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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    I will allow you to use my waifu for this. Also here's my entry:
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    my tag since i procrastinated this whole month. felt like making a monotone tag yes that says only last jap idek
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    Greeting RuneLocus members, today we will be hitting you with our biggest update yet! These changes overlook the forum design and core forum functions. Design: Added 4 new background picker images for Dark and Light theme. Compressed images to reduce lag when loading in. Fixed CSS issue not properly configuring images to user's resolution. Updated Chameleon Dark/Light to latest public release. Changed glow of GFX leader to blue from grey. Uploaded Extreme donator and GFX Leader icon to RuneLocus. Added Store to navigation bar for purchasing perks. Added more social icons including our Youtube, Discord and Steam group. Collapsed various support and general boards under the category RuneLocus. Moved Archive to General RSPS. Since our discontinuation of Donator ranks and automated purchases RuneLocus members have been wanting to continue to purchase donator perks, this lead to manual verification and delayed purchases. No more! Our donator perks are now fully automated via PayPal in our Store. Store: Added Donator & Extreme Donator to perk list. Added PayPal as the payment method. Added basic description overview to all products. Disabled requirements that could store sensitive information on our servers including Billing Addresses, First and Last names and Phone number. What are you waiting for? Get your donator rank here now! Finally we would like to thank our returning and new members alike - A year ago we would struggle to maintain even 30 users online within 24 hours periods. Here are some statistics for you: Total Topics: 95,912 Total Posts: 699,621 Total Members: 211,243 54 Members were online as of posting. Most Online: 2,378 01/18/2017 08:20 PM Forum traffic increased by 65% if compared to December's average. Votes per day increased by 30% on the RSPS Top List. Overall traffic around 20% increased. Most members ever online in 24 hour was 137, last accomplished on 25 minutes ago. Average amount of forum registrations per day is 21. Thanks for your increased support, RuneLocus
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    RuneLocus remains #1 community site to regularly support and update features for the user base. I've purchased the donator rank now that it is back! Good job guys.
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    The Results are in! RSPS Demographics!

    Whats up guys! Finally got those results tallied in and theirs definitely some interesting stuff here. I think for next time I want to zone in more on questions like the "what should be valued". I thought it was cool to compare what successful servers vs less successful server vs players valued in a good RSPS. It was also pretty interesting to see how little of you accually care about RSPS. Thanks again for participating guys. The survey is still up but I likely won't be updating this infographic for a while. Feel free to participate if you haven't though! Be sure to let me know if you found this at all interesting! I would really appreciate it!
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    Looks like I'll be starting this off. Original (main) stock: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Xg8M-8BqTGs/maxresdefault.jpg
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    Website * Forums * Discord * Play About us Tyras originally started as an old school server and gained immense popularity and support over the course of its four months of existence. However, I found that after a certain point, there was a lack of possibilities and despite its popularity, I made the decision to move the server to a 667 revision. Evidently, there was a fairly uneasy atmosphere at first, however, after nearly a month of being active, it’s fair to say that our entire community has grown to love the server and realise the endless possibilities. Our level of commitment and tireless dedication to releasing updates has been no short of amazing in terms of the new features and items we've created for players and finally, I feel as though the server is ready to be released to the community of runelocus. What we offer * Frequent updates from a dedicated and passionate team of experienced Java developers. * 24/7 support from a team of staff who have been carefully picked from some of our oldest and most dedicated members. * Perhaps a little off topic but as the owner, I really do enjoy playing and you’ll find me in-game most of the time. A little obscure, but the community really loves being able to talk to me and pick my brains. Features * Great experience rates. * Masses of bosses with great drops. * Custom bosses including Kalphite King and Donator Boss. * All skills working including Dungeoneering and Summoning. * All familiars from summoning work and have special attacks with scrolls. * Mini-games including Castlewars and Clanwars. * Custom items. * Active PvP. * Gambling including flower games and dicing. * Well balanced economy. * Unlimited banking space. * Max capes for each skill and a max cape for reaching 99 in all skills. * Skill prestige with individual shops (per level) with exclusive rewards. * Leaderboards for the most kills in-game. Ease of Use * Auto-Voting. *Auto-Donating. * A Discord server where players can communicate out of the game and really get a sense of the community, as well as receive real-time support. Coming soon/ to-do list * Forums will look sweet and have many more features soon. * Nex will be added soon. * Highscores coming soon. Media
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    Welcome everyone to 2017 & the return of Signature Of The Month! RULES: Style: Freestyle Size Limit: 700x400 Each month we'll have themes to follow, to start we'll let you freestyle & show us what you got. [1] Your entry MUST be your own work, not someone else's [2] Only one entry per person [3] Voting for yourself is prohibited Newly updated rewards: GFX Leader the primary prize for SOTM this rank will be transferred each month and is not permanent. This gives the same permissions and advantages as the donator rank. GFX Winner award the secondary prize for SOTM this award comes in three tiers and is permanent per user. (example of rank) This will run from February, 01, 2017 to February, 24, 2017. VOTING HAS OPENED
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    Title, theres no clear place to release website templates etc.
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    Basic RSPS Logo Creation

