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  1. RuneLocus toplist is fake news

    A couple things aren't really adding up. You seem to be someone of importance at Soulplay, yet it seems you didn't know that Soulplay was still a premium advertiser? Also, in regards to the screenshot of top100arena that Chris posted, you claim to have removed Soulplay from their list years ago, yet there Soulplay is, on the list and a gold member at that. I know that pretty much anyone can create a toplist entry, but it wouldn't make sense for someone other than the owner to pay for a premium membership. That being said, you've not provided proof of any sort for anything. You've merely thrown accusations around, which will accomplish absolutely nothing.
  2. I gave Cart an infraction...

    Toon wasn't "dismissed" tho
  3. 🌟🌟RuneZilla ll Amazing Content ll🌟🌟

    4. Don't bump your advertisement back to the top with pointless posts. Use Moparscape for pointless bumps. We recommend posting updates as your 'bump' so that, in addition to bringing your thread up, people know you're dedicated to improving your server.
  4. whats the client name?

    The numbers you usually see attached to a client and server is the protocol. Usually server clients are named after the server they are made for. Making a server is not as easy as downloading and running a source. There are plenty of things you need to learn first, and unless you are willing to learn, nobody will help you.
  5. Please do not bump more than once per day. The forums are not that active.
  6. Portforward not working?

    Check your PC firewall settings. I'm able to successfully ping your no-ip address and it sends back the correct IP address, so the portforwarding seems to have worked correctly. There seems to be something blocking the connection from inside.
  7. Returning to my roots here at RL

    That does sound like shit that would happen here lol
  8. Looking for Runescape 3d models

    Move to the proper section.
  9. SOTM May Voting

  10. Some Work

    Doesn't help me since I'm a perfectionist lol
  11. Some Work

    Damn. I wish I had the patience to work on art for 2 and a half hours lol.
  12. Fractal Orgy

    Playing with fractals again.
  13. Ehh How is it?

    I like the style you're going for, but it's a little too chaotic for my taste. The green doesn't really go well with the (overcontrasted) render, and the flow is all over the place.
  14. SOTM May

  15. Please do not post blatant bumps. Instead, use updates to bump your thread once per 24 hours.