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    • Hey guys,
      Alongside yesterday’s update to HD mode, some highly requested bug fixes have been implemented — particularly the trading and bank bug fixes which affected some players negatively. Lastly, a few new pieces of content, such as Broadcasts and the Corporeal beast instance are now available!
      We’re still working hard on Construction, but we figured some time off that to fix some bugs and provide a bit of new content wouldn’t hurt. Enjoy! Skotizo changes: Skotizo drop rates were far too difficult in the previous update for the Dark claw and Skotos pet. These rates have been increased by x100, and are now roughly 1.4% and 4%.  Amulet of the damned effects added: When paired with Barrows equipment: Dharok’s set: 25% chance of recoiling 15% of the damage taken. Stackable with Vengeance / Ring of recoil. Verac’s set: Additional +4 Prayer bonus when wearing this set with the amulet (on top of the Amulet’s +3 bonus.) Torag’s set: Player’s wearing this set with the amulet will have their Defence increased by 1% for every hitpoint missing. Guthan’s set: The healing effect of Guthan’s set will be able to heal you up to 10 hitpoints above your base hit points level. For example, if your base hitpoints is 99, you can heal up to 109 with Guthan’s effect. Karil’s set: 25% chance of dealing two hitsplats with Karil’s crossbow (and set), the second hit being half the damage of the first. Ahrim’s set: 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. (Must be using Ahrim’s staff as well unfortunately) Miscellaneous: Dagannoth supreme drops fixed: Yew logs & Maple logs would drop a large amount that were united. These will now drop noted instead. Purple slayer helmet changes: It will now go to the Lost items manager upon death. Dragon defender (or) is now obtainable! You can obtain the ornament kit from either: Vote shop ~ 180 points From any type of Mystery box! Void buy-back price has been increased. PKing in the Wilderness with Void items should carry some sort of risk — which is why we’ve increased the prices on those items by 5x. Most items went from 200k -> 1M, but the Elite void went from 400k -> 2M. This means that if the buy-back for a void item is 1m, the PKer will get a 500k coin drop for that item. Font of Consumption fix: If you give your Unsired to the Font of Consumption and received a Bludgeon piece that you already have in your inventory or bank, you will be rewarded a different Bludgeon piece instead. (The one that you don’t have — if possible) Corporeal beast combat changes: Fixed a bug where you could stand under Corp and not be attacked Fixed a few other miscellaneous combat mechanics Corporeal beast instance room is now available! Right-click the Corporeal beast’s tunnel entrance to create an instance. The cost is 5m for 90 mins. Donator rank bonuses apply to this at the same rate as other instanced rooms. Instance changes: All existing instances have been extended to 90 mins rather than 60, though the price has remained unchanged. You can no longer join/create an instance through the entrance object if you are already within one. Forum updates: Hardcore ironman can now view the “Staff members online” sidebar block. All groups will now see the “Time spent online” info in a player’s post bit (HCIM, UIM, Event manager and CM were unable to) Warriors guild fixes: Entrance to the cyclops room is now fixed. Fixed “You have run out of tokens.” Dialogue NPC Instead of Kamfreena, it was showing a different npc’s face. Dragon defenders are now more likely to obtain than before. Previous rate: 70% chance for Rune defender, 30% chance for Dragon defender Current rate: 50% chance for Rune defender, 50% chance for Dragon defender +10% higher chance for Dragon if Super donator+ Wilderness item drops fixed: Items such as the Ecumenical key and Looting bag will no longer drop outside of the Wilderness. Wilderness combat bug fix: Players who have just logged in and are still on the welcome screen were previously unattackable, but this has been changed so that if they are attacked, their welcome screen is closed automatically. Item fixes: Dragon claws: Exchange value increased (to protect over other items which should be worth less(eg. Heavy ballista)) Custom item additions: Fixed device: Event RPG: Large spade: Animations added and are now tradable. Items made tradable: Gravedigger outfit is now tradable. Skeleton outfit is now tradable. Anti-panties are now tradable. Heavy casket is now tradable. Mudskipper hat is now tradable. Flippers are now tradable. Clueless scroll is now tradable. Holy water is now tradable. Bank bug fix: A bug which allowed you to deposit an item into a full bank, which made the item fully disappear, and also messed up the order of items in your bank, has been fixed. Trading bug fix: When trading a stackable item that would go over the max amount that the other player has, sometimes it would not count the other player’s amount properly. Eg. If you were trying to trade 2b GP to another player who already had 2b, the extra gp would simply disappear. This is now checked for on the first trade screen, and if the amount would go over the maximum of 2.147m, it would not allow the trade to go through. Additionally, both the “You don’t have enough inventory space” message and the “Other player doesn’t have enough inventory space” messages will show to both players to make it clear that the trade cannot be accepted on either end. Items on death fix: When dying with untraceable items to an NPC, some items would de spawn faster than others. This has been fixed. Pest control shop updated: Runner hat has been added for 60 tokens. Runner boots have been added for 60 tokens. Penance gloves have been added for 50 tokens. Granite body has been added for 40 tokens. [Client updates] Line wrapping in chatbox: Chatbox messages that are too long to fit in the given width will now be split onto a new line! This applies to all chatbox messages, including yells, clan chat messages, etc. Example below featuring one of @F 8's most iconic moments. Ground texture support on HD: HD is now more like 2008 RuneScape’s original HD release, with texture support for the ground (grass, stone pavement, etc) to give it a more high-definition feel. We were able to export these textures from the original HD release on RS in 2008 to match it perfectly. As some people have gotten used to the previous HD, we’ve added this as a toggle which is enabled by default, but can be changed by typing in ::textures while in HD mode. This toggle also saves so that you don’t need to keep modifying it every time you restart your client. Ground blending support on HD: The texture support wouldn’t look right if the textures didn’t blend into each other, which is why we’ve added support for ground blending! This will make the ground “blend” more nicely in different areas. This is enabled by default, but can be toggled by typing in ::blend while in HD mode. This toggle also saves so that you don’t need to keep modifying it every time you restart your client. Broadcasts: We now have the ability to use Broadcasts to show important messages to players! Examples of current broadcasts: Skotizo spawning/despawning Skill of the day changing Shooting star notifications More to come soon! Misc. Client updates: Client optimization for improved performance (caching model data) Fixed black area on right/bottom of screen on resizable mode. Added a fail-safe for HD dependancies - if a player does not have the correct dependancies it will re-download them. When entering HD mode, the client will now tell you whether or not it was successful in entering HD. If successful, you will also receive a message telling you about the ::blend and ::textures toggle commands. Welcome screen bug fixed: If you were in resizable mode on the welcome screen, the animated models (currently the green raids logo) would get “stuck” and not refresh properly. Settings saving: The following options were not saving properly on client restarts: New hp bars, new cursors, new context menus, hitpoints x10, and tweeting. Command fixes: Some commands could only be typed as ::command and could not begin with ;;. All commands can now be entered as ;; to prevent confusion. Eg. ::hitbox <id> and ;;hitbox <id> will both work the same.

    • Double xp is over but we have some exciting updates coming soon
    • Just type a user and pass and hit login bro
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