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  2. Bump bonesaw l
  3. Goodluck with your project, hope it goes your way!
  4. Hey guys, The Back-To-School promotional sale is now live, which means you'll get 20% bonus tokens on all token purchases while the sale is active! Make sure to stock up on those extra tokens while you can Click here to browse the donation store OSGP donation update: We are now accepting OSGP at a $1/1m rate again, increased from the previous $0.90/1m rate! This is a great time to make use of the bonus tokens, as they will apply to OSGP donations as well to give you more tokens than ever! Note: For the bonus tokens, previous default token bonuses (Eg. 75 tokens on a $50 donation) are also still given with your purchase, they are simply added after the extra 20% is applied to the initial donation amount! Cheers! Omicron
  5. Good luck with the project
  6. Been playing NR for a few years now, been part of the server since the start and followed it through its ups and downs and I have to admit it is one of the best servers I've ever played. Theres so much content and the community is great, the server never gets boring as there is always something to do!
  7. Still ONLINE and taking orders!
  8. hey dude, looks good. gotta real dumb simple question how do i run it? I'm using IntelliJ, what'll i need to set in terms of launch settings etc. ?
  9. Near Reality is one of the best private servers I've played on. Kept me coming back to this server everytime, because no other server is like Near Reality. Community is always nice and staff always do a great job of helping out where they are needed. and great ironman challenge!!
  10. Played every version of NR to date, This one is where it's at! Nice stafferman on a server for a change
  11. Running my own server, I need to finish it before I advertise but there are some things I don't know how to do, would love to make a huge server with someone else who can help me code.
  12. Running my own server, I need to finish it before I advertise but there are some things I don't know how to do, would love to make a huge server with someone else who can help me code.
  13. Have you tried: disabling your Windows Firewall Finding and disabling any anti-virus running the client/command line window as administrator Putting your computer in the DMZ of your network (setting in your router) so it is not protected by any firewall and all ports forward to it
  14. Automatic voting system added, head on down to to receive a free costume box
  15. Thank you guys for the helpful tools! Tutorials, Object ID list, and the advance OS map are coming in handy.

  16. Actually just met Ace through a groupchat on skype yesterday. Talked to him briefly about both projects, and I must say, I am genuinely surprised by the source he got his hands on - simplicity. Goes to show, once again, good connections go far. He hasn't given up on RuneLeak despite running a server at the same time. Kind of a side note, I may strike a deal with him to find bugs on his server since I already know a few, for something in return. He doesn't do advertisements or have a toplist, but it is something that will be in the back of my mind. We'll see what happens with Rune-Server as time goes on, but I am happy to see there is an alternative. I still wish RuneLocus had a stronger forums still, it already has one of the best top lists till this day, and I personally think their social (FaceBook) media is on point. Writing this reminds me a conversation I had nearly a year ago to date with Cart and Ikiliki and is still valid. (P.S) Sadly, as you may be aware, my resolute project failed due to having a bad relationship with the developer. We did not see eye to eye when it came to running a 'business', and we had different ideas for the direction the server goes. All is well now, we are friends, but we should have known before we started that our partnership was not going to workout. Galen may get me to buy the Unity client off of my old partner for the server we are currently working on, but that is up to him. We, specifically I, will never make the same mistakes ever again. "My mistakes are my biggest professors and learning life lessons I realize it ain’t what you have, it's what you feel, that's what true success is." - Big Sean Wasn't ever happy working with him, but things are different this time. I was actually just telling the current developer that I am so happy being a part of the project, it is a dream slowly coming true. Anyways, sorry for ranting about that and somewhat advertising on here. /Rant
  17. "Ace", the owner of RuneLeak, as given up on RuneLeak and started his own server, NoblePK. It's not much of a competitor.
  18. raids is out come give us a look guys!
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  20. On Rune-Server, about half their users lack a brain; just a personal opinion. I think their competitor, RuneLeak, is an interesting site, but I have not really looked into to it too much. Happy late birthday too.
  21. Best of luck in the future, Jeff. Sad to hear what happened.
  22. Bump for PkOwnage, check out the development log and come join us now for double xp and points weekend, lots of content to try out and always aiming to fix any occurring bugs that are reported by the community as quickly as possible Plenty more to come from here! PkOwnage Development Log #2
  23. Since I no longer have a home to live in, I can not focus on this project anymore. I have to dedicate my time to looking for a job, housing, and a way to make money to survive. I only have a few belongings such as clothing and electronics (which will be put into storage), and most of my money will be put into savings. I'm sorry if anyone was interested in the project, however I can not continue it. I may continue working on this at a later date, but as of now, I have no plans to continue. I apologize.
  24. Bump
  25. Classic Mode With the massive support for Classic mode, and many of us still on Summer vacation, there’s no better time to release Classic mode than now! Lets dive right into it: Classic mode is a game mode that is more challenging than other game modes — it has the lowest experience rate of any previous mode. It has trading restrictions like ironman modes, but here’s the kicker: Classic mode players can trade between each other, meaning a Classic-only economy will exist! This is a bit different than the usual Ironman mode which makes it slightly less of a solo game style. We’re looking to release this game mode this weekend! The planned release date is 9:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, August 19th! FAQ: What will be the experience rate? 5x experience. Will experience boosts (well of goodwill, wilderness bonuses, vote book bonuses, etc) apply to Classic mode accounts? Most boosts will not be applicable to Classic mode players! With that being said, vote books WILL grant extra experience, but can only be opened once every 12 hours. Can I trade/stake other players? You can only trade/stake other classic mode players. Of course, this means the Trading post is disabled for Classic mode players. Will there be an icon in-game for Classic players? Yes! An icon with two swords crossed will be shown in-game for Classic mode players. Will shops be available? Yes, although the items in the shops may be nerfed and adapted to suit the game mode. Will I be able to use the donation store? Yes, although it will be similar to the ironman store where you can only purchase cosmetic and mid-tier items. Some donator perks will be nerfed on this game mode. Are there any other things I should know about this mode? Gold obtained from thieving will be at a lower rate than other game modes. Vote books and bonds can only be traded between classic players. This means you cannot transfer bonds/books from your main account. Classic Mode Competition/Tournament Huge thank to @ for organizing this event and coming up with the idea! The release of Classic mode brings with it an exciting competition with huge prizes (Over $350 in cash, as well as many in-game prizes) to be won! To ensure that all players can participate, we have divided this competition into two sections: Classic Competition ($150 prize): The Classic competition is our way of rewarding the players who put the most effort into their Classic mode accounts. Here's how it works: Point-based event: This event will last 10 days from the release of Classic mode. Assuming the release is on Saturday the 18th at 9pm, this means that the competitition will end on Monday, August 28th at 9pm. Points are earned for the following achievements: All recorded drops, monsters killed, total level, and experience gained throughout this time period will award points. The top three players with the most points at the stopping time win prizes! Points earned for: Rare drops: Points are given based on drop rate. A whip with a D.R of 1/400 will award 400 points. Every consecutive whip gives 20% less points until 20% (20% is minimum). Monsters killed: 8500 total NPCs killed / 10 = 850 points for monsters killed. Total level: For total level, 2 points will be awarded for every level obtained. Total experience: For total experience, 3 points will be awarded per 1M experience obtained. Notes: For recorded drops, players MUST obtain proof (via picture/video) of the item(s) & record the date and server time (for proof). Only high tiered items will be counted. For example, Leaf-bladed items would not be counted. The points calculations are subject to change. At the end of the week, players need to submit their own portfolio of rare drops/total levels/total experience. We will verify everything on our end to make sure that no player has cheated. Rewards: 1st Place: $150 in cash OR $200 worth in tokens 2nd Place: 600 tokens OR 6 bonds 3rd Place: 400 tokens OR 4 bonds Classic PvP Tournament ($200 prize): Similar to the Ironman tournament we held months ago, this tournament will open for registration a few days before it is held, and players will battle it out in a fight-to-the-death until only one competitor remains! This type of battle will be very interesting to watch, as we will see what style of combat players will choose and which items they have brought to the battle after their week long grind. The last man standing will take the full $200 prize, although 2nd and 3rd places will receive alternative prizes as shown below: 1st Place: $200 in cash OR $250 worth of tokens 2nd Place: 800 tokens OR 8 bonds 3rd Place: 500 tokens OR 5 bonds Rules: The tournament will be 1v1 brackets. You must be registered before it begins. You are limited to 9 Saradomin brews. Inventories will be checked before you fight, and you will be forced to stay within this limit. We want the tournament to be fair and for the fights to last a reasonable amount of time, but not to take hours. These rules are subject to change before the tournament begins. A separate tournament thread will be created once registration opens. Our very own @ will be live-streaming and commentating the event, so you can watch it all unfold live! Schedule: Tournament registration is undetermined, but will be announced soon. A new thread will be posted soon after the Classic mode release this weekend, wherein we will announce the exact time for the tournament. As a rough estimate, it will be the weekend immediately after release (Between August 25-27) and will likely be held on the 27th of August. Note: These two competitions are completely separate and you could choose to participate in one of them, both, or neither. We hope you're as excited for this competition and game mode as we are, and we wish the best of luck to all who choose to participate in the competition/tournament. Regards, Omicron
  26. Update: Starting Tutorial Redone Much better than the previous one Explains the Grand Exchange somewhat-interactively Shows the players where to teleport Makes the player use the training dummies Forces the Initiate title through the General Manager A much better start to Pauper Update: Lodestone Specifications Players complained about no fast teleports, so I added it and kept the lodestone network While in combat and not in the wilderness, will immediately fast-tele to Edge In the wilderness, does the slow lodestone teleport to Edge - no need to bring up the lodestone interface While casting your teleport, the player will become immune to incoming NPC damage; player combat will interrupt the teleport completely In the wilderness, players must wait to be 5 seconds out of combat before teleporting home Miscellaneous Updates Experience rates increased by x10 for both combat and skilling Training dummies now easier to receive experience from Players now only pay 10% of bones on altar tax if their prayer level is below 50
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