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  2. Entrix 562

    I knew it was in there!
  3. title says it all. i sell dreamscape sponsor account. if interest pm me
  4. Entrix 562

    Was actually looking further into the client tonight, and I randomly came across what you were talking about! - I also learned a fuck tonne about packets, woohoo! Here's the working version:
  5. 20th April 2018

    Good updates
  6. Yesterday
  7. Entrix 562

    I've been working on implementing the "Shop Master"
  8. Ironman Mode preparation updates! Skills: Fletching entirely redone, almost everything now available to fletch Bolas now limited in GE due to craftability No more dupes in Fletching Skilling points and logs updated accordingly Mutated Jadinko creatures will drop mutated vines and excrescence to fletch bolas New Features: New boss Leeuni designed for mid-leveled players This boss is a good way to make money when you're level 70-110 This boss is located in the wilderness, at the graveyard Leeuni is hostile towards the surrounding zombies Cities teleport in the portal completely redone Draynor Village replaced with Neitiznot East Ardougne replaced with Miscellania Falador replaced with Rellekka Yanille replaced with Oo'glog Seer's Village replaced with Marim Shops: Over 30 shops added throughout the world with plans to add even more Shop code enhanced - big part of this is players can sell items to shops that have the same items inside you're trying to sell General Store now works perfectly, will refresh stock when players sell items to it Every NPC named "shopkeeper" or "shop assistant" will open the General Store, except for the shopkeeper & shop assistant in Varrock's weapon store Every city you visit will have shops in it as far as I can tell at this point All of these updates were preparing the server for the Ironman Mode I imagine that'll be pretty fun! I can't wait to try it, myself.
  9. Hey guys, check out our latest update now! http://www.alora.io/forums/topic/33595-21418-storage-box-for-elite-ironmen-bug-fixes-qol-and-more/
  10. Entrix 562

    Sadly doesnt seem to work I did however implement another feature, that if enabled by command and you're admin, it teleports you to the coords - it's basically the same thing, just without minimap How ever, I created this class, which I will store all the main locs, and then I can easily use them everywhere in the source & for the command I posted, it just lets me quickly tele to those places public enum Teleports { HOME(Settings.START_PLAYER_LOCATION.getX(), Settings.START_PLAYER_LOCATION.getY(), 0, "Home"), private int TELEPORT_X; private int TELEPORT_Y; private int TELEPORT_Z; private String TELEPORT_TEXT; Teleports(int coordX, int coordY, int coordZ, String text) { this.TELEPORT_X = coordX; this.TELEPORT_Y = coordY; this.TELEPORT_Z = coordZ; this.TELEPORT_TEXT = text; } public int getX() { return this.TELEPORT_X; } public int getY() { return this.TELEPORT_Y; } public int getZ() { return this.TELEPORT_Z; } public String getText() { return this.TELEPORT_TEXT; } public WorldTile toWorldTile() { return new WorldTile(getX(), getY(), getZ()); } public void teleport(Player player) { Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, toWorldTile()); } public static void teleportTo(Player player, Teleports teleport) { Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, teleport.toWorldTile()); } } EDIT: Also now i think about it, I'm pretty sure I refactored that part of the client slightly aready and know where it handles the walking/minimap walking. It might be something I could implement based on player rights(if I can figure out how to access this in the client) - is it worth wasting time on that though? FeelsBadMan
  11. Entrix 562

    The visible map, the minimap and the world map. It's used by JMods to teleport around the world. (ctrl shift scroll goes up and down)
  12. Entrix 562

    Ctrl shift click on what? I've not heard of this before, the only thing i've seen regarding shift click is a command in the client to enable shift click dropping - didnt know this was a thing in higher revisions neither, but havent studied them neither
  13. Entrix 562

    Does 562 not have ctrl shift click teleport for admins? It's a standard feature, but I don't know from which revision.
  14. Entrix 562

    Just added this neat little command for dev uses mainly - Also the string input packet wasnt working, that now is Also been doing some work on godwars today, mainly Bandos - Drops seem pretty good right now, and so do their attacks. Just got to sort their animations out... still need to somehow get a list of godwars npcs for outside the chambers too.. :|
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  16. Last week
  17. Entrix 562

    I would love to for sure, but I dont know where to start - at the moment, everything I've learned has mainly been from refactoring the client code, and actually understanding how things load/interact with each other
  18. Entrix 562

    huhuhu, try figuring out client scripts
  19. Entrix 562

    Spent a lot of today refactoring the client, I have done a few things with interfaces, the children are pretty customisable at this point, I've almost got the functionality working for "copying" a child, but the client throws some error due to the ClientScripts FeelsBadMan
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  21. Entrix 562

    Thanks guys, appreciate it! The theme is "material palenight" btw, can get it from the plugin browser if you didn't know
  22. Entrix 562

    With a good theme also . Good luck with the project Entrix!
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