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  1. Sorry Blake, Shishir G is ahead of you on the To-Be-Mod list. You've got a while to wait.
  2. My favorite ginger <3 

  3. 2nd February 2018

    I think we should have a different naming system for the reputation bars, instead of the exact same as post bars. Can be quite confusing, imo.
  4. An Ear

    Jimbo! Welcome back! Back in high school when I actually did art, noses were my specialty
  5. We are simply a RSPS Toplist and Community Forum. We are not the RSPS Police. Unless a server is cheating on the Toplist or is infecting people with malicious content, there is nothing for us to do.
  6. RuneLocus has a Discord server. We have a RSPS Help channel that can be used for essentially any sort of programming help.
  7. Pet and Animal Thread

    Did you not read my post at all?
  8. Pet and Animal Thread

    Don't feel guilty. Feeding in meals is actually preferred. Leaving food out all the time tends to have them constantly munching on food, which is why a lot of dogs get fat. I'm a vet tech and at work we always recommend feeding 2 meals a day.
  9. ClassifiedPK

    Please add some media.
  10. Infractions mean nothing, according to the 2124252 people I've infracted. 4
  11. Advertising Rules 4. Don't bump your advertisement back to the top with pointless posts. Use Moparscape for pointless bumps.