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  2. Havoc 718/RS3

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  4. Bump more updates added. Please watch the video! Thanks, Sam.

    Looking to pay someone to teach me how to implement GrandExchange and Soulwars in my rsps. message me
  6. Havoc 718/RS3

  7. Havoc 718/RS3

    awesome server bro bump bump!!
  8. Havoc 718/RS3

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  10. Favorite food?

  11. Havoc 718/RS3

    Good Luck mate! bump
  12. Interested in a 6 super mystery box giveaway? Check out this link for more details:
  13. 317 Clean Base

    Nice work here Bump
  14. What nationality are the dumbest rsps players?

    for me, it's the americans
  15. Dawntained - The #1 Pk Server

  16. New updates!!
  17. Last week
  18. Welcome To ZeraPS.! With a Player Count of 25+ ZeraPS Is A 317 Pre-Eoc RSPS! With Flawless Pvm'ing & Skilling/Gambling! What Do We Have To Offer? Media Will show you some of the features we have! Warning Loads Of Media! =) Friendly community! We still looking for staff members! No lagg 24/7 strong dedicated server! Gambling working, we have trusted host's and npc if incase host's off. Duel Arena working! Join us, invite your friend and get gift Donation not ruin eco! Every day growing community! Alots of minigames We got working Zulrah Construction ( still working to make it better) Solo and team Dungeoneering Active Community [SPOIL] Website Download Client [/SPOIL] Join ZeraPS Now!! We need you!
  19. Assorted Media: We look forward to seeing you in-game!
  20. Dawntained - The #1 Pk Server

  21. -Daily Updates -Daily Events -Dicing -A lot of Bosses(More than 23) -Prestiging (50+) -Custom teleporting commands/portals -Unique customs(More than 400!) -Donor ranks -Discord -active staff* -Worldwide community -Stable vpn -Dedicated host 99.5% uptime -Customs Minigames -Christmas Event -Sponsor's Rank -10-15 Active Players Daily ! -Customized Npc's As a PVM Server, our main focus is on Bossing. Currently we have more than 23 unique bosses! You can access them via the Portal at home. See you in-game!
  22. It's snowing online! Check it out.
  23. no right click

    Which server? Bank all and Bank x both need to be added client side. I'm pretty sure there are tutorials for both. For your right click issue, you need to narrow that down by telling us what you can/can't right click.
  24. Bump new video added: http:// -Sam
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