw a generic disabled error if you don't use the proper URL.
  7. Disabled optional Security questions, instead 2-Auth will continued to be used optionally. Flagged over 1,000 spam accounts spamming from 2011 to 2015. Tweaked anti-spam checks to be more strict.
  8. Hahahahahaah +1 for this I'll give you $5.00, take it or leave it.
  9. Open the command prompt and type java -version. If installed properly, it'll list the java version, jre version, etc. Try the above, what does it say?
  10. @Christopher` You.
  11. Needed for Facebook posts, share your DANK RS memes here.
  12. Pot, a lot of pot.