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  • Latest Posts

    • Hello, I've never been in the area of working on RS private servers, but it has always been a dream to actually get to it and make + own one. I do know most Java (basics though) but I would just like to have someone I could rely on to ask questions in case I have questions, to get me started basically or help me when I'm stuck. I would highly prefer an exterior source for communication, such as Skype, Discord, Twitter. Unfortunately I can't pay for such services right now, so I am hoping a generous, experienced person would be out there for such thing. EDIT: For a while in the beginning, it will not be used to create an actual, public server. It would be mostly to learn and play around.   Thanks in advance, ~ Rob.
    • 40% Discount on any shared hosting plan, coupon code is: Shared2016
    • RuthlessPS is a custom economy RSPS currently under development, we plan on adding tons of unique flawless custom content to keep our players entertained. You can expect custom mini-games, scam proof gambling, custom quests, a lot of achievements, custom maps, unique teleportation, no ::commands, custom interfaces, custom items, custom NPCS, custom currency, good economy, particles, custom pking, custom skilling, & tons more!       Custom Home | 150+ Custom Items | 10 Custom NPCS | Teleportation System | Combat System | Logo | Thread Design | Support Signature | Bug Fixes | Dupe Fixes | Custom Interfaces       Custom RSPS Ruthless PS | Teaser Trailer       Custom RSPS RuthlessPS | A New Beginning        Home     SD with out fog/ HD with fog     Stafff tab/Help     Fully working American Torva NPC/No buggy custom items     Teleport system for future custom zones      Added 3 custom whips     All torvas fully added, as well as pikachu, spongebob, luigi, btw they are all fully animated.     Account setup/new player     Started on adding custom rares, ex. Santas, phats, h'weens, & more unique custom rares.     Working on new melee armor set & also made a few custom spirit shields.       Ruse Release | Ruthless | Ziva | Trickk    
    • I work 40+ hours a week atm been doing 50+ hours a week so less and less time, plus recently have been promoted at work so more hours to come, my budget is unlimited atm, and am really wanting to start hitting this project hard, which is hard to due with such limited time, so that brings me to hire people.   
      Base: Ruse (Original ruse release not v2 or w.e that shit is).  
      Payment options: % of donations, RSGP, or paypal.

      Everyone that joins in on this project will grab a fresh ruse release, then can show me that the work is done, I will pay them for their work, then they can send me a snippit to add the work, or transfer to my copy via teamviewer, no I will no send ANY files.

      If your interested in this simply shoot me a pm, reply to this post, or add me on skype @ Zython317, thanks for reading, look forward to working with you.

      Current things needing done: 

      ⦁ Scam proof gamble system that will include the following games; Dice: blackjack, 55x2, & dice duel. Flower; hot or cold, frosty flowers, flower poker & ABC flowers.

      ⦁ Flawless particle support

      ⦁ Issue needs fixed where if u have both HD textures and fog on then trees will have black in them: Screenshot by Lightshot or re-done, whatever will work as long as it looks right.

      ⦁ Make quest tab simply just for quests, atm its player statistics and more, make new custom tab to move player statistics to.

      ⦁ Custom special attacks for multiple weapons, around 10+ weapons & the amount will grow as time goes on.

      ⦁ Also have a quest & mini-game I am wanting I got a pretty detailed txt written up, for both but they are both needing custom maps, npcs and items. 

      ⦁ A good map editor tool that works for ruse.

      ⦁ As far as modeling goes the work I have for you is almost unlimited & will be on-going or you can continue to do work for me as much as you want, so if you make nice flawless models, let me know & we can talk about my first order, I will not pay for the models unless they are absolutely FLAWLESS. ⦁ Also will consider buying other custom content/etc depending on what it is.  
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