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  1. Please do not post blatant bumps. Instead, use updates to bump your thread once per 24 hours.
  2. Having almost a month to get an entry ready allows me to procrastinate to the point of completely forgetting about it. I think we need more in this section than just a monthly competition. We need to find people willing and able to make tutorials and maybe teach people. Something to draw more interest.
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067507749/games/?tab=all Link to his game list so you can actually look at the games.
  4. Do you still have long red hair?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. StevenAbraham


      people always asking me about the girls I post, yall thirsty as fuck

    3. Cart


      I'm sorry you have a collection of photos of woman you freak!

    4. Christopher`


      I mean, I also have a collection of women... just they're naked instead. Cart knows about this collection of mine ;)

  5. Please add some media.
  6. You cannot move any of the system files to another disk. The OS requires all the files to be on the same disk. Why are you still running off of hard drives from the 90s?
  7. @Droxcy gets my vote.
  8. 10/10 - IGN
  9. We discourage blatant bump posts. We would much rather you bump your topic by posting things you've added or changed in the server. This not only shows everybody what's new, but it shows potential players that the server is always being updated and taken care of.
  10. dog's shit and
  11. The problem with adding or changing features to attract new people is that people have to visit the forums in the first place. When Iki says forum traffic is low, that means people just aren't visiting. It's not that they're visiting then leaving shortly after, they're just not coming in at all. We can make all the changes we want, but none of that will make any difference until we can figure out how to get people here first.
  12. that tasted like
  13. @Christopher` forced him
  14. Your forum page doesn't exist. The forum link on the website sends you to Contact Us. Your website is extremely lacking, and there is no link to your client anywhere on there.
  15. I thought it was bad when all the servers were (name)Scape. 'Eyekov' is just ridiculous.