    1. Create a new document, write some text. The font used here is "Cinzel" but any trajanesque font will do. 2. Right click your text layer, click blending options and add a bevel and emboss with these settings 3. Now add a drop shadow 4. Next add a gradient overlay 5. Finally a faint stroke 6. Next go to google and find some metal/grunge texture and place it on a new layer over your text, right click the layer and click create clipping mask. 7. Finally set that layer to overlay There you go, you saved paying $10 for someone to make this for you.
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    [Release] Dark MMO Website Template

    https://sellfy.com/p/G50N/ You don't have to pay for it, it's free. Just on sellfy so that if you want to pay a dollar or two the options there.
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    ignore the text entered this on multiple sites
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    10 Year Anniversry veteran Award

    #drama to bring everything back on topic, I support both the 10 year award and the guy getting the gfx award
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    And where is your entry?
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    there is a secret message only the most attentive will find
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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    Getting back into Pen tooling is a lot fucking harder than I remember. Total time spent: 5 hours edit: thanks imgur for the shitty compression.
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    GFX Resource Packs

    Sup guys, I put together 2 packs filled with a bunch of stuff I use on the daily. https://mega.nz/#!PlUGSAQa!8f8LuG2AsVX8qos75DfyFp2EGVOaq61FjdC6rkcRsdI https://mega.nz/#!DpEgUCrb!-q4ghbRhslxHJGchebX7riFKgJTP_cDpyGHdlTUuoqk I didn't make any of these resources just compiled them. From tagfreak, vfx, gfxresource
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    Information about Strafe RSPS. Strafe is a nearly brand new server that has a lot of potential. The server is protected by a anti-DDoS system so all the players can enjoy their time on the server without any interrupting. I hope we will see a great new community grow apart, with friendly members and helpful staffs! If that isnt enough? Head ingame and check it out by yourself! Features Real 120 Capes Ironman Mode! Custom Bosses! Custom Dungeoneering Slayer with slayer tasks Shooting Stars Completionist Cape with a lot of requirements A unique home location Trivia questions Money Pouch Summoning Squeal Of Fortune Godwars Bosses Farming DXP Weekends Construction And much more, and even more to be added soon! MEDIA Login screen Real 120 Capes Teleports & Customization A nice and compressed home with a lot of shops and skilling! Construction! Custom Dungeoneering with different rooms New and Old looks! Custom Bossing Links Forums Play Vote Donate Highscores Credits Matrix team Project Ziffle
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    SOTM February Voting

    @Gemu gets my vote
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    Illerai - Let's be Unique

