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  1. Welcome to RuneLocus! I hope you smoke green and not nasty squares. P.S. Damn Yankee.
  2. Much
  3. It looks off because of the huge, unnecessary space above the notice itself. I know you can fix that because you did it before you reinstalled the shoutbox.
  4. From the top would have the message appear right below where you type, as it always was before @Cart decided to change it.
  5. Bump
  6. Server Skype chat? Geez. You should get a Discord channel for it instead lol
  7. Faab is not referring to the players bumping. He's referring directly to you. As the thread owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your thread and posts comply with the Global and Sectional rules. As such, you have blatantly ignored multiple requests, as well as a warning, telling you to adhere to the rules. This will the be absolute last warning you will receive on this thread. I did notice you have a thread posted on your forums asking your players to bump advertisement threads for you. It would be very easy to add a line in there asking that they say something more than "bump", "come play", "x players on", and the like. Mentioning something that they like about the server would have a much better chance of making someone want to check the server out.
  8. I agree with Steven on both remarks. The pen tooling is amazing and is what, I believe, makes the tag. However, I dislike the amount of cracks that there are. I feel that they take away from the depth of the face. The bridge of the nose looks very flat. Overall, definitely an amazing tag. I love that you added a video of the work itself. Maybe your tags will motivate me to try and get back into them myself.
  9. Moved from Runelocus Support to 742+ Help.
  10. 317

    Fixed the links. For whatever reason, the link URL was this thread's URL instead of the URL it showed.
  11. Moved from the wrong section, to the more appropriate "Complaints" section.
  12. Alright, here's what I'll do. In the next few days, I'll work up a revision of the rules. Before implementing them, I will post them for the public to suggest changes, if necessary. The end result will still be decided by the staff, but your suggestions will definitely be considered.
  13. Actually, we have changed the way we moderate the Advertisement sections since this thread. Threads are rarely deleted now. Titles are simply changed if they don't adhere to the rules.
  14. Unless this changed with IPS, regular members cannot change their own thread title. I don't delete threads, either, I hide them. Regular members cannot see or do anything to a hidden thread. It is stated in the rules that if your thread has anything more than the server name and revision it will be deleted. Specifically states it in the rules. The reason being, when we were more active, there were sooooo many threads being posted with incorrect titles, which is a pain in the ass to have to change for them. Also, when the thread title is incorrect, that tells me that they did not read the rules, which is pretty much a requirement. Also, with how diverse server names are now (we've mostly moved off from ____Scape names), it would be impossible to auto-restrict the titles.
  15. Bringing up something that happened before this thread and the changes that came about because of it. Also, it's not my fault that you 'forgot' to read the rules.