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  1. Today
  2. February 27, 2017
  3. bumb aaaaaaaaaaaaa come play and listen to DJ rap
  4. Features: Custom Teleportation System Fully functional Grand Exchange 100% master capes exactly like rs3 90% construction Working off-hand combat Expandable perk system Quests and QuestSystem thats expandable easily Vorago with combat script Kalphite King with combat script (very similar to rs3) Tectonic and noxious staff Seismic wand and singularity Sirenic and Noxious longbow Ascension crossbows Malevolent and Noxious scythe Drygore maces, longswords, and rapiers Charming imp Off-hand chaotics All boss pets from rs3 revision 830 & also boss pets run like rs3 120 Slayer as skill All npcs/animations/items/gfx from revision 830 Potion timers * familiar timer. Needs to be enabled in the source 5 different game modes including ironman Amulet, ring, braclet, and necklace crafting works 100% No dupes List to add ips so you dont need passwords for any account (Owner only) Full slayer and slayer unlocks, and task cancling, similar to 718/rs3 All matrix shit Simple cpanel when server boots up Custom Dungeoneering Livid farm start Toolbelt 100% from 736 revision Support for easily adding passive armor & weapon effects and perks Clans and clan cape/vex customization Rare Drops will have a custom beam of light, so ya don't miss it. Bank Presets, need some fixes Download Links: Server/Client/Cache Server/Client No Cache Credit: ReverendDread
  5. Yesterday
  6. If possible, it'd be a cool addition again. But that's just one of the potential sorting options
  7. Don't think runelocus tracks uptime anymore
  8. Currently with the toplist, the only way to find a server is to navigate through page by page, or to search for a server by revision or name. I think it would be a nice addition to be able to have different toplist sorting options. Some options could include: - Newest - Most Votes (Day/Week/Month) - Longest Up-time
  9. My goal: I'm looking for a server to develop for in my spare time. I currently work 40 hours a week, but I'd like to bring in a little bit of money on the side as well. While I wouldn't be able to dedicate too many hours into the server, I would be able to make a substantial difference. I really love game development, and I feel like I could be a real asset to an upcoming server that needs a programmer. I've worked with all aspects of private servers. I've maintained forums, created websites, and tons of in-game programming. I'm looking for a server that I can stick with for a long while. I want to be a part of a new, upcoming server that the developers and owners really care about. Duties: Here's a list of things I've done in the past for other servers, my own servers, or just things that I feel comfortable tackling: Content Development - Things such as quests, mini-games, skills, and various game play mechanics Web Development - All things server related on the website, such as a homepage, contact us, forums, donations, etc. Graphic Design - Images such as website layouts, buttons, backgrounds, banners Contact: If I sound like a good fit for your server or project, or you simply just want to ask me for more information, you can contact me through RuneLocus or Skype. Skype: Timebroken
  10. Introductions: Welcome to my Advertisement for OS, Like The Days! Let me start by introducing myself, I am Sam(Formerly Blackaddiction), I've been around RSPS & Java for around 10 years (or longer). OS, Like The Days is an eco/pvp server with a difference, unique content everywhere. We boast unique and seamless interfaces such as monster drop information, a quirky starter interface and much more. We have perfected combat formulas which include flicking. We have a tonne of bosses fully working with boss pets set at a chance of only 1/100! We have a tonne of epic mini-games for you to spend countless hours of fun. We have 20 fully working skills for all your economy building! We have a friendly and professional staff base who's leader has over 10 years experience developing Java. Constant updates and a fast growing community! So what are you waiting for? Launch the client and give OS, Like the Days a try ! - BETA TEST HAS LAUNCHED! - Join to get your Beta Tester icon and keep it! There is also a 10x bonus experience during this period! PLAY NOW: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k8ot1q2l39ts3b/runnable_client.jar?dl=1 Got any thread suggestions? Don't hesitate to post! We have four types of accounts you can chose upon first login We have started with OSBrutality, which I have to say is a fantastic base! Credit to 01053 for OSB & Twitt RS for the release. Any questions do not hesitate to ask! Thanks all and would appreciate any support I can get!
  11. New Staff member VoxEdge Moderator, New graphics, New rc location! And more! Check out the latest from cloudnine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZUVl-mQyCw
  12. New Staff member VoxEdge Moderator, New graphics, New rc location! And more! Check out the latest from cloudnine!
  13. @Mister Slyth
  14. I Will Create A Runescape Private Server Promotional Video On Your RSPS For $5My channel is:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClL...Si1juFFsMh7NPwThe video will be a quick staking video or gambling video as thats the main content that will get you alot of views i can either do pking, however if you would like me to go through the server and make a series on it prices can be discussed over skype.None of my views or subs are botted as you can see by this simple social blade:http://socialblade.com/youtube/chann...Mh7NPw/monthlyOne video has 1k+ views due to the fact i was holding a fairly large giveaway on the rsps.Add my skype:Live:TrixxyArts for a video.
  15. Dj here - Come check out simplicity! Fun new events like ffa and wilderness events
  16. I'm starting in a month for something I don't know much about. Anyone went to school for this and can get me the inside scoop on how it will be? It's a year and its really expensive and intense. Great paying job to start however. Thanks
  17. Damn bro. Im thinking of heading back to school to become a network security professional.. im nervous. Anyone know much about it?
  18. Great server! 200+ on average daily. Lots of daily events to attend to so you'll stay busy. Great server for skillers,pvmers and pkers! Bump this server
  19. and no one
  20. Bump. Let me know if you are interested! Thank You.
  21. Great server! Love playing it!
  22. Who you calling a fag? Droxcy the roxy head ahh boy.
  23. I would like to join the alpha testing list.
  24. Hey guys, We're hosting a huge iron-man tournament which will involve creating a new iron man account and training it and trying to gear your account up as much as possible in the one week time period, which will then be followed by 2 PvP tournaments on the ironman accounts participating, in which the grand prize winner will receive a $150 cash prize, Black santa hat, and an amazing set of gear! This tournament will put your skills to the test, and see if you truly have what it takes to win in a way that will require both PvM and PvP! The best part is, there are no prerequisites for this tournament, simply create an account anytime after the tournament begins(see thread for details), register in the registration thread that will be posted 3 days prior, and begin your journey. For more details, follow this link to the official thread: http://www.alora.io/forums/topic/11291-3112017-unique-nh-ironman-tournament-battle-royale-read-for-info/
  25. Bump. Join the fun.
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