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  2. Legends of Valor [317]

    Server Tour
  3. [PI] Simple Message Coloring System

    Join Snow317 , open 24.7 , Cant post the link because dont wanna be banned. But google us and check us out! Tons of updates daily, And im a active Mainowner! See you ingame! Maybe get a reward if you see this! -Snow *MainOwner of Snow317org*
  4. 24/7 Rsps Help

    Needing help but no one seems willing to help? Join rsps help there is always someone willing to help no matter the time. Fast as possible help 24/7 even at 2am? yes even at 2am. Join soon as possible
  5. ManicPS - Raids, 40+ Bosses, Custom Items, Daily Events

    give us a try we are always improving and growing
  6. Dawntained - The #1 Pk Server

  7. So it happens to be that the run.bat files are missing or are they suppost to be? I do not know how to create them for this, could you guyes happen to help?
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  9. Our Halloween event is live! Speak with the Grim Reaper at the Slayer Tower to do his dirty work and be rewarded either a Grim Reaper's hood or scythe! This event will last until November 1st!More details:
  10. Matrix III

    can someone upload this client to somewhere other than Mega please?
  11. AutoScape INSTANT PK 754


    Those screenshots are tiny m8
  13. Dawntained - The #1 Pk Server

  14. Last week
  15. [718]Sicyon {beta}

    Server is really moving ahead, alot of updates on homepage, sure BigMug will be putting them here soon. Game is really putting the fun back into playing runescape, laid back excellent bunch, both staff and player base...Really worth your consideration, cheers
  16. [IndominusX-3 Beta Testers Needed!

  17. voting callback Runelocus no images?

    Hey, I tried to make a callback for my server, with: But the images are missing, and the code is in PHP 5. but I need Images anyone?
  18. ManicPS - Raids, 40+ Bosses, Custom Items, Daily Events

    Staff looks dope, thanks for keeping us updated!
  19. ManicPS - Raids, 40+ Bosses, Custom Items, Daily Events

    Hello Runelocus, In today's new update we're releasing a brand new dungeon, this dungeon comes with a few new unique mechanics and drops so make sure to read this post carefully. But first, a small quality of life update; Trading sticks now have a "convert to gold" option that will give you 1625 GP (gold4junk value) per trading stick. Guthix Dungeon To enter the Guthix Dungeon one must acquire a teletab, this teletab is consumed upon use so every teletab is one visit to the dungeon. These teletabs are tradable! The teletab is dropped by the following bosses: Rammernaut - 1 in 20 drop rate Tormented Demons - 1 in 30 drop rate Snake Swamp - 1 in 40 drop rate Once you've acquired a teletab you can visit the Guthix Dungeon here u will find 3 new bosses; Godly Icefiend - Drops "Frostbitten Blade" at a 1 in 350 drop rate (more details below) To´Kash the Bloodchiller - Drops "Frostbitten Blade" at a 1 in 400 drop rate & "Maul of Infinity" at 1 in 300 drop rate (more details below) King Rammernaut - Drops "Esoteric Staff" at a 1 in 800 drop rate, "Frostbitten Blade" at a 1 in 250 drop rate & "Maul of Infinity" at 1 in 150 drop rate (more details below) Now... Once cannot simply go and kill "King Rammernaut" this is how it works (read carefully): "Icefiend" is a tier 1 boss, it drops 1 Guthix token per kill, once you've acquired 100 Guthix tokens u can attack "To´Kash the Bloodchiller" (tier 2) Once you start killing the tier 2 boss the 100 tokens will be consumed. U are now allowed to kill 250 Bloodchillers. Bloodchillers themselves drop 3 Guthix tokens per kill After you've killed 250 Bloodchillers u get a new task! You have now proven yourself worthy to fight "King Rammernaut" (tier 3), u now must kill him 200 times. After you've killed him 200 times the entire cycles resets. By the time you've killed 200 King Rammernauts u should have plenty of tokens to skip icefiends and directly start killing Bloodchillers. The rewards: All 3 bosses drop some supplies like; Raw Sharks, Magic Logs and Rune bars Frostbitten Blade - This magical blade casts ice spells that require no runes! Maul of Infinity - a 2 handed maul that hits as fast as a whip! Esoteric Staff - A new staff that casts a SUPER accurate spell, the defensive stats of bosses are no match for the Esoteric Staff! Preview of the Esoteric Staff the End Game Weapon... Change log 10/16/2017: -Staff has been buffed to be end-game tier -Droprate from staff has been increased -King Rammernaut soulsplit effect has been fixed -Frost bitte blade is now dropped by Bloodchiller -Frostbitten blade & maul of infinity are now dropped by king rammernaut
  20. Dawntained - The #1 Pk Server

  21. Join us today :
  22. Need help with server Octavia RSPS 562

    I have been trying this for a while now and need a little help, I don't understand much and don't like the spamming on osrs and also want to play by my self or with a couple of friends on this specific version so with that aside here we go. starting... [Mon Oct 16 13:47:21 CDT 2017] Initing Cache... Exception in thread "main" C:\Users\19cdterry\562 cache\main_file_cache.idx255 (The system cannot find the path specified) at Method) at Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at at Press any key to continue . . . Wondering why it says its missing the "Main_file_cahce_idx255" I have it there but I don't know exactly where to put it but the Octavia member never said where to put it, not to be rood but nobody ever has instructions, but truthfully, for the noobs it would be a big help. If you could help me with this problem and any more to come I'll love yall
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