    Welcome to Illerai. About the server: Illerai is a custom RSPS based on economic and player related factors. It provides new attributes of combat, pvm, pvp and it's overall experience. The production of this server started as a personal project. Over three/four years of playing other games while absent from RuneScape in general, I've developed a new sense of content, how things should look and what I want to achieve as well as obtaining the support from many other r-s community members. With their services and consistency, we've created Illerai. Features: The main idea was to keep the combat system similar to RuneScape 2007, but with the introduction of new aspects which provide more build opportunities, combat paths, training methods and more. Some of the new features include: New Combat System: God Blessings: New Items: Game Modes: New Bosses: New Minigames: Website: (In development) Media Client load and login: (NEW! 1/30/2017) Talking to your Spirit Guardian: (Used for a Guide, guide not finished yet) God Selection screen: Game mode selection: God sidebar interface: Teleportation: HD (NEW!: 3/2/2017) Shrine of Skilling: Shrine of Skilling interface: Shrine of Skilling: Obtaining a rare item: Dragon sword and Kite: Achievements New! Great Bane of Slaying: Passive: Every third hit deals 20% of your task's maximum health as true damage. Slay log: Custom rage system: Combat changes: (In this case, Ice Rush/Burst now slow. Blitz/Barrage freezes for 4/8 seconds and then slows for 4) Basically, new types of crowd control have been enabled. Eldrax, god of Dragons (Custom boss): New Eldrax set: Filtiarn, second form (Custom boss): Development Log: Credits: -Luke132, for not just assisting but teaching me -Hitten, for the lovely interfaces created -Ziva, for the beautiful models designed -Gladius, provided a better Sprite packing tool -Adam A and PandaKing for services with client and server sided factors -Optimum, providing me with a fantastic drop editing tool/system -Ben_DZN and Authentic, developing graphics for the server and threads Please support our project by using the following image: https://i.gyazo.com/bc37ae497318b60ef3db4ecd37aac83a.png[/CODE] https://i.gyazo.com/b774fbc0cf3017ec49da4d2e01581316.png[/CODE]
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    Hey, RuneLocus! RimWorld is a 2D base building, sandbox, sci-fi, story-driven, top-down perspective, strategy RPG. The standard playthrough, you start with three colonists. As the story goes, your spacecraft ran into technical issues, to say the least, and crashed down onto a planet, of which is procedurally generated. The three colonists you start with would not have survived the crash, of course, if not for their escape pods. Upon landing, you start with some basic resources. This entails some raw materials (wood & steel), a few basic weaponry to liven your arsenal, and some starting food. When I say 'that's all you start with', that's all you start with. Three colonists and some basic supplies, the rest is up to you - the player, the colony's overseer. The developers do not refer to this game as a strategic RPG, rather than a story-builder, based off an advanced set of AI the player gets to select from. However, the 'storytelling' aspect to the game is not so storytelling. The game still resides in alpha stages, after all. Each and every one of your colonists have special, specific traits you must apply their skill set to. For example, you may have an inventor who is oddly good at shooting, maybe he attended the shooting range on the starship a little too much. Because of his enhanced shooting ability, and that he's an inventor, you'd most likely want to assign that colonist as the camp's researcher, and hunter. Other members of your motley crew may be assigned roles of constructors, crafters, diplomats, so-on and so-forth. Due to your colonists' special sets of skills, you'll need to apply their roles correctly, and constantly give orders of what to build, what to hunt, what to craft, and et cetera. Selecting different AI will have different outcomes. For example, Cassandra Classic is very careful in what she throws at you. As she's designed to heap a flow of steadily increasing challenges based on the difficulty level selected, you may find your experience quite predictable, but never in a bad way. You may predict a disaster is coming soon, but you'll never know what, exactly, the disaster could be. It can range from a pirate raid, to a horrible disease infecting the crops you've been growing for so long. However, if you choose the Randy Random AI, you may find your experience a bit... spontaneous. A wire could break in your power lines, starting a fire in your base, at the same time of being raided by a horde of bandits trying to plunder your goods. And the bandits may even start their own fires, too, so you'll need to stay on your toes. But that's just a basic introduction to the game! Base Building: Base building in RimWorld is one of the best I've seen in base building games, at least from a "colony controlled" perspective. You can choose to live as a town, inside one massive building, or you can tunnel into mountain sides by mining your way through and building your base inside a rocky enclave. Unlike most survival-oriented games, retrieving the resources to build your base is not actually all too difficult. This is because you have an entire crew to help you out in doing so. Matter of fact, if you're building a mountainous base, you won't need resources to construct your rooms, at least. You'll just need to mine out the space of the mountain of which you declare Sam's personal bedroom. You will, however, be required to gather resources such as wood or various types of stone, or steel, to create basic living needs. Such as beds, a campfire/electrical stove to cook food on, crafting tables, a butcher-block, and so on. Without these necessities, your people will be reserved to harvesting berries from bushes and living off that. Unless, you are masterful animal tamers and claim an entire pack of turkey to harvest their eggs to eat. But, I'd say chopping down some trees for a butcher's station and a campfire would be much more beneficial when you have someone out hunting animals. You'll never need to worry about running out of resources, as various elements such as trees and animals will consistently respawn in accordance to the changing seasons. If, however, you mine up all the rocks in the nearby region (unlikely), that's okay! It's not uncommon for chunks of the spaceship to fall from the sky, holding decent amounts of steel. That's the free way to consistently get it. However, if you're looking for a consistent supply of limestone - traders from other encampments will occasionally come to your hold, attempting to trade their goods with you. Selling and buying goods from them will keep a flow of currency to your doorstep, as well as giving you the much-needed resources you oh-so desire. The Crew: As stated in the opening structure, the standard gameplay experience starts with three crew members. There are other options in which you're able to choose from, some starting with less, some starting more. Though, the standard, is three. However, certain game-modes might restrict what's available to you, as a player, to contrast with the specific storyline in mind. For example, you can start as lost tribesmen, looking for their clan, and failed. Thus, you start a new clan! However, since you're tribal, you will not be given access to electricity, or any elements of the game that require electricity. This can complicate things very much so, as it's quite an essential feature to the game - all the while not being completely necessary. Each one of your crew members starts with a specific set of skills. These skills are very much capable of being worked on, leveled up, and enhanced. For example: You may have a member in your crew who used to be a model on the starship as their occupation. This means, that specific crew member is naturally a bit more artistic than others, and will be able to sculpt more beautiful sculptures out of various materials in your wares. Doing this repetitively will only increase that colonist's artistic skill, "leveling it up" per se, and will allow the sculptor to make even more lavish structures; increasing the beauty of your base. Each individual crew member has a specific attitude, desires, needs, wants, et cetera. You will need to attend to each of these desires to ensure their happiness. If not, the colonist may have an either minor, or severe mental breakdown. Minor breakdowns may consist of getting in a fist-fight with another colonist, going on a food binge, dazing off for hours (being unproductive), or others. Severe mental breakdowns can potentially be very violent, and may cause harm (or kill!) your other crew members, and nobody wants that. So, please, be sure to keep your colonists happy. You can specifically equip all of your colonists to wear exactly what you want them to wear. Kill enough beavers and make a custom-made beaver duster via your tailor and replace that dusty, old alpaca wool jacket you made six weeks ago with it. However, by the time your clothing starts getting worn out, your colonists will try to equip themselves with the newest, freshest gear you've got in stock themselves! They like to be fancy - and well dressed! If you force them to wear the tattered, old, ugly clothing they've been wearing for months-on-end, they'll start to get sad. So, I'd personally recommend you let them wear the new clothes they want to wear on their own. A very important feature of your crew is the fact they know (mostly) what is the most important task that needs to get done for their role. You usually won't have to worry about assigning your crew's roles, but sometimes you'll need to make slight changes. They'll automatically assign themselves to the role they feel best suited to their skill set. All you'll need to do is dish out the orders, and they'll get them done in importance levels. As an example of this: Your hunter is also your only constructor. You've recently ran dangerously low on food, so you've assigned some hunting tasks, but you've already had an extra room in your base being prepped for build. Your hunting constructor will go ahead and avoid building the extra, unneeded room until all the hunting tasks are complete, as it's obviously the more dire task at hand. Action: Despite being heavily reliant on base building and survivalism, RimWorld offers a very in-depth action system. It was previously mentioned that you could potentially have the threat of pirate raids, and it's exactly what you think. A group of rapscallions may try and raid your base to steal all your hard work, or just to watch it burn to the ground. It's your job to ensure you've got defenses strategically placed, with specific colonists in mind to fend off from incoming invaders. If not, have fun watching all your hard work be pillaged and burned to the ground - they don't leave survivors! In RimWorld, the combat is actually a pretty decent system. Ensuring you have traps setup, sandbag walls, and so-on will play a heavy role in deciding who's the true victor to the ongoing battle. The cover system works well, even the AI will take hide behind a tree to fire upon your troops. You'll have to avoid explosions, else your colonist will go into shock and be forced to stay in bed-rest for multiple days to recover. You'll need to watch out for any enemies looking to set fire to your encampment, as fires spread quite devastatingly, and can cause havoc to your village. If you don't have them put out swiftly, which your colonists automatically stay on top of, they really have the potential to destroy your entire camp. Intruders may seem to appear out of thin air, but you'll need to be careful about where you select the placement of your colonists. You'll notice the same "gang" you settled somewhat nearby will consistently be the ones to target your base. However, you won't need to kill them. You could render them either unconscious, or in shock, and confine them to your prison, so to speak. You can define a prison by making a bed, or multiple beds, in a separate room and marking that room as 'prisoner-only' beds. When the enemy is unconscious, or in shock, you'll be able to imprison them. Afterwords, you could simply let them starve, keep them imprisoned indefinitely, recruit the prisoner unto your side, or execute them. Prisoners of war can be a great way to expand your small encampment into the largest city the planet has to offer! p Personal Opinion: If you enjoy base building, survival, sandbox, strategy RPGs - this is definitely the game for you. Me - I personally enjoy all those genres of games, and this game suits me extremely well. I haven't had so much fun on a game for quite some time, and it's still technically in alpha stage. It damn-near feels like a full game, and they're planning on offering so much more. The first night I purchased the game, I stayed up playing for roughly eight hours straight. Even now, I'm still not even slightly sick of the game and could very well go for much more. I may even hop on it after writing this review, actually. If you enjoy the aspects to games like this one, I highly recommend it. If you can get over the graphics, which isn't so bad after you see how beautiful a 2D art-style can be in the modern world, the game gets extremely fun. The base building, specifically, is a feature I enjoy very much so. I almost want to restart and play on peaceful mode just so I can expand my base indefinitely, without the threat of being raided by bandits. The first game I played, I just made a massive superbuilding of which caught fire many-a-times, due to the increased fire hazard rates of being one, massive building. I ended up replacing an entire mountainside with wooden structures, until there was nothing left of the mountainside. Ended up being just one, large wooden structure. So, yeah, I could see why it caught fire often. The combat in the game is never a bore, as I always had to reduce the fastfowarding aspects of the game to normal speeds to ensure my militia wouldn't get hit by grenades, projectile weapons, and to maintain distance from melee units as necessary. I never found a dull-moment in the game, and I asked myself, "it's already 5AM!?" what seemed to be shortly after I had downloaded the game. Apparently I was wrong.
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    Add My Skype "Sharkliie" Paulo Home Services Its The real One Others Are Imposters Prices are Negotiable Vounches/Feedback Why Should u Seem Me Trusted On ur Acc! Member of runescape Classic! Know My Game And Ready to help This Community Grow in Da Market https://www.powerbot.org/community/profile/1397173-paulo-augusto/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback (Note 200+ USD Rank) https://www.sythe.org/threads/paulo-services-vouches-3/
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    Program using JavaFX to edit emitters and billboards (effects, EFX get it?). It took a couple days, i figure its about time someone made and released a program that does this. I wrote the code quickly, so its somewhat rushed and redundant. Also for this reason, expect bugs with it, should you look for em. Notes to use: Type is the Particle/Billboard ID Face is the Face ID Use datmaker to find the tri/face ID. Right click graph to add row. click-double click on cell to edit it. Right click graph to delete row. You must press enter to apply changes when editing cells. Check out help MenuItem for more specifications of use Java 8 required. Media: Download: Link 1: Mega Link 2 (Mirror): Dropbox Link 3 (Mirror): Mediafire Enjoy! Edit: Luminous gave me permission to release his Billboard and Particle List. Billboard IDs : Link Particle IDs: Link Extra Credits: Ombra Luminous for Billboard List Luminous and Tira of Tota for Particle List
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    SOTM February Voting

    Post the entries so people don't have to search through the thread to find them. I'm an idiot, don't mind me My vote: Arix! @Christopher`
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    I've added a Resources section to webdev.
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    Was actually thinking about getting this a while ago, might go ahead now after reading this - seems pretty interesting.
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    Increase Allowed height on signatures

    Increased to 300px thank you for your suggestion @Substance.
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    Add me ingame if you're down for voice comms (english) and carrying my ass out of b5. I'm not terrible at the game btw (just need to hone my skills). Summoner name: SubstanceRs
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    Basic RSPS Logo Creation

    I like how you limit the fonts to trajanesque lmao Also rip 20% my income
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    RSPS Style Logo

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    10 Year Anniversry veteran Award

    I have no opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    10 Year Anniversry veteran Award

    It was indeed a misunderstanding. No reason to be a cunt about it. I am active... To more important sections than RSPS. Disrespecting people/Insulting people? I call it as I see it, and legitimately don't know a single (well, I know two) person on your list. Next time try to consider I work three jobs and just left a midnight shift, reading English at that point is rather difficult, wouldn't you say?
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    10 Year Anniversry veteran Award

    @Arix @Christopher` Context. That was a list of people who specifically haven't been here 10 years to combat @Droxcy's point that "everyone has been here 10 years". If you don't know these people clearly you aren't the active one. Most of the "big names" in your head haven't worked on RSPS in years. It's post like this that draw people away, even if your being satiric. Please read the thread next time before posting, I never said any of those people have been here for 10 years; and if you keep disrespecting those people who have been the only ones holding down the fort here and posting content, soon you'll have an empty forum so you can gloat about your time online by yourself I'm not even mad you didn't read the post since you could have just misunderstood the list, i'm disappointed that you think you can insult these people after all there contributions just cause you've been here a while. This was an award to reward people who have been here for 10 years, but now im thinking maybe we shouldn't be feeding your ego even more.
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    10 Year Anniversry veteran Award

    This is actually a good/bad idea. I mean the current state of the forum, most of us that are active day to day have been here the 10 years. If the award is accepted. Instead of it being a (LVL 1) award, we should design a one of a kind award image. Also I agree to give the award to Slyth. So far has shown he's semi-active & is in school for design.
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    Fixed up a bit. Not too much I can do about the right side. That's part of the planet stock I used.
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    AshStudios[Re-opened/Quality GFX/Reliable]

    @Mister Slyth I like the simplicity of the site. Just to let you know, right now is a very crucial time in your life & career. Start focusing and honing in on what you want to be doing professionally down the road. Like you said UI/UX, which is super popular right now and so many people are doing start ups, learning UI/UX it's a very competitive environment. Doing signatures & little stuff here and there is great and all, you should start expanding and start little projects, concept an idea, build/design it, then show it off. The wonderful thing about this line of work is, doesn't matter what age you are, where you live, degrees. If you can show your portfolio & prove you're knowledgeable, confident, have talent in your line of work you're already ahead. Behance has tons and tons of amazing projects & portfolios people have made https://www.behance.net/gallery/48131403/Deew-Social-App https://www.behance.net/gallery/47810259/2017-Design-Trends-Guide https://www.behance.net/gallery/48466401/Behance-Desktop-App Your signatures and ad work have been good enough to where you can start expanding, and working on bigger projects. I'm sure you're learning a lot in school, but the best teacher is always yourself!
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    Pyros on my mind, baby.

    Pyros on my mind, baby.
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    Advertising Rules

    Since we have 2 advertisement sections and server's ussally only stop by to bump everyonece in a while, it would probably take quite a while for your advertisement to reach the second page. In that time you should have pushed out an update on your server, started an event, or at least have a screenshot or statistic to share. None of those would be considered a "useless bump". In the rare event that there isn't an update or event to report, i'm sure any potential players reading your advertisement would enjoy a screenshot with a witty caption at the least.
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    Neato. See myself in online pic lol
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    First Raid on an RSPS

    Hello,You may have seen my previous show-off thread which showcased the Olm fight which took a considerable amount of time! Olm alone took about half of the time it has taken me to complete Raids. Of course, it isn't 100% accurate to OSRS as we have left out certain skilling components and other trivial things. With that being said, we have most of the bosses/rooms functioning and it feels quite similar! This was released on Alora 3 days ago, and so far it has went very well! We've got many raids parties going on and people are loving it. It did need some more work after release to get the scaling to work properly, but it is now far better and scales to the team size.Raids overview: Party features: Your clan leader can create a party to enter the raids dungeon, at which point all clan members are notified that they have 2 minutes to enter the raid. General features: 12 rooms total, not including the final Olm boss room Scaling: Damage, timers, rewards, etc are all scaled to the size of the party. This does not mean a solo raid is an easy task, but it does mean that parties with large teams will be increasingly difficult as the size increases. Items dropped on the ground(by players, or NPC loot) last for 1 hour before disappearing Resources: Overloads (dropped by Tekton, 1 for each player) Boosts all stats by 6 + 16% every 15 seconds for 5 minutes Hits 50 damage when you drink the first dose, but this is re-healed at the end of the 5 minutes. Xeric's aid, Kodai, Elder, Twisted, Revitalisation and Prayer enhance potions available Most resources can be collected as drops from bosses or mobs within the dungeon. There will occasionally be a fishing spot to fish, but you must have kindling to light a fire and cook the fish. Additionally, there is a room in the dungeon with a few bats to catch and cook. Death mechanics: Although you do not lose items on death, if you die within the raid you will lose points: Regular players lose 33% of their total points, whereas donators lose: Donator: 30% Super: 25% Extreme: 20% Legendary: 15% Uber: 10% Boss mechanics: Ice demon: Sappling trees must be chopped in order to obtain kindling to light all 4 braziers surrounding the demon. The icefiends will try to extinguish the braziers, and you must keep them fully lit for the boss to melt! Vasa Nistirio: Vasa will attack players with Ranged based rocks, as well as a Magic-based special attack performed every so often where he teleports half of the players into the center of the room and stuns them. During this period, the non-stunned players must help their team mates by running as close to the center as possible. The more distance between the non-stunned players and Vasa, the more damage dealt to those stunned. Vasa will walk to one of the 4 crystals in the corners to heal every so often. If you do not kill the crystal in time, he will perform the special attack upon returning to the center. Vanguards: The 3 different Vanguards(melee, magic, ranged) must be attacked with the opposite style to deal effective damage! The most important thing to keep in mind for this room is that all 3 vanguards must be kept at similar hitpoints. If there is a difference of more than 20% HP for any of the vanguards, they will all heal the next time they burrow into the ground. Corrupted Scavenger: You must search the chests in the room to feed the corrupted scavenger and put him to sleep. Skeletal mystics: Simple room with 3 Skeletal mystics -- it is advisable to try not to aggrevate more than one at a time. Tekton: Tekton is a powerful melee-based boss which obtains his strength from the Giant anvil in his room. Every so often, he will head to the anvil to sharpen his blade. During this time, flaming hot shards will fly around the room (ranged based) and must be avoided. After a short period, Tekton will leave the anvil(enraged) and will be very aggressive and stronger than usual. After a short while, he will return to his normal(non-enraged) phase. Muttadiles: The baby muttadile, which uses ranged attacks, must first be fought, while the mother attacks from the water with Magic. The idea is to keep the Muttadiles away from the meat tree, this can be done by either chopping the meat tree so that they cannot eat from it, or freezing them to block their path. Once the baby muttadilehas been defeated, the mother will come out of the water. She is significantly stronger, using all 3 combatstyles as well as having an impressively high hitting chomp(melee) which can hit up to 60. Deathly rangers and mages: In this room, you must be wary of the 6 different deathlies which are protecting the Keystone crystal. It is located on the other end of a crossrope, and if you cross over before killing the deathlies, there is a very high chance of being killed Olm: Combat bonus scaling: Combat bonuses scaled to party size Phases scaled: (including the penultimate phase) 2 phases for a 1 person party 3 phases for a <= 7 person party 4 phases for a <= 14 person party 5 phases for a <= 25 person party(maximum) (The later the phase, the more frequent the special attacks and more powerful Olm becomes) Head attacks: Drain spheres special attack which sap prayer and disable overheads: Blue(magic) sphere Red(melee) sphere Green(range) sphere Normal attacks: Green "shard" (Ranged) Green "orb" (Magic) Posion special attack: Affected players will repeatedly shout "Burn with me!" Those who stand too close to someone burning will shout "I will burn with you." and inflict the poison upon themselves. Acid pool shot Olm will create multiple acid pools in the room in random locations, and players who step on them will be constantly dealt with poison damage. Final phase only: Life Siphon During this phase, Olm will shoot two blue pools out into the field, which all players are required to stand on. Any player not standing on this pool will be dealt damage, and Olm will heal itself by that amount of damage. Room effects: Acid trail: Olm will target 1 player who will create an acid pool wherever they walk, which other players must avoid. Stalagmite fall - targets 1 player: Olm will shout out a cry, and one player will have a red portal glow and stalagmites falling on them frequently.(they may damage other players in the vicinity) Ground spikes: Every player will see small spikes spawn under them, which will turn into a large crystal quickly thereafter and deal a high amount of damage to any players who have not moved away. When Olm has dipped underground to recover for the next phase, the room will shake and stalagmites will fall and deal heavy damage. Upon resurfacing, Olm will have moved to the other side of the cave. Left hand specials: Lightning wave/wall that runs through the room Player swap(confuse) Two players are selected and a colored glow surrounds them. In 3 seconds, they must be on the same tile or close by, otherwise their positions are swapped and they are dealt damage based on distance Heal aura (Final phase) If you hit the left hand while the heal aura insignia is shown, your damage will work to heal the left hand rather than hurt it. Olm's left hand will become unattackable every so often Reward system: Based on real loot tables from OSRS Chance to hit unique table scales based on the points you received in the raid(from damage or skilling) Loot amounts by donator rank: Uber: 5 Legendary: 4 All others(including non-donators): 3 Amount of resources and supplies are partially based on the points you've received Olm pet with the proper dialogues // animations(laughing animation as well) Weapons: Twisted bow: Highly increases damage and accuracy against targets based on their magic level/bonuses Elder maul: A two-handed weapon which deals incredibly high damage. Dragon sword: A sword with a special attack which increases accuracy/damage by 25% and ignores protection prayer. Kodai wand: 15% chance to not remove runes for casting a spell(Also fixed for both SOTD's -- was broken) Unlimited water runes Dragon hunter crossbow: 10% more damage and accuracy against Olm, dragons and Wyverns Dinh's bulwark Dragon thrownaxes Prayer scroll Dragon harpoon Catch fish at a 20% faster rate You can also save an inventory spot by equipping the harpoon, provided that you have 60 attack. (Infernal harpoon will be added soon, along with fixing the old infernal equipment) New prayers: *Note* All of the following prayers must be unlocked by a Prayer scroll. Upon reading the scroll, you can select 1 of the 3 prayers to permanently unlock. Preserve: Requires level 55 Prayer Boosted stats last 20% longer Rigour: Requires level 74 Prayer Increases Ranged attack by 20% (accuracy) Increases Ranged damage by 23% Increases Defence by 25% Augury: Requires level 77 Prayer Increases Magical attack by 25% (accuracy) Increases Defence by 25% This video shows it off quite nicely, although it is before the hitpoints scaling update and therefore much easier than it would be with 20+ people after the latest update! I've had a great deal of fun developing this and testing it with people, and I'm really glad to see so many enjoying it. I had doubts as to whether it would be heavily enjoyed as it is after all an RSPS, and people are always looking for the easiest way to obtain what they need, but it seems like nobody has had any qualms about the difficulty of it, and that they find it enjoyable at the currently difficulty. I'm quite proud of the outcome, and hopefully some of you find some inspiration from this post! Enjoy Credits: My staff team for helping to gather information and test, as well as anyone who helped test Leanbow - Helped with many client sided aspects such as the interfaces and masks, much appreciated!
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    2nd February 2017

    Added referral system when first registering, referred users will be displayed on the referee's profile page. Fixed random disconnection issue that would occur in random intervals in the chatbox (You will still be automatically timed out for idling too long.) Added who is currently online and the usergroup legend at the bottom of the forum index.
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    @Mister SlythThat Falador stuff looks dope af You should check out our SOTM! You might win an award!
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    2nd February 2017

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    Mister Slyth

    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

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    RuneLocus SOTM 2017!

    That's what happens when you watch 6 full seasons of Doctor Who in a week.... while high.
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    Signature Of The Month for February is now live! Freestyle show us what you can do!
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    What is love?

    What is love?
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    The legend is back :)

    Hey everyone, I used to go on these forums a lot back in the days, then I joined the Army (Currently in the 82nd airborne division) and forgot about these forums and stopped coding and stuff like that, but now I'm going to start back on coding since I have more free time on my hands and try to get back into this great community. Hopefully there's still some people here that remember me, and that could assist me in getting back into RSPS, if not I can probably just relearn it again. But just wanted to say hi, and reintroduce myself.