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    WINDOWS VPS NOW AVAILABLE! Current promo codes: VPS50 for 50% off your first month on our VPS plans. WEB50 for 50% off LIFETIME on our web hosting plans.
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    I am the same person, Valor. But, I'm not a terrorist.
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    23rd July 2017: IPB 4.2.0 & New look

    Just a simple upgrade to IPB version 4.2.0, if you notice any visual theme bugs related to this post below or PM me. Full feature list of new features: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ Clubs are currently set to be donator+.
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    R-S is better

    Check your inbox. Bai
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    Best of luck in the future, Jeff. Sad to hear what happened.
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    Since I no longer have a home to live in, I can not focus on this project anymore. I have to dedicate my time to looking for a job, housing, and a way to make money to survive. I only have a few belongings such as clothing and electronics (which will be put into storage), and most of my money will be put into savings. I'm sorry if anyone was interested in the project, however I can not continue it. I may continue working on this at a later date, but as of now, I have no plans to continue. I apologize.
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    Cannot connect to ANY RSPS

    After you log in then? I recommend running a client in the command line so you can see any errors they throw. You can do this by shift right clicking in your folder where the .jar is, "open command window here" and type "java -jar yourjarname.jar"
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    Best of luck with the project, Valor. Let me know if you need anything.
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    [#666] RedRune

    Looks pretty awesome so far, looking forward to seeing it online
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    Nice updates from a player (from a previous server of yours)!!
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    Recent Updates: Here are some of our recent updates on Emulous, there are a few more minor things to complete for the looting bag and rune pouch but we're get those done soon. Yet again thanks for all the support from everyone! Be sure to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/n8XENgG Added correct anim/gfx/projectile and NPC chat to the teleports wizard You can now use the space bar to skip a dialogue You can now use 1-4 to select dialogue options Player attack options and NPC attack options added in the settings tab Looting bag added (still need to add the looting bag deposit interface) Rune pouch added (once we've added the updated OSRS spellbook interfaces we will make it light up the runes) Fixed the price checker Anglerfish effect added Supplies store has been finished Withdraw all but one and last amount withdrawn added to banking Energy potions added (still need to do Stamina potion effect) Various bug fixes and small additions
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    So Clear

    ♛ EnoxScape 718/830 ♛

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    10th August 2017

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    [#148] Atlas - OSRS Project

    10 August 2017 Added Slayer-task only areas and general Slayer areas and dungeons: Asgarnian Ice Caves Including the steps to get to the task-only area that contains Wyverns. Brimhaven Dungeon Including the Agility shortcuts. This also includes the metal dragon task-only area. Chasm of Fire Including the gibbets (lifts) that take you to different parts of the Chasm. The entire area is task-only for demons. Fremmennik Dungeon Includes the Agility shortcuts. Includes the steps to get to the task-only area for Kurasks. Kalphite Hive ("Kalphite Cave") The entire area is only for players on a Kalphite task. Kraken Cove Includes the Kraken boss. All Kraken start off as whirlpools that need to be disturbed before they can be attacked. Smoke Dungeon The entire area is only for players on a Smoke Devil task. You'll take periodic damage if you aren't wearing a facemask or Slayer helmet. You cannot die to the periodic damage. Stronghold Slayer Cave The entire area is task-only for the monsters inside. Includes the single Agility shortcut. Taverley Dungeon Includes the Agility shortcuts. Includes the Black dragon and Blue dragon task-only areas. Slayer Tower With all the shortcuts working. Includes the ability to go down the ladder to the task-only area. Waterbirth Island Added the ability to travel deep into the Island and fight the bosses. A Rune thrownaxe is ideal to defeat the Door-Supports. A pet rock can be used to let yourself into the deeper parts of the dungeon without needing a partner. You drop the rock on a pressure plate. Lighthouse Includes the Agility rocks (from Barbarian Assault) that you can use to cross the river. Ancient Cavern Includes the cut scene to enter the Cavern. Added Slayer items and interactions: Added the Abyssal Tentacle Whip. Created by using a Kraken Tentacle on an Abyssal Whip. Added the Trident of the Seas. Needs to be charged with runes and coins. Has a built-in-spell that attacks every 2.4 seconds (1 tick quicker than a normal magic attack) Has a built-in-spell with the proper max hit. Rooftop Agility: Started a system for Rooftops. Draynor is complete.
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    [#666] RedRune

    Tyluuur! PogChamp looking good man, long time no see
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    Recent Updates: Remember to sign up on our website - Emulous.org, loads more updates coming soon! Created a new dialogue system to make it quicker to add dialogues Imbued heart effect added Slayer has been finished for the most part, including the interfaces (still need to add extending tasks and unlocks) Most weapon interfaces defined Amulet of Glory teleporting Duel arena interfaces functions added, still a bit more work needed to finish up the Duel arena Converting some content over to use our scripting system Bug fixes and a lot more that won't be posted quite yet
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    (881) Serenity

    This looks lit! Good work man.
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    OS Virtue

    Don't think i've seen the monster vs monster gambling before, looks cool. Good luck.
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    23rd July 2017: IPB 4.2.0 & New look

    I like it.
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    UI/UX Designer - Work Experience

    I'd love to work on a project from start to finish, but my schedule right now won't allow. I had done a Coachella Scheduling app for artists set times with a team of guys for fun.
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    R-S is better

    I didn't expect it to be Ikky though.
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    R-S is better

    Cart would never do something so horrendous.
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    R-S is better

    I'm offended you thought it was me.
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    R-S is better

    You sexy beast!
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    woah mind blown
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    This club really.

    Welcome @Cart, Welcome @Cart, Welcome @Cart, Welcome @Cart
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    Shishir G

    Shishir's Stimulating Sessions

    Haha, you fucker. PM me some contacts bro, I come on here to see if you're active and you never are
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    Play || Discord || Forums Zera is a 718 loading 865 runescape private server. We have a stable server that offers unique content to our players. We have 2 Developers that will listen to the suggestions they get. We are always updating our server with content and improving the game in general. We have Boss Pets, Completionist Capes, 20+ Bosses, all funcational skills, a working grand exchange, clue scrolls, loyalty system and even a Perk System. Our server is not Pay-to-win, which is something we are very proud of. We want our players to work hard for their stats and items. Anyone can become great on Zera 718. Choose between 6 game modes, Ironman and Hc Ironman. We have tons of minigames like Barrows, clan wars, pest control, dungeoneering, fight kiln, Unique Quests, Duel Arena, Soul Wars, Dominion Tower and much more.
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    Valyria 530

    Terrible server, there teleporting system brings you to city's not monsters. Also there's a dialogue box to do everything, including to bank your inventory. This 5 playing server is dying. Please don't waste your time, just move on. Has potential but not with the current dev.
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    Good job, glad to see that you are doing something.
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    • 5 Rooftop Agility Courses • Rewritten a majority of the combat including formulas. • Rewritten Game Engine & Packet handling. • Rewritten Clan Chat (Includes; Teleport To Clan Member & Copy Kit) • Item Gambler (Npc) • Ingame Boss Kill Log • Zenyte Jewelry Crafting • Bounty Hunter Skull Icons to determine how much a player on a kill-streak is worth • Ingame npc drop-table • Ingame PK Hiscores board • All OSRS Current Bosses (Except for Skotizo) • Rewritten Slayer (Players can choose between task difficulties depending on Combat Level) • Boss Slayer Tasks • PVP Slayer Tasks • Full Cerberus • Full Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching • Full Kraken • Zulrah • Crazy Archaeologist • Scorpia • Chaos Fanatic • 18+ Bosses • Unique Kill-Streak System • All Wilderness Bosses • Rewritten Skills • Full OSRS Bounty Hunter • Help database system • Perfect Combat • Clipped Player & Npc following • Clipped Projectiles • Clipped 121 maps & objects • Pet Insurance • Boss Pets • Newest OSRS Pets • Bank Tabs • Perfect Minigames Credit: 01053 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?399k9rksramzs39
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    Starter Pack v2

    So I've been working on updating the starterpack so it's a little more noob friendly. Here are the changes I've made. I've made the compiler + run files work flawlessly. No updating from the user needed at all. Only requirement is that they download JDK before use. I've tweaked crafting (To make it a little more like real rs) I've completely added Herblore. It's at 100% (If you don't count potion drinking. Which some potions work ((kinda)) but most don't when the drink option is used) I've completely added Woodcutting. It is slightly buggy but hey, it's an amazing base. I've added 95%+ of the NPCs from real RS into the game with their correct spawn points and walking patterns. I've added multiple, original shops. I've completely revamped Lumbridge. There still lacks dialogues, a couple doors and world item spawns (Like the bronze picaxe found atop of the castle archway). But it does have Bob's axe shop and the General store 100% replicated form origional RS. I've added a crappy Firemaking base. But hey... it's a start for people. I've tweaked some of the spellbook custom teles from the original release of RL Starterpack I've made the newcomer's map work. I've made experience lamps work as well. The item "lamp" gives the player's level * 10 xp in the chosen skill. The item "antique lamp" gives the player's level * 50 in the chosen skill. The item "gamer book" gives the player's level * 500 in the chosen skill. I've started tutorial island (It's just the very start of it. Like maybe 5% of it I've done.) I've also made the Report Abuse button nearly work. It just doesn't recognize the person who was reported last 60 seconds of chat. I've added a few skill guide menus. But haven't worked much on those. Just the first five skills of the first column have been worked on. I've added an ability that if the player's Herblore skill is equal to or higher than level 20, you can use a Pestle and Mortar on a gold bar to crush it into 1000 gold pieces. I've added a new client that is one .jar file and direct connects to the server (as far as I know, it has no bugs but could wield some if someone who is experienced in RSPS coding goes snooping through it.). So this new client is just one file and can be sent out to friends to direct connect to the server. I didn't make it my friend did. Credits go to him. His name is Canain. I've also added a few very helpful commands "::help", "::help2" and "::help3" which display all the commands within the server. They are seperated from Operator, Developer and Other commands. I've also added a few other commands such as ::char and ::bank. I've added fully working Mystery Boxes. They wield the following: 21 rares 80 antique lamps 112 lamps 63 gamer's books ?? 1 pieces of gold = ~453 5% chance on a rare 18% chance on a antique lamp 25% chance on a lamp 14% chance on gamer's book ~38% chance on 1 piece of gold Here's the link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/kMgcFe5r/StarterPack_v2.html Enjoy! ~